Poisoned Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

This week, the month-long mystery of the missing college student, Mollie Tibbits, was sadly resolved, with the discovery of her body in a local cornfield. Developments in the search for her were updated frequently over the last few weeks, and always featured at the top, or near to the top of headlines on the English tabloid, the Daily Mail. Which, for all its’ eccentricities, abuse of grammar, spelling, penchant for the flamingly obvious, providing Piers Morgan with a salary, extreme Kardashian-worship, and light-to-moderate Trump disdain, does cover the American news scene without much fear or favor.
The longer the mystery of her disappearance went on, though – the greater the chance of a less than happy ending. And as it turns out that the chief suspect in her kidnapping and murder is a man with a distinctly dodgy background – an illegal alien of Mexican background, whose’ identity papers are something of a mystery. His American employers seemed to believe that everything was hunky-dory; this lends the cynical among us to assume that such paperwork must have been better forgeries than the usual run.

Political shining star Senator Elizabeth Warren, when asked for a reaction to the Tibbits murder, immediately pivoted to opine indignantly on the matter of children separated from their mothers at the US border, apparently seeing that as a matter of higher priority than of crimes committed by illegal aliens after they cross the border – a remarkably tone-deaf reaction. Or maybe not, considering that Senator Warren speaks from a position ‘ex cathedra’ reflecting, “the set of values and beliefs that justify the existing order of society and, not coincidentally, the privileged place of the managerial aristocracy in that order.” In other words, as a member of the American ruling class, to whom uncounted numbers of illegal immigrants to the country mean restaurants with exotic new international cuisines, very cheap labor, and well-cultivated vote-plantations – an in-the-pocket electorate so much more obedient than stiff-necked members of the middle and working class. Such citizens have, of late, been much less biddable than their betters would wish; witness such indicators of deep dissatisfaction as the Tea Party, the election of Donald Trump, and the Just Walk Away movement.

To the ruling class, an affection for, the sheltering of, and the unstinting support for undocumented immigrants is an unmitigated good. All the benefits listed in the previous paragraph, along with being able to conspicuously virtue-signal, accrue to the ruling class, secure in their wealth, their gated communities, social clubs and private schools. All the disadvantages, hazards, and expenses both social and actual land like a ton of bricks on everyone else – and have been doing so for at least two decades, possibly more. It’s not just the criminal element; incidents of rape, robbery, murder, drunk driving, uninsured driving, and identity theft which victimize ordinary Americans, native and legalized at the hands of the illegal. All over Texas, the Southwest and California – stories of auto accidents caused by uninsured and probably illegal drivers abound, also spectacular drunk driving incidents committed by the same demographic.

A few years ago, another blogger drilled down through the comments appended to Yahoo news story of the woman who was arrested at her OB-gyn’s office – an illegal with such badly-forged picture ID that the office staff called the authorities. As far down as the blogger (and I) explored the comments on the story – which was posted as ‘oh, pity the poor pregnant woman, busted at the doctor’s office’ none of those commenting on the story were sympathetic. Without exception, they were infuriated; outraged over how someone elses’ SSAN had been stolen to facilitate the woman’s residence in the US. Multiply this by a thousand, a million times over the last twenty years and more – and you have ordinary Americans almost lethally angry and with cause over the abuse of our trust, our social cohesion, and our pocketbooks. Illegal aliens willing to work under the table at unskilled labor in construction, agriculture, in factories, and at domestic work for much less than minimum wage undermine native American workers. It’s not that there are jobs that Americans won’t do – they won’t do them for a pittance. The ruling class, and their handmaidens in the established press also prefer to downplay the burden placed on public schools; yes, for every Dreamer who is their high school graduating valedictorian and bound for college to be a doctor or an astronaut or something like that, I’d bet there are ten or twenty who have never adequately learned English, are illiterate in any language, and headed for a lifetime of petty criminality intermixed with welfare poverty. At taxpayers’ expense, coming and going, to our mounting exasperation – an exasperation equally fueled by the insistence of the ruling class that this exasperation and mounting anger is just proof of our own racism.

The establishment press, and the ruling class wish to disappear these incidents and issues, of course. But the murders of Kate Steinle, and now of Mollie Tibbits may be precipitating a preference cascade. Your thoughts?

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  1. “But the murders of Kate Steinle, and now of Mollie Tibbits may be precipitating a preference cascade.”

    From your lips to God’s ear. Though I’ve heard “preference cascade” so many times I’m starting to feel like Charlie Brown running to kick that football that Lucy is holding…

  2. The phenomenon is similar to the affection held for Muslims by the left.

    One would think that the Muslim treatment of women and gays would affect the left’s opinion but no, the Muslims are seen as “brown people” and worthy of affection and defense against all criticism.

    There are some interesting speculations about the source of Islamophilia on the left.

