4 thoughts on “War Games”

  1. That is a brilliant post. It came out a while ago. Really, somebody ought to make a wargame that contains that level of complexity and arbitrariness. It might not be as much fun as the charge of Riders of Rohan, or whatever. But it might have more utility as a training tool.

  2. Truly a brilliant post.

    IIRC, it was Wellington who said that “more wars were lost by quatermasters than generals.” I’ve always wanted to make a game called, “Logistics” in which game play is nothing but filling out the paperwork necessary to route the proper supplies to the guys at the front lines.

  3. Shannon-

    Uh…sorry…you used blue ink. I need that in black. And those NAVMC 1042/71 requisition forms…yeah…I need those in triplicate. Ensure the pink carboncopy is routed to fiscal, the white to supply, the yellow to regimental fiscal, I get the original, and you keep a photocopy, and check back in 2-4 weeks. What? No toner in the photocopier? That will be another requisition form…

    Not a very fun game. ;)

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