Boycott the NRA Boycotters

Start with the Enterprise and Alamo and National car rental companies. Add other companies to the list as they join the PC #BoycottNRA bandwagon.

Do these people remember the Smith & Wesson boycott? Perhaps not. And the anti-RKBA boycotters in this case aren’t gun companies and therefore don’t stand to lose as much from a conservative/pro-RKBA boycott as S&W did. The management of National et al no doubt figure their political opportunism won’t cost them much. They may be mistaken. Late-night TV hosts can get away with antagonizing half of their potential audience if doing so gets them increased viewership from the other half. However, sellers of ordinary goods and services are unwise to expect any such political partisanship to be good for their businesses.

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  1. I have used Enterprise and National but also have a Hertz #1 club card.

    These boycotts are not the best idea for these companies.

    I will bet that the present hysteria will set off gun sales again after a slump with Trump’s election.

    I think I will go out and put mu NRA Life Member Patron sticker on the back of my car.

  2. Oh wow. You have my sympathy. You have broken your society so badly you want to arm your teachers. Think about that for a minute. Even your schools are unsafe, because you worship guns.

  3. Wow! Think about that. You have disarmed innocent victims in “no gun zones” to be prey to violent criminals. You rely on inept law enforcement for your safety. You have given up your personal responsibility for your own safety and put it in the hands of someone who will not be able to defend you. Cities with the most strict gun laws see hundreds dead every year from criminals with guns. Liberals, you have broken your society.

  4. I’m actually not a fan at all of turning schools into fortresses patrolled by armed guards.
    That is going to have massive negative impacts on kids, telling them that the world is far more dangerous than it really is.
    It will encourage them to accept, even demand, intrusive government presence in every aspect of their lives.
    It makes zero sense that we do not intervene when people with profound mental illness give a lengthy series of red flags showing they are likely to commit horrific acts of violence.
    And it is absolutely infuriating that two decades after Columbine, what I thought was accepted as the number one lesson after that has been completely forgotten–during these events, the police must engage the killers as fast as possible.

  5. I can remember when schools weren’t surrounded by chain link fences. Or had metal dectectors at entrances. Or had armed, cowardly resource officers on site. Fortresses? We should be so lucky.

  6. I’d plump for a gun or two kept in a lock box in an administrative office, with access grated to faculty or staff who have undergone training. A letter to parents in the summer advising that the school has armed protection would be enough to get the word out to the students – and any wackos.

    With concealed carry, the kids will figure out pretty quickly who’s carrying, and the wacko would-be killer could theoretically try to strip the gun from the carrier.

  7. With the ineptitude of the FBI and the Sheriff, mostly due to politics and the obsession with “disparate Impact” on misbehavior, I guess we will have to harden the target.

  8. With concealed carry, the kids will figure out pretty quickly who’s carrying, and the wacko would-be killer could theoretically try to strip the gun from the carrier.

    You aren’t a CFL holder, are you?

  9. “Fortresses? We should be so lucky.”
    No. Fortifying schools like people are doing all over the country in the past few years is madness. If we think schools are so inherently dangerous, then shut them down. What our society is doing to kids is child abuse, period.

  10. And now on various websites we read about the Broward Co. deputy deployed as a school resource officer, who sat outside, as students and adult teachers were being murdered. And three more of his fellows who also lingered outside.I am just sick, thinking about this. Waiting until the Coral Springs PD officers showed up to go inside – that is the story now.
    Broward Cowards should be a new meme.

  11. Well, PenGuin, we could always become like Britain and abandon our children to the tender mercies of Muslim rape gangs.

  12. “Great was the rage of Tom Thumb and Hunca-munca” (Beatrice Potter, “Two Bad Mice”, 1903).

    In Broward County’s plastic dollhouse some may call “a school”, where kiddies learn that the American Revolution was 1700 rpm and “Gone with the Wind” commemorated the Civil War fought ten years previous, it ain’t the heat or the humility: “It’s the dumbed down, pork-ignorant, cesspool culture, Schtoopid.”

    Lennon’s “Imagine” was released near half a century ago (1971). No need to fantasize where that one’s led.

  13. Sgt Mom, it’s the natural end result of the last 8 years of cops being systematically demonized and second guessed if they dare act against members of Official Government Victim Groups — which someone with a last name of Cruz would be presumed to belong to.

    When we have a Chicago police lieutenant deciding to take a beating that put her in the hospital with life-threatening injuries, rather than shoot the “minority” administering it, because the official and unofficial persecution that will go after her and her family if she does is so bad, you’re not going to encourage bravery.

