ChicagoBoyz Wildlife Series IV

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Jonathan has shown his courage in capturing pictures of some of the wild and more vicious animals lurking around Southern Florida as of late, so I thought I would do the same for the continuing education of our readers.  And what an opportunity I recently had!  On a bike ride last Sunday here in Southern Wisconsin, I saw the fear inspiring and very rare in the wild miniature donkey!  These creatures are extremely dangerous and need to be photographed and observed with great care.  Here you can see them stalking me, using their camouflage almost perfectly.  Fortunately for me, I have experience dealing with these “kings of the woods”, and was able to make good my escape.  Be extremely cautious around them at all times and never turn your back on them or they will consider you prey, much like the cougars we have been reading about as of late.

Beware the mini donks!

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6 thoughts on “ChicagoBoyz Wildlife Series IV”

  1. Dan, you don’t even know how lucky you’re. Coz theese are not mere mini-donkeys (as vicious as they might be) – these are mini-lamas! Nothing in the mountain fauna could be more lethal than a lama-mama escorting her young.

    I can only think of one curcumstance that saved you: that they are being removed from their habitat and forced to graze on disgustingly flat meadow; disoriented and confused, they missed an opportunity for the attack.

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