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  1. Oh yes. He knew the Vietnamese were anti-communist.

    As it happens, they have been very successful immigrants.

    Many doctors and successful businessmen and women.

  2. Oh yes. He knew the Vietnamese were anti-communist.

    And that is an important reason why liberals did not want to allow those refugees to come here. What American liberals did was a clear sign of what liberalism really is.

    As it happens, they have been very successful immigrants.

    As he must have known they would be.

  3. Scratch a Democrat, find a racist. They have been like this since the days of Andrew Jackson, notwithstanding their recent exploitation of the blacks and Hispanics. The party elite will outwardly kiss the asses of any group that they can manipulate easily, and stab them in the back when it appears convenient. Examine who benefits from bringing in all the Hispanics, and then recognize that what you are seeing in real time is a parasite trying to shift hosts after killing its current one.

  4. Of course Comrade Brown wanted to exclude the Vietnamese refugees. They were enemies of the Party.

  5. Yep. Not just him. There’s tons of quotes from Dems all over the country about how we shouldn’t help Vietnamese refugee.

    I was talking a few years ago with an old hippie who mentioned attending a party to celebrate Nixon resigning. I asked if he did the same when Saigon fell and created millions of refugees. He said the only people who suffered after that were American collaborators.

    Leftism is evil, period.

  6. I was in on the ground floor of resettling Vietnamese refugees that year; a volunteer group of a couple of churches, the Rotary, and the Lions club, and a handful of interested locals in what was then a blue-collar, working-class town: a LA suburb, but then a rather remote one. People were extremely supportive and helpful with regard to the refugee families that we eventually sponsored. A next-door neighbor to one of the houses that we rented for one of the families came over as we were cleaning it up, and asked what was going on. When we said that the house was going to be home for a Vietnamese refugee family, he offered to contribute his garage refrigerator, as the rental didn’t have one. The manager of the local department store slashed the price on a heavy winter coat for one of the young Vietnamese men who didn’t have one, saying that it was marked down, from last season, etc, etc – a nice coat for a pittance. It went on and on like that.
    Yeah, Jerry Brown was a fellow-traveler, even then. Good thing that the rest of us felt differently, with regard to the Vietnamese refugees.

  7. Sgt. Mom Says:
    March 11th, 2018 at 4:43 pm

    In Denver, when the refugees began coming, Social Services put them in the Projects with Hispanics who had been on welfare for generations.

    Slight culture clash.

    The Vietnamese families had grandma and grandpa watching the pre-school kids. Mom and Dad worked, usually two jobs. The school age kids were expected as a matter of course to excel in school, and as soon as they were old enough, to work too. The goal was to get off welfare, get their own homes, and open their own business. The kids were expected to get into college.

    This was before I became a Peace Officer and I was a corporate security supervisor for the conglomerate that was building what was then the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Denver. I had a bunch of off duty cops working for me. I came to work one day, and found a some of them looking like they had been . . . through the wringer. I was advised:

    Some Vietnamese had caught some of the Hispanic teens breaking into their home and stealing what was not nailed down. They thumped them thoroughly, which was not unexpected, and then turned them over to the police. That last violated the local cultural mores.

    The local gangs decided to show the slant-eyes who was in charge in the projects. They did not take into account that Vietnam had been in a guerilla war for generations. It was not tidy and quite kinetic. Some of my cops said they were pulling kids with rifles out of trees.

    They got them separated. Social Services pulled all the Vietnamese out immediately. Local churches in west Denver took them in, arranging housing. They were all moved out within 48 hours.

    One interesting thing appeared in the then-existent Rocky Mountain News the next morning. The front pages had coverage. On the very front page was a picture of a Vietnamese man loading his family’s belongs in his new Chevy Vega wagon. [He was a hard worker, but had no taste in cars] Hispanic kid came up to him [as recorded by the reporter] and asked “Why did they give you a new car and not my mama”?.

    The Vietnamese man said, “No one gave me a car. I worked 3 jobs and bought it”.

    The kid said, “My mama has been here longer than you have and no one gave her a car.”

    And that explains the difference between a government-dependent culture and a self-reliant culture.

    Just in passing, most of those Vietnamese were ethnically Cholon Chinese. Entrepreneurs for generations. They created what became the first “Chinatown” in Denver since the KKK burned down the old one in the early 1900’s that used to be where the current Colorado Rockies stadium is now. We have gone there every Chinese New Year since they started it. It was interesting this year being greeted by the store owners who remember us, who were the little kids running around the stores their parents opened and eventually took them over.

    Individual Americans who ARE Americans at heart will happily welcome and help those who will help themselves to become Americans. The government wants to create a serf class they can control.

  8. A big cultural issue about Vietnamese refugees in the 70s was that everybody knew the Democrats had betrayed South Vietnam.

    That probably had a lot to do with Democrats’ resistance to settlement. It was admitting what they had done.

    The other issue about immigration(I love the story about the Chevy Vega) is the work ethic.

    I interviewed two Chinese immigrants Friday in LA. Both had expired physicals for their application to the Army visa to citizenship program.

    One told me his background check had taken two years; probably true of both.

    One had his BS and Masters in business that he had been doing since coming here from China at age 19. He is now 25.

    Now, he wants to get his CPA but will join the Army to get citizenship first,.

    The other also had an expired physical (two years) and has a BS in Electrical Engineering (UCLA). He plans to get a Masters in Computer Science but is going into the Army as an enlisted man to get his citizenship.

    Both have excellent English skills.

  9. I don’t give a God damn what their Engrish or job skills are. Accepting foreign nationals straight into into our armed forces — with instant citizenship as the prize — is insanity. It is part of what destroyed Rome.

    I have a photo of an all-MexAm unit in Iraq holding up the Mexican flag and flashing gang signs. I guess within a few years we’ll see their Chinese counterparts holding up *their* flag to show the round-eyes who’s in charge.

    Then again, you’re quietly resigned to serving alongside gelded freaks, and make nary a peep. You have been carefully taught, Mike.

    Jesus. What an Orwellian mess we have turned our country into.

  10. Subotai Bahadur….your comment reminded me of two lines from St-Exupery:

    “If you would have them be brothers, have them build a tower. But if you would have them hate each other, throw them corn”


    “A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them”

  11. My husband’s cousin married a Vietnamese girl. The couple met in film school and both got technical work in Hollywood (he worked with Spielberg). The fathers bonded over politics – arguing with their children. The uncle and the Texan father of the bride started sending conservative e-mails back and forth. (Another problem with California is that after twenty years the marriage broke up.)

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