8 thoughts on “Photo”

  1. Look at the secondary light reflection off the tall tower on the far right onto the water. It’s only noticeable when not concentrating on the reflection itself… so like the real thing.

    I need a vacation.

  2. Yes, Miami.

    Reflecting building is, I think, highest bldg (~74 stories) South of Atlanta. Before it was built, center-left bldg (~55 stories) was highest.

    I enhanced the colors, especially the water. It was actually a grey day, almost Chicago-like (but warmer).

  3. Imagine the view from the 74th fl. [btw, where did you take this shot from? you seem to be high up, too]
    I once went to the client’s apartment, a 2-story duplex on 55th fl in uptown Manhattan. It was long ago, before the Towers went down.
    They look like…like an older brother must look to a 3yo.

  4. Ad in my local rag: “37′ Morgan sailboat 1967, good shape. $15,000”

    Gawd, if only I had the house on the canal with a dock…..and the time, come to think about it.

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