  14. “Sgt Mom, it’s the natural end result of the last 8 years of cops being systematically demonized and second guessed if they dare act against members of Official Government Victim Groups”

    Oh, BS. This SRO is an administrative state POS, period. I’m sure he knows all his union regs.

  15. It’s well worth watching Stefan Molyneux’s videos on the shooting, particularly the one on the changing story, the one on mass shooters in general, and the one on what pisses him off about the shooting.

    The failures at every level, including, if affidavits are to be believed, systemically ignoring crimes to make the numbers, especially minority number, look good, are horrendous.

  16. What’s so complicated? Lock the damn doors and don’t let anybody in the school who doesn’t have an appointment or some authorization to be there.

  17. 10% of the teachers/administrators trained, CCW, and paid an extra 10%. I bet every school would get the required 10% participation. No need for cops.

    Pen, take a look at Wikipedia’s List of school massacres by death toll. You’ll find that the US doesn’t show up until #5 (and that was for a shooting in 1927) and Canada shows up at #15, so climb down from your lily-white white Canadian horse.

  18. CapitalistRoader, the 1927 Bath School massacre, worst in US history and #5 on the world list, was not a shooting. A rifle played a relatively minor role, but only indirectly.


    Go to their FB page and tell them you are, and why. Post it on your pages. Do not to anything silently. Punch back twice as hard.

  20. Did you notice that the shooter wrote on various forums that he wanted to be a “School Shooter”? When did this become an aspirational goal? Something has changed that disturbed kids see a need to punish the whole world not just their parents or local bullies. The Newtown and others also saw this as a sure way for immortality or renown or something. Perhaps because their embarrassments and torment are seen by everyone on social media that they see the only way out is to top that.

  21. For at least the last 50 years, police officers have been strongly selected for following policies and procedure at the expense of all else. Courage, either physical or moral, doesn’t seem to be part of the explicit requirement. In any event, courage is where you find it when tested and not something that shows on a bubble sheet. School Resource Officers are probably assigned mostly on political reliability and avoiding sexual entanglements with either the students or staff.

    I figure that it’s a coin flip whether Cruz ends up in a locked mental hospital or death row. He seems to be someone that gave clear evidence of being a danger to himself and others long since. Had he been involuntarily committed, he would have been one of a small minority without a list of victims. Now he will fit right in.

  22. Did you ever think that maybe, if you need guns to live in your society, it might be badly broken. If you really need deadly force to walk your streets safely, you live in a war zone. Is that really the freedom you seek?

  23. “If we think schools are so inherently dangerous, then shut them down. What our society is doing to kids is child abuse, period.”

    Some of them do need to be shut down. If there were a more level playing field for school choice (such as full value of public cost/student vouchers), safety would be in the calculation. The child abuse is to mandate that schools be free fire zones or “secured” by a deadwood cop on a multi-building campus of 3000.

    The real first/number one/obvious lesson of Columbine was that law enforcement never gets there in time. The second was that when they get there they should do something courageous to end the killing. Again, at both Southerland Springs and at Broward, LE arrived after the killer was done. At Southerland Springs a trained gun owner made a difference that LE could not.

    Which is the greater child abuse, securing the school facilities with a few trained volunteer concealed carry faculty and staff or telling them they are safe in a “gun free zone” after such incidents as Broward are frequent and graphically shown for days? I see no contest.

    I suspect Cruz has some issues, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is found mentally competent to stand trial. His actions were premeditated and I see no reason to believe he did not know his actions were wrong (why would he tell his friend he was at the movies?). Since “education” is a mandatory right, up to age 16, these potentially out of control adolescents are going to be accommodated. Keeping the drop outs awazy from the schools requires more than wishful thinking that they will stay away. This 19 year old was allowed to grow up evil and maybe psychotic. He is not the only one.

    Fixing our mental health care is certainly long overdue, but the likelihood of positive substantive changes seems remote to me. Even with a best case outcome, the threat of mass killing will be long with us.

    So where is the threat of mass killings at places like schools greater, Israel or the US? They seem to take it much more sertiously than we do. I haven’t noticed any signs of child abuse resulting from their school security there.


  24. “the likelihood of positive substantive changes seems remote to me.”

    And to me.I worked in a VA psych hospital the year I began medical school and it was a very interesting experience. That was after the drugs had made it much easier to treat schizophrenia.