    Sometimes they are adopted just to spite the out-group”
    Kinda this. A good deal of modern progressivism is a teenager giving “dad” the finger. If they perceive (rightly or wrongly) that Islam is the enemy of father-figure Christianity, then they’re all for it.

    This gives lie to idea that progressives always back the underdog. Throughout the Middle East right now, millions of Syriac, Coptic, Maronite, etc. Christians are fleeing their ancient communities at a rate not seen since Timur. Hundreds of thousands have been killed by Salafists in the last decade. However, you hear barely a peep in the news, and some notable progressives (Daily Kos) have inferred it’s their own fault for living there.

    I realized this when I worked with a hardcore progressive for a few years. We were watching the news in the lunchroom once, and it was showing the ISIS video with the orange jumpsuited Christians, waiting to be beheaded by the jihadis behind them. Someone made a comment about the brutality, and the prog said “They deserve it for oppressing Muslims”. He got eaten alive for saying that, but then said something like any enemy of Christianity was a friend to him.
    Those statements, coupled with his sophomoric mentality, made me think about the actual basis for progressives attraction to Islam.

    Interesting speculation.

  3. “We should support whatever the enemy opposes and oppose whatever the enemy supports” – Mao Zedong

    I think this simple political canon of Chairman Mao’s explains so much about Progs, especially “The Resistance” and how effective Mr. Trump has been in backing them into some pretty ludicrous and irrational positions by “making the enemy live up to its own rules”.

  4. I see a lot of arguments from Progs to the effect that either all religions are good or all religions are bad. One guy I know actually asserted that no religion, as originally established by its founder, can be bad: if it has bad elements, these must have been added later.

    Of course, the only way to defend this rationally is to make it a tautology: define ‘religion’ as something that has a good Platonic Form and was originally established in that form.

  5. “may be precipitating a preference cascade”
    Almost a quarter century ago the people of California stood up and said, Enough! They were desperately unhappy about the burden that illegal immigration was having on their communities. The reaction of the ruling class was to simply ignore them, and create a new citizenry. The once great state of California is now completely unrecognizable. As their cretinous next governor said about a different issue where the will of the majority was thwarted, “Whether they like it or not…”

    “His American employers seemed to believe that everything was hunky-dory…”
    BS. They had plausible deniability, and that was good enough for them. E-Verify should be universally mandated. Cut off the employment options, that’s the only possible way to end the problem.

  6. Brian’s last sentence. In spades. In all caps. Whatever. Including specifically the “only possible way” bit. Probably would work even without demanding no more social services for criminal aliens.

    Irony. All other methods of establishing border control will fail. And cost those paying for the failing methods. People skirt the present system, or just keep cycling their attempt until they succeed. A very expensive Wall will at most slightly slow the flow.

    But an openly declared and practiced paradigm of very big fines for hiring criminal aliens–with significantly increasing amounts each step up the chain of command of the hiring group–would transfer costs to where they belong. And almost immediately nearly eliminate the primary incentive for felonious border crossing. Presently those employing groups make that transfer go the wrong way. Everyone else subsidizing those groups by supplementing their low wages. Those subsidies come in the form of emergency room access, medical care, schools, and multiple et ceteras at tax payer expense. Those low wages are not actually low,just paid by others than the direct employer.

    Someone objects, “But we have no way to verify citizenship or legitimacy.” Nuts. I did field service engineering in Mexico. The factory whose machinery I came to repair had not a bit of difficulty with denying me work access the one time in many trips I forgot to pack the correct documentation. I had to have the documents shipped to a site on the U.S. side of the border, pick them up, and take them to the appropriate Mexican authorities in order to get permission to work S of the border. Only cost a day’s delay. But I recognized the process. Not a single sane reason that it would not work for going N of the border.

  7. Anyone found to be employing an illegal alien should have the property in which that alien was working confiscated and put up for auction, with the proceeds going to a victims of illegal alien crime fund, with 10% to the informant. Watch how fast they are turned out of work.

  8. I would also note that one of the powers granted the President under the various anti-terrorist laws after 9-11 was the ability to cut off financial services and monetary flow to foreign countries. If it suddenly became impossible for illegal invaders to send remittances back to Mexico [remittances are the largest source of foreign income for Mexico, exceeding sale of PEMEX oil], a lot of them would leave.

    However, given that the GOPe has made its alliance with the Left blatant, I do not expect much to be done on the legal or legislative fronts to limit the invasion of our country.

    Historically, that means that the question of who owns the land inside our borders will be settled kinetically.

    To the ruling class, an affection for, the sheltering of, and the unstinting support for undocumented immigrants is an unmitigated good. All the benefits listed in the previous paragraph, along with being able to conspicuously virtue-signal, accrue to the ruling class, secure in their wealth, their gated communities, social clubs and private schools. All the disadvantages, hazards, and expenses both social and actual land like a ton of bricks on everyone else

    Just as technical party registration has no effect on the ruling class’s affections, it will have no effect on their status in any kinetic settlement.

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