Hollywood Babylon 2.1

Accustomed as I am to contemplating matters more serious than the doings of the denizens of Hollywood, I can’t keep away from the current spectacle regarding the casting out of Harvey “Jabba the Hutt” Weinstein from all polite (hah!) Hollywood and Democrat political society, where once he strode like an unstoppable behemoth. (How seriously can you take a guy who cannot either grow a decent and serious beard, or learn to use a razor. Really.) It’s like one of those horrific multi-vehicle pile-ups on the internet super-highway, which leave vehicles teetering, smoking and crunched together in improbable formations – and all us normals out in Flyoverlandia left thinking thoughts along the lines of “what brought all that on?” and “he did what … in a potted plant?” or meditating upon the ghastly nature of the mass entertainment business, especially when it climbs into the sack with politicians, and begins the calculated roughing up of the establishment news media.

Because the existence of the show-business casting couch is a tradition of long duration, this shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone but the most sheltered. Yes, I am certain that antique sellers in Hollywood must have warehouses full of certified, vintage, and slightly worn casting-couches in inventory, broken down by studio, director/producer, and starlet, with documented authentication for each. Likely only the most fortunate, virginal, talented, and determined actresses escaped surrendering their virtue to get that part, back in the day, and I’d venture a guess that many who later averred that they had escaped with said article intact, did so with fingers crossed behind their back.

It has been no secret that Harvey “Jabba the Hutt” Weinstein was one of those taking full advantage of his position – in the prone, or perhaps standing position. I ought not to make fun of anyone’s physical appearance, though – not being a beauty queen myself. He might be, in person, the most charming and scintillating man in the world. Not that I’d be interested in finding out for sure – but still. It’s not the physical appearance of the man which raises my old-line feminist hackles; it’s rather that he appears to have been the most vicious and vengeful of bullies from a long time back. The Daughter Unit was an aficionado of a show-biz gossip blog called D-Listed, and Jabba the Weinstein’s proclivities were apparently common knowledge there, and in other venues … like all over Hollywood – to the point of having jokes made about it on Thirty Rock, and at the Academy Awards. So; Jabba the Weinstein was only carrying on an established tradition. Look – if it is an honest and willing seller, and an honest and willing buyer, delivering what has been promised; no problem, aside from the moral aspect of the deal. Not my world, not my circus, not my monkeys.

The unfortunate and unacceptable bit is when it involves malice against those women who do not want to go along to get along. (I suppose that we are all fortunate that Jabba the Weinstein appears to be sexually straight … otherwise, the vicious comment about that alternative writes itself.) His reputation appears to be that of a vengeful man, who got off from bullying the relatively powerless … indeed, demonstrating to the relatively powerless exactly how powerless they were, and deriving considerable and possibly sexual satisfaction thereby. Likely the ornamental potted plants in many locations could testify to this. As well as the various starlets who didn’t want to go along to get along, and thereby mysteriously vanished from public awareness.

The revelation, the testimony of dozens, the condemnations now flooding in … all started out of the clear blue by a story in the Esteemed Paper of Record (The NY Times, for the sarcasm-impaired) and followed by another in the New Yorker … all strongly-defended redoubts of the Ruling Class, as it is in this sad century … and in the brief matter of days, Jabba the Weinstein’s former friends are frantically denouncing him, his company has fired him, and the political powerhouses which were sufficiently fortunate to have his monetarily-expressed affection and support are now frantically denying that they ever knew that man. Even his wife has ditched him, and he has fled the country – apparently to seek sexual-addiction healing in some luxurious European locale, possibly the next VIP suite over from Roman Polanski …

All very curious for those of us inclined to think – as it is said of great scientific discoveries; “Hmmm. That’s odd.” Why now? He has been a sexual-exploitative scumbag for decades, it’s compressively documented. And he was a big Hillary-bundler, and such a dear, dear friend of the Obamas that they allowed their elder daughter to intern in his enterprise. Presumably the Secret Service lurked handily, and Malia isn’t really the aspiring starlet type, poor dear … but still. One does have to wonder, why is a major Hollywood bundler, a conduit of cash in such quantities that I couldn’t even think to earn through honest labor and royalties for my amusing scribbles the amounts of donations which poured in through Jabba the Weinstein’s labors as a donation bundler for the Clintons and other Democrat Party pals…
Has his usefulness just come to an end? And why as the National Establishment Media now cutting Jabba the Weinstein loose, to twist slowly and friendless in the wind? Discuss, if this kind of traffic-wreck amuses or intrigues you.

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  1. I’m not amused, and I don’t think I want to dig into this far enough to appreciate the details.

    I figure one of two things was going on:
    1) word got around that he was showing signs of weakness and wasn’t as fearful a figure as he had been (Ceausescu effect), or
    2) some email-dump was known to be about to spill the beans, so the big names decided to try to break the story first–and the story promptly flared out of control as people competed to distance themselves further and further.

    Rumors and the adulation Polanski still gets suggest that Hollywood’s casting couches aren’t limited to adults.

