New! – Your Chicagoboyz Black-Coffee Friday Holiday Espresso Update

After a couple of not entirely satisfactory years with a low-end conventional espresso maker (discussed here, here and here) and this morning’s epic hot milk explosion we decided to buy a standalone milk frothing device and ended up ordering this DeLonghi-made Nespresso machine, which comes with a milk frother for around $104 total (after coupon) on a Black Friday deal.

We have never owned a Nespresso but have given a couple of them as gifts and everyone loves them. Of course you have to buy coffee capsules, which are pricey if you buy the Nespresso branded ones but a very reasonable 33 cents each if you buy the ones from Bestpresso. These are excellent in our experience.

UPDATE: There’s a similar deal on a Breville-made Nespresso/frother combo:

Disclosure: This blog post was written under the influence of caffeine. Chicago Boyz earns an affiliate payment from Amazon when you buy any product through any of the Amazon links on this blog. If you buy stuff through our links we can afford to buy more espresso.

5 thoughts on “New! – Your Chicagoboyz Black-Coffee Friday Holiday Espresso Update”

  1. My Breville Cafe Roma, the cheapest one they make, keeps chugging along. Its warmed up, my cup full of boiling water has heated my milk a bit and I will now make my Cappuccino. ;)

  2. WOW! Just WOW! You deleted that because I criticized Nespresso and Branded coffee as low grade. It is and them’s the facts. You people are getting kinda wiggy.

  3. Oh you poor snowflake. You crashed the party, got treated politely, then began lecturing the other guests about the bad food. Your host had some nerve to ask you to leave. Who does he think he is? You being right and all. Maybe you should file a complaint.

    Readers who are mainly interested in getting good espresso and frothed milk at home with minimal hassle might want to look into Nespresso products.

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