Seth Barrett Tillman: Bob Bauer’s Free Speech Problem and Ours

We have a free speech problem in America. I have talked about it before. It starts with the judiciary. See Seth Barrett Tillman, This Is What Is Wrong with the American Judiciary, The New Reform Club (Mar. 16, 2017, 4:23 AM), But the wider legal community has embraced the same legal philosophy. They want you to shut up, and if you don’t shut up, there is always punishment. Here is an example…

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  1. “[Second,] [the President] also doubts that he can trust Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, because he was US Attorney in a city, Baltimore, that is Democratic in its voting pattern. In neither case does the [P]resident seem to appreciate, or be moved by, the conception of professionalism, including independence and impartiality of judgment.”

    Bauer might have a point *if* DJT in particular and conservatives in general had not experienced the liberals “rules for thee, not for me.” IF liberal judges had in fact acted in an impartial and neutral fashion, then DJT could be scolded for his unfounded doubts. However, since liberal judges have decidedly NOT acted in a neutral and impartial fashion, DJT is simply pointing out that he expects to be railroaded by political opponents (i.e., everyone).

  2. Trump was right. Sessions should not have recused himself. The assertion that this is now proof that Trump demands loyalty over legality is total nonsense. More fake news intended to subvert the presidency.

    All you have to do is look at Anthony Scaramucci. He was as loyal as anyone to Trump during the transition, but wasn’t given any position for whatever reasons. Fast forward to last month when he was falsely accused by CNN of nefarious Russian connections. Scaramucci fought back threatening a lawsuit, and the story was retracted. Now he’s Communications Director.

    This is what Trump values above all else – courage, tenacity, forthrightness. This is why Mattis, McMaster, and Tillerson were hired, three men who had no loyalty to Trump. They fight, and they win.

  3. This is why Mattis, McMaster, and Tillerson were hired, three men who had no loyalty to Trump. They fight, and they win.

    Yes. The judiciary s out of control in this country.

    California, back when it was sane, recalled two justices of the Supreme Court which has a 12 year election provision.

    Short of the USSC, life tenure is probably not a good idea.

  4. In Texas, all judges are elected for fairly short terms. It makes the ballot long, but I’ve been pleased at how the system works.Good judges move up the system. Bad judges don’t last long. The professional political class do not ultimately control the selection process. No system is perfect, but my experience is that this works much better than the national court system.


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