3 thoughts on “GOTV”

  1. And in what should be a national scandal, but of course is being buried, California is having to recognize that Motor Voter plus driver’s licenses for illegals equals disaster:
    “Motor Voter is on the ropes. California considers freeze of DMV registrations”

    Back in November 2016 or so I actually heard a very good segment on NPR where they were asking the CA Attorney General (or maybe Secretary of State?) how exactly they prevented illegals from voting, and he had no answer at all, basically saying it was up to the voters to know if they were legal or not, and that there were no problems with illegals voting. They kept pushing him on it, presumably desperately hoping he’d give anything like a coherent answer, and he just floundered until they gave up.

  2. I can’t come up with the name right now but recently I read a somewhat satirical Sci Fi story about the Dead rising up and shuffling zombie like…..to the polling places.

    It took place, as you might imagine, in Chicago.

    I’d call it tongue in cheek but for the absence in many of the voters of one or both!


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