The Coming Impeachment of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

According to a number of right wing media sites — Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze”, Gateway Pundit, True Pundit among others — Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is going to face a House authorizing vote for an impeachment investigation after Rosenstein was caught out lying to HSCI Chairman Nunes about his communications with former FBI attorney Lisa Page in her testimony Thursday and Friday of last week. 

(See link —

This impeachment vote will invoke “United States Vs Nixon (1974)” which was a 9-0 SCOTUS decision in favor of Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski during Pres. Nixon’s impeachment proceedings that said there are no “Executive” or “National Security” classification privileges versus a House impeachment investigation subpoena. And thus President Nixon had to turn over the contents of the White House tapes of President Nixon’s office to Jaworski.  

Short Form — An impeachment investigation subpoena is the thermonuclear weapon of Congressional oversight of the Executive branch.  The Deep State has to cough up all the classified DoJ, CIA, and FBI counter-intelligence documents to include the names of sources, the surveillance methods used, and who were targets in the Trump campaign when, to the HSSCI Chairman Nunes or go to jail for obstruction of justice.
The problem with this thought is the the FBI and DoJ are in open rebellion against both the Constitution and the American people. I’ve spoken as to the reasons why in my May 2018 Chicagoboyz post THE DEEP STATE CIVIL WAR AND THE COUP D’ETAT AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP. 
The DoJ won’t cough up the subpoenaed documents unless US Marshall’s arrive to take said documents at gunpoint from the DoJ-National Security Division and FBI counter-intelligence SCIF’s (AKA Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility ). Which is when we will find many of them have been erased or altered at times the access logs for the SCIF’s say no one was there, and videos of those time periods are missing.  And given that the DoJ is in charge of the prosecutions for these obstruction of justice crimes…they won’t.  
At best, there will be a few token dismissals or firings. There is one set of rules for THE SWAMP and a different set for everyone else.  In other words, there is no federal justice, at Justice, when it comes to the criminal abuse of power by the Department of Justice.  
And worse, the recent DoJ Inspector General Horowitz report showed that the FBI had dozens of its agents taking bribes from the media to help put out dirt to help Democrats undermine the Trump administration
See —  
“We identified instances where FBI employees improperly received benefits from reporters, including tickets to sporting events, golfing outings, drinks and meals, and admittance to nonpublic social events,”
We have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel.
— DoJ IG Report by inspector general, Michael Horowitz.
The thing about such venial corruption is that it grows over time.  If you are taking money or gifts from the Media to help Democrats today.  It is a very, very small step in taking money from foreign intelligence services — say the UK and other E.U. intelligence services — to hurt President Trump.  The next step in the “seduction by corruption” ethics failure cycle — to actually being an agent of a hostile foreign power — is so small as to be changing weight from one leg to the next before you take a step.
The FBI Agent bribery corruption found in the DoJ IG report is why these two speculative threads by twitter micro-blogger Thomas Wictor are so troubling to me.  
In the first thread, Wictor was speculating about the testimony of ex-DoJ lawyer Lisa Page and brought up the thought that FBI Counter-intelligence agent Peter Strzok might be an Iranian agent.
FBI Agent Peter Strzok seen here giving public testimony before the House Special Select Committee on Intelligence
FBI Agent Peter Strzok seen here giving public testimony before the House Special Select Committee on Intelligence
And then Wictor posted research on Peter Strzok’s father, Peter Strzok Senior, here:
Which had an article on Peter Strzok’s father’s seizure in Northern Iran and subsequent release via this article and his subsequent work at disaster relief on Northern Iraq and Iran.  I won’t go into all the details in tracing weird events with US-Iran relations in the run up to and after the Iran deal — you all can go read the thread at the link. 
I cannot say that I believe Thomas Wictor about FBI Agent Strzok…but neither can I say that I DISBELIEVE it.  
Knowing what I know from three decades of Federal government training on the the “seduction by corruption” ethics failure cycle, and given the horrid realities of the Iran Nuclear Deal, this charge is something that needs to be realistically investigated to rule it out…but it won’t be.  
That is part of “…the deep, lasting and permanent “Gramscian damage” (See link:  for an explanation of the term) to the American Republic…” that Obama’s Deep State Faction has done.  There is no well of public credibility that the Department of Justice or the FBI can draw upon against even outlandish charges based on a selected presentation of circumstantial evidence.
The objective of all of this DoJ Constitutional Rebellion to to delay, delay, delay, past the Nov 2018 election.  Where the GOP may lose the House or Senate.  And in the case of the former, the Deep state will be protected from real prosecution while Trump is neutralized for years with a House Democrat impeachment investigations of their own.
Institutional and political inertia in D.C. make this the most likely outcome.
The only way there will be any other outcome is if Pres Trump applies a whole lot of political capitol to make it otherwise and expose this DoJ-FBI Counter-Intelligence abuse of power to the American public before the Nov 2018 mid-term elections.
It is time to place your bets on President Trump before November 2018.

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  1. Of the, I believe 13 Russians charged earlier, several are contesting the charges, and are willing to come to the US for trial. This has not been well received. ;)

    Now if some of the 12 Russian intelligence officers recently charged are also willing to contest, what is essentially lies, there could be many heads on blocks, with stupid expressions on them.. ;)

  2. Note: Trey Gowdy poured cold water on the possibility of impeachment Sunday, saying there is not enough support for it right now.

    This is why HSSCI Chairman Nunes got the Halper spying on Trump information declassified to the HSSCI and is presently getting the GOP caucus to read it at the HSSCI SCIF.

  3. Anon, I think you are misinformed about the Concord Management case brought by Mueller. He made a tactical error by including a corporate entity in the indictment. As such, there is no way that entity could be jailed though it could face financial penalties. Since at this stage of trial its exposure to jepardy is limited and the possibility of forcing discovery of Mueller’s work is great, it makes some sense for it to appear via counsel. As far as I know none of the people indicted have made court appearances, and note that Mueller only indicted physical persons this time around.

  4. Are we never to know about the Awan family and exactly what it did?

    Michael, you bring in more threads and they already seem so tangled. The role of Iran in the Obama years enlarges with the Strozk link.

    Rosenstein’s timing had seemed peculiar, though many said that it gave Trump more ammunition to use on Putin; but Nunes’s interview today with Barturoma (SP?) noted that everything in the indictment had been in the memo from his committee months ago – except, of course, for the committee’s inclusion of Republican politicians that had been also attacked and without the pages of redactions that the government had insisted on in the Nunes’ committee’s work. This was also dispiriting.

    It would seem that impeachments or at least firings might be in order for Wray as well as Rosenstein, etc.

    Congress seems to be honing its sense of itself as academic coffeeroom Monday quarterbacks – despite tenure unwilling to take personal risks but quite ready to critique those who do. For instance, take Schumer’s demand that Trump should not meet with Putin. They have a heady sense of their own importance with few sensible, hardworking or courageous acts to back them up. The ones I most respected seem to be heading for the House doors. And I love Yuval Levin’s title: “Congress is Weak Because Its Members Want it to Be.”

  5. Might I suggest that the Congress, far from defending our interests, is not to be trusted, and will effectively defuse any real investigations given the chance. Neither ‘Fast and Furious’, Bengazi or the Iran deal were effectively challenged by Congress. If President Trump continues to have confidence in AG Sessions, Rosenstein and the present leadership of the FBI, that’s good enough for me, and I assume they are purposely keeping the Congress in the dark about what is really being investigated.
    I have every confidence that the President’s Executive branch will bring out all that needs to be known before the election in November. I have less confidence that the American public will vote their interest and not be seduced by last-minute ‘revelations’ and rumors cleverly intended to influence them not to vote, as happened in Alabama.

  6. Here there be thoughtcrime.

    Looking to Congress to exercise any sort of control over the LEA’s or Intel Agencies of the civilian Federal government, or to hold them to the law in any case, is a fool’s errand.

    In the last 50 years, how many times have those agencies lied to, perjured themselves under oath to, and purposely falsified evidence to Congress? How many times have they deliberately, willfully, and knowingly violated the law, and the Constitution to attack, steal from, or murder American citizens for the benefit of those in power?

    And how many times in that period have the agencies, their command structures, or their agents been held accountable for their acts at the same level that citizens of the United States would be held accountable for the same acts?

    Most employees of those agencies have a 20 year career span. If two generations of staff have never faced any sort of accountability for anything they do, and a generation of upper management [which have a longer career span] not only have never seen accountability; but have deliberately lied to us and perjured themselves before courts and Congress on a regular basis for their own benefit, what limits their actions?

    Being above and outside the law is the key part of their corporate culture.

    Locally, here in Colorado, we have a case of an FBI agent. Drunk, dancing acrobatically with back flips in a club attached to a distillery in downtown Denver. On one of his back flips, his concealed carry pistol flies out of his holster in the small of his back. It did not go bang when it hit the ground. It went bang when he was fumbling with it on the floor and pulled the trigger, all caught on video clearly. The round fired hit another, uninvolved, customer. For the record, even if you are law enforcement, concealed carry while drunk and partying in public is a no-no.

    1) If you or I as civilians had done something similar, we would look like a character in the dungeon in the old comic strip “The Wizard of Id”, chained to a wall hanging upside down.
    2) For reasons not ever adequately explained, they delayed the testing for Blood Alcohol for 12 hours. This, obviously, was to allow his body a chance to clear the alcohol before the test. And yet, even after that time, they classified the BAL. Which means he must have been really, really drunk and they don’t want it on the record. Because the police normally release that someone is “under the influence” if it is involved in a crime or someone is hurt. For any of us, they would have been drawing blood or at least had us blowing into a meter within minutes.
    3) Local TV interviewed the person who was shot in the hospital. He was . . . unreasonably . . . cheery, held no animus, and seemed almost grateful that he had been shot. Does anyone else have the feeling [and I admit I am a cynical person] that the agent’s superiors had paid the wounded victim a visit and laid out the conditional repercussions of not being cheery?
    4) He appeared in court a week or so ago, and at his request he was allowed by court order to return to work and to concealed carry at will. This is before trial and before there has been time to have any sort of internal affairs investigation that does not involve the word Whitewash. Does anyone believe that other than being cited as a legend in what one can get away with in the FBI, that this will have any repercussions for the agent?

    Who is the Master? And who is the Slave? And what are the implications of the answers to those questions?

    Discuss among yourselves, publicly or privately.

  7. There are a few threads surfacing about Strzok in lesser known and maybe unreliable sources.

    Peter Strzok Sr.. the father of the FBI’s Peter Strzok, served 21 years in the Army before taking a post in Africa for Catholic Relief Services, a charity with bonafide international links to the CIA and funding from the United Nations. According to records, Strzok worked for CRS staring in 1981 and lived abroad with his family a young Peter in Africa. Prior to taking the position in Africa, the elder Strzok worked in Vietnam, the Middle East and specifically Iran for an unknown U.S. contractor.

    Strzok stayed in Iran until Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was installed in 1979 in the hope of stabilizing the tumultuous region and political climate during the American hostage crisis as well, records show. After leaving Iran, Strzok took the African post with CRS. But it was not Strzok’s first U.S.-backed mission in Iran. In a recent 2016 article in the Fayetteville Observer, he detailed an earlier mission in Iran — as well as his navigating Russian influence in that country — predating his private work in Iran by nearly two decades.

    Interesting connections between Strzok Sr and Iran.

  8. SB,
    Not hard to imagine this Denver FBI agent getting the case dismissed ultimately or perhaps double secret probation.

    Keep us informed.

    No wonder Strzok is an FBI hero, he didn’t actually accidently shoot anybody, yet.

    Regardless of the court case in Denver, that agent is probably done with any meaningful work in the FBI. He is done because he embarrassed the agency, not because his drunken behavior almost killed an innocent. The future of the cheerful, injured party would be interesting to follow.


  9. SB,

    While the Democrats make no secret of their fund raising in the house to impeach Pres. Trump.

    One of the really un-examined developments of the Deep State versus Trump saga is how House Special Select Committee Chairman Nunes is using it as a fund raising vehicle to both get Asst AG Rosenstein impeached and to become a dark horse candidate to be the next GOP Speaker.

    House chairmen are expected to raise a lot of cash for the GOP caucus. The HSSCI chairman is is below most of the other House chairmen in that regard.

    The Trump-Deep State war has changed that calculus in that Chairman Nunes is a rock star just behind Trump with the GOP’s small donor contributor base. These folks make up about 1/2 the RNC’s non-presidential election year fund raising and Nunes is cleaning up with a lot of people who stopped giving to the RNC.

    Not only can Nunes share the money.

    He can share the mailing list…assuming these GOP Congressmen are willing to Chairman Nunes with a vote for impeaching Rosenstein et al when the time comes.

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