8 thoughts on “ChicagoBoyz Waiting Room Series 19”

  1. We just moved my wife’s mother out of the Research Triangle a few months ago. She’s 92 and was living along some golf course way out in the boondocks. It took years to pry her out of her house, but there’s no way she was going last there much longer there. Every few years they have another 100 year blizzard or historic ice storm. I’m beginning to wonder if they know what historic means.

  2. That looks almost exactly like one of the chairs in the waiting room of the