    Then the political left threw it all away. The conservative governors, like Reagan, took advantage and saved money by closing hospitals but that was after the decision was made by the 60s public.

    Now, the issue of “Disparate Impact” meaning affirmative action for black gangsters, will destroy the schools. It’s happening in Minnesota as well as Florida.

    Even the left wing Strib has noticed.

    For years, the Edina Public Schools (EPS) have been one of the brightest stars in the firmament of Minnesota public education. Parents who moved to the affluent Twin Cities suburb gladly paid a hefty premium for a house, because it meant their kids could attend the district’s top-notch schools.

    But today, test scores are sinking in Edina’s fabled schools. One in five Edina High School students can’t read at grade level and one in three can’t do grade-level math. These test results dropped EHS’s ranking among Minnesota high schools from 5th to 29th in reading proficiency, and from 10th to 40th in math proficiency between 2014 and 2017. Across the district, about 30 percent of kids are not “on track for success” in reading, and the same is true for math.

    A number of factors may be
    at work here. Clearly, however, there’s been a profound shift in district leaders’ educational philosophy. In place of academic excellence for all, the district’s primary mission is now to ensure that students think correctly on social and political issues — most importantly, on race and “white privilege.”

    District leaders enshrined this new mission in EPS’s “All for All” strategic plan, adopted in 2013. The plan mandates that, going forward, the EPS must view “all teaching and learning experiences” through the “lens of racial equity.”

    We can only guess when the explosion comes there.

    Those are NOT inner city schools.

  25. Bookworm said

    >>I’ve already got a database going

    Is is a relational data base?

    And can you attach video clips of the leftie usual suspect lying?

  26. Bookworm said

    >>I’ve already got a database going

    You need a non-SJW run platform for that data base.

    Google will delete it if it becomes useful.

  27. “Which is the greater child abuse, securing the school facilities with a few trained volunteer concealed carry faculty and staff or telling them they are safe in a “gun free zone” after such incidents as Broward are frequent and graphically shown for days?”

    False choice. The fact is that schools are incredibly safe. There’s no safer place for children to be. They are far safer than their homes, far safer than their cars, far safer than anywhere else you can name.

    According to wikipedia (, do you know how many students were killed in school shootings in 2017? FOUR. (There are 15 deaths tallied up in that table for 2017, but the rest are adults, college students, etc.) In 2016? FIVE. In 2015? ONE.

    More kids are killed due to playground accidents at recess.

    I will not pretend that we have to upend our whole society and tell our kids that they are at imminent risk of being murdered at school. I refuse.

  28. I’m confused. What does it even mean for an airline or a rental car company to “boycott the NRA”? Did they formerly donate to the NRA? Are there goods and services they purchased from the NRA? Are they planning on firing employees who are NRA members?

  29. Cancelled my Enterprise car rental reservations. Will never do business with them until they reinstate the discount AND apologize for insulting NRA members

  30. The abuse of present policies is not the just the actual killing (or maiming of students and other secondary damage), it is the effects of the lie that they were safe from such a threat and are much safer than if faculty and staff could choose to exercise their constitutional right to protect themselves (and others) as they choose, given lawful restrictions IAW there 2nd amendment. Under existing practice, there is less expectation of safety than if the alternative were chosen. At least it should be a viable option for parents to select in choosing which school their child goes to. That requires viable choices.

    I agree that schools should not become lock down facilities, further reducing their effectiveness in education and shielding them from public accountability. Passive deterrence increases safety. Activation of that deterrence reduces the damage. I’m not arguing against a variety of serious changes in mental health, student discipline, parental accountability, etc. The one I’m emphasizing is one I believe to have a big safety effect for little cost.

    I also care about those adults that were victims as well and the attacks at other “free fire zones” where similar attacks were invited. Taken as a whole, the abuse of the false promise of safety in “gun free zones” is far beyond the limited stats on deaths of children. Comparisons of accidental or criminal activity deaths are not comparable to this issue because the schools are compelled and controlled environments with huge per student administrative supervisory costs. The cost benefit calculations are very different and one could expect far different results. Beyond that, the trend is very concerning.


  31. “You need a non-SJW run platform for that data base.

    Google will delete it if it becomes useful.”

    Its just a spreadsheet, Excel should handle it.

    You could just get this: for a real DB. Then you can run your own DB, import and export data, etc etc.

    I just fired up a Google DB. Adequate for my purposes, logging my OBD2 stuff off my new Fiesta. As well the Torque app allows display of anything in the ECU.

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