  2. Yeah, I am expecting that we will hear soon that his preferences included both genders and under the legal age of consent. It is kind of a Hollywood [and Leftist] tradition too.

    Just an update. I read Brit papers to find out American political news, and on the front page of the DAILY MAIL they show him in LA lawyering up and NOT in Europe, which was apparently a deception. Also on the front page, Weinstein is displaying the ability to extend the middle fingers of both hands separately from the rest of his fingers. Along with whining about how all his friends have abandoned him.

    I also admit that most of the women who are now complaining about being molested have been his staunchest defenders in the past AND are proud Leftist slime. So my concern is based on outrage that a sex criminal is going to get away with it. After all, he is still a Leftist Democrat and immune from the law.

  3. My first thought is the money is drying up in Hollywood and for Big Media, so they are now turning on each other. For the past several years Chinese investors have been big financial backers of filmmakers. That’s why we’ve ended up with dreck like Matt Damon’s ‘The Great Wall’ and Scorsese’s anti-Japanese ‘Silence’. Many big comic book blockbusters earn most of their box office from the Chinese release. This all probably generated interesting and colorful synergies with the neo-Maoist New York Times. Always looking out for women aren’t they?

    Now by all accounts the party is over. The Wanda Group was supposed to buy Paramount Pictures last year. The billionaire head of the company appears to have been put under house arrest instead, so that will put a damper on their movie business. Weinstein’s old company Miramax ended up being sold to the Arabs and Al Jezeera, who must not be in the same political circles as the NYT.

  4. My daughter and I have a couple of theories – one: that his movies just are not cleaning up in the box office they way they used to, and so he’s not the powerhouse that he used to be, and two:as a contributor and bundler for Hillary this last time around, he cost his Hollywood peeps a great deal in lost contributions. They payed for play, and she lost anyway, so Jabba the Weinstein is a target of their wrath. I had also seen suggestions that a faction in the Dem party wants Hillary to just go away, and cutting off her financial support network is a way to ensure that.
    I am awaiting evidence of further wreckage with great anticipation.

  5. He’s a pig surrounded by whores. The whores include most of the women, media, Democratic Party apparatchiks.

    The game changed. Hillary lost. The media biz model isn’t what it used to be. The whores don’t need him as much as they did. Now they are shocked, shocked and are revealing that he is an unpleasant fellow who once, twenty years ago when they were young and beautiful and on the make put his hand on their knee. Brave, brave whores.

    Of course being a pig he burned some non-whores too, and they are piling on now that it is safe to do so. And being a pig he didn’t notice that the rules of the game had changed and that it might be prudent to tone down his piggishness. So now he is being sacrificed on the altar of left-wing politics by other pigs and whores who may be feeling some relief at having been spared themselves, this time.

  6. I don’t think there’s a plan to what’s going on. The evil system centered around Hollywood is precariously balanced, and everyone keeps quiet because they’re all implicated. Weinstein seems to have come very close to suppressing this story like all the previous ones, but once it slipped through all the people who were willing to go second but not first decided it was safe to come out. And everyone else is now scrambling to try to do whatever damage control they have to to survive until things calm down again. There is far, far worse going on than what they are willing to talk about, way worse than adult men preying on adult women. Read about the Dutroux case in Europe, if you can stomach it. Evil is real, and it doesn’t always get what it deserves in this world.

  7. The is also substantial pressure on all of these women who reaped wealth and fame from
    appearing in Weinstein productions. If they don’t denounce him now that the cat is out
    of the bag, won’t some (much) of the public assume that they willingly accommodated him?
    Even better if you claim to have turned him down, but still got the gig.

  8. I rather like the mad conspiracy theory that the Weinstein brouhaha has been timed to distract attention from the implications of the Las Vegas shooting and the lamentable investigation thereof.

  9. The story broke in the New York Times.

    That’s the mouthpiece for Carlos Slim.

    As Subotai mentioned, the Chinese want in. Sony sorta pulled it off a while ago but now others want to also.

    Drive down the stocks then put the buy orders in. Happens all the time.

    Sounds like a plan to me.

  10. I’m more interested in the cultural collateral damage to the Left’s domination of the “Commanding Heights.”

    See my post “Harvey’s Horrid Hollywood Handmaidens.”

    Taking out “Harvey the Hutt” to remove Hillary’s money just shot 2nd Wave Feminism in the head.

    That will leave a cultural mark.

  11. “That will leave a cultural mark.” Nah, just so much froth, a nine day wonder. Hollywood will be lecturing and haranguing you again pretty soon.

  12. I used to wonder why Game of Thrones was such a thing. Now I think the reason is simple: it’s just a reflection of what happens in Washington and Hollywood every day in real life, perhaps minus the stylized public executions and such (for now). As for the Night King, I don’t know… the Twelfth Imam, maybe?

    (I speak no original thought in this, I’m sure.)

  13. this is step#1 from the deep state faction backing the god emperor. get people talking about the sleaze in hollywood, show them how bad it is there. step#2 is linking the pedos and perverts in DC to their hollywood brethren.

    weinstein is just a stain on the rug; the real targets are in DC.

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