5 thoughts on “Chicago Boyz Waiting Room Series: 7”

  1. I enjoyed Jack Klugman, but he really only had one speed as an actor; he did intense very, very well.

  2. Love the chairs and overall shot design. It would be sheer perfection to have the same room, same angle, with the TV showing the old test pattern.

  3. You can be sure your doctor is dedicated to getting down to some serious brass tacks with no stone unturned when Quincy is playing on the tube.

  4. Oh well, this one is not so bad. Only the floor is… and the white trim…and the beige paint in the next room. But the TV is at comfortable height, seats are soft and mostly singular and furniture placement respects the traffic pattern.

  5. You really don’t know how good you’ve got there. My GP’s office has two tv’s at opposite ends.
    One runs a disney movie on loop. The other has CNN.
    It’s enough to make you want to go sit in the parking lot. (Which I have done. “Call me on the phone when you’re ready.”)

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