5 thoughts on “Photo”

  1. So, Dan, you like your Art Museum, too?
    I was stanned when I saw it – and fell in love with Calatrava, ever since.

  2. But have you notice the landscaping, too? There are narrow paths gridwork, with thread-wide canals, all leading to elevations and recessions, and the little bridges. Incredible experience while walking – from outside, it’s all looks so organized and sort of ordinary, but when you walk it – it’s something to remember. And a view when standing on that bridge. And the view of the lake from the inside – on the 2nd floor. And the gallery with concrete pillars, on the 1st – like inside the spinal cord of some dinosaur. And the display cases on animal legs, in the shop.

    Sadly, I had my pictures taken on film, can’t post them.

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