2 thoughts on “Liberals, Conservatives, and Happiness”

  1. If this is the kind of dreck the NSF funds they need adult supervision or perhaps abolition.The study pre-supposes that inequality is bad. It may or not be,but that isn’t a scientific question,is it? Conservatives are happier because they are productive members of society.

    If one doesn’t think of politics one may absorb liberalism from ones environment,unthinkingly.Think Neo-neocon who got over it. If this is not the case one has to decide to accept a lot of nonsense.My own guess is that “Liberals” are unhappy because they are often failures-but it is not their fault-it is society’s.And look at all the poor people-they are the prop in this little psychodrama.If there is no poverty they invent it,so they can bathe in their own self-righteousness.Poor Michelle Obama who has to scrimp to pay for piano lessons-$300k/yr is not enough.The pity ,the horror. Please give us a break,because God knows,they won’t.
    My wife taught in NYC schools and commented that the kids on welfare were more expensively dressed than she was. Let’s say no one was starving.

    I think also Liberals think of themselves as intellectuals-that is they deal with ideas. This is much nobler than actually producing something that people might be willing to pay for; how wrong it is that people in business make more money than they. This is a form snobbery that is genuinely multicultural;it has appeared everywhere,through out history, but that doesn’t make it right.
    It is all about them and their self importance.As for the poor-well if they really cared they would they would at least try to see what might be genuinely helpful,like school vouchers.Radical chic means never being sorry.

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