Harvey Weinstein journalism tip

Dear journalists, here’s the link to Harvey Weinstein’s IMDB page. For every entry, there are potential questions you could be asking. The man has 331 production credits, 79 credits where he plays himself, and 34 movies which offered screen thanks to the man.

For example, Piers Morgan used HW as a guest host multiple times over the course of four years. Did he behave himself? Call up each and every one of those 34 movies and ask for comment on HW’s situation and ask if any new prints will continue to offer him thanks.

The opportunities just go on and on and on. All from one single web page, and I gave the link.

You’re welcome.

13 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein journalism tip”

  1. I’m looking at a picture in some news story of his wife, who has undoubtedly enabled his abhorrent behavior for the financial benefits of their marriage arrangement. But holy heck, what a knockout. As the fantasyland goes down in flames, seeing a photo of them together confirms that these people just don’t live in the same universe we live in.

  2. What is this “journalists” entity that you are addressing? They have been extinct in the western world for generations.

  3. A late convert to 2nd amendment advocacy, I might observe that a culture like Hollywood’s and men like Weinstein are the reason empowered Republican women believe in concealed carry.

  4. Indeed, and I am preparing my own post on l’affaire Weinstein, which can be summarized thusly – “What a (unladylike explicative deleted) pig!”

  5. I’m revolted, but not terribly surprised, by the Weinstein story. We’ve had stories about casting couches and the things (people?) that aspiring actors must do in order to reach that golden ring since Hollywood began. Describing Hollywood as a snake pit would be unkind to snakes — I shudder to think what levels of depravity exist there, tho that might explain the constant drug/alcohol abuse among the glitterati.

    Now if the California wildfires would only change direction …

  6. “I shudder to think what levels of depravity exist there, tho that might explain the constant drug/alcohol abuse among the glitterati.”
    For a while in the 1990s or so it was common to see news stories wondering why so many child actors ended up with drug and criminal problems. Those stories stopped, but we all knew/know the reasons.

    PS. Google “Louis CK harassment” and see what you’ll be reading about in the newspapers in, oh, 20 years or so. The entertainment industry, and the news media, know about all this evil, and they let it go.

  7. This has been Hollywood forever.

    A pretty good movie about Hollywood is “Inside Daisy Clover.” It’s an odd movie as it seems to be a bit disconnected but it is good about what kind of people used to be actresses.

    The other good Hollywood movie was “The Bad and the Beautiful,” which is pretty tame fro the sexual stuff.

    RJ Wagner when he was a young actor, almost an extra, was sent one day to take a message to Errol Flynn. The door to Flynn’s trailor was ajar and Wagner opened it.

    Inside Flynn sat with a young starlet between his legs doing her audition. At least Flynn was good looking.

    Louis B Mayer molested Judy Garland when she was 12.

    According to Elijah Wood, Corey Haims was raped when he was 11. By a producer still active in Hollywood, who Wood would not name.

  8. This Weinstein story blew up so quickly I wonder if it was meant to distract from another story that blew up quickly just before it: Las Vegas shooting, which has all the markings of a professional, protected hit/news-grabber.

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