History Friday: The Most Incredible Round the World Air Journey

OK, so it was linked on Insty, but this was an incredible read: of the Pan-Am commercial flight which got caught on the wrong side of the world after Pearl Harbor, and had to go around the long way to get home again, with pluck, luck and sheer stubborn inventiveness.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
I particularly liked the part where they visited a public library, searching for relevant information.

2 thoughts on “History Friday: The Most Incredible Round the World Air Journey”

  1. Some years ago our car club had its national meeting in San Francisco, and the concorse was held on treasure Island.

    Treasure island was the site of the old Pan Am clipper station. You’d drive through and see all these old wonderful art deco buildings. And they held a classroom in the hanger

    You could see the concrete ramp that came up out of the water to go to the hanger and I thought if only that building could talk.

    I had read a shorter version of this some years ago, but this was quite a good read.

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