Maybe I’m Whistling Past the Graveyard but I don’t think so

Instapundit links to an article about Kasich’s education plan. The Never Trumpers keep arguing in The Weekly Standard that Trump has all the traits of an authoritarian. Well, perhaps. Sure he says he’d like the power of a Chinese leader – so did Obama as I remember. And he can bully a bit. But these warnings are amidst articles on de Vos’s devolution of power in the Education Department or Pruitt’s in the environmental area or . . . throwing DACA back to Congress, for God’s sake. Well it never hurts to be wary but we could stay in touch with reality. This is like the Russian collusion – if he were colluding why in the hell would he open Alaskan oil drilling? I still can’t take all of his speeches & wince at his twitters, but at least he understands that nationalism is something that should be drawing us together – not pulling us apart (at least historic nationalism). And he’s funny.

13 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Whistling Past the Graveyard but I don’t think so”

  1. Education, even more so than most other government functions, should be controlled at the most local level possible. The consolidation of school control and funding has been a major factor in destroying so many small towns.

    The Russian collusion lunacy is hysteria, literally.

  2. And Bill Whittle, a Trump supporter, married a Russian and got her through the legal immigration system for permanent residency!

    Somethings fishy here, everyone knows you just get a temp visa and overstay it. Must be a payback for his political support.


  3. “And Bill Whittle, a Trump supporter, married a Russian and got her through the legal immigration system for permanent residency!”


    A friend of mine married a Russian woman, and brought her to America. Doesn’t make him a Russian spy. Of course, he’s also not accused of hacking Congressional computer systems. Maybe that small detail is a bit relevant to consider when talking about Bill Whittle vs. the Awan brothers?

  4. Probably so. It’s sometimes hard to recalibrate myself to the level of discourse here after wandering the rest of the internet…

  5. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Just seemed so like the “evidence” in the Russian election conspiracy narrative.


  6. I think among your typical generic politician, the accumulation of power and ability to sidestep pesky argumentative legislatures is a normal thing. And here we have bland John Kasich (who I was going to vote for in the primary in CA except it made no difference) grabbing that power. Trump makes all the noise but the quite ones just go on being politicians.

    Trump fascinates me.

    He doesn’t care about any political fallout from firings (Tillerson).

    He just does it.

    He seems to stay focused no matter how high the hill.

    His detractors hate his crudeness 9who likes crudeness) but I’m thinking he is in a long line of crude Presidents. (Warren G Harding and White House closets anyone?)

  7. Only a billionaire who was a little bot crazy would take on the Deep State.

    I think we will see all sorts of hidden creatures emerge from this thing now.

    Remember Alexander and the Gordian Knot ?

  8. @Mike – I had to look it up. “Gordian knot, knot that gave its name to a proverbial term for a problem solvable only by bold action.” ;-)

  9. The Gordian Knot analogy was that Alexander was invited to untie the knot that had defied all the others who tried.

    He just took his sword and cut it.

    Kind of like Trump.

  10. It’s basically the origin for the Kobayashi Maru problem, no?

    When someone presents you with an “insoluble” problem, you need to look at all the assumptions about what you are and are not allowed to do, and see what of them can be disregarded if needed to solve the problem.

    Alexander & Kirk were both pretty Trumpy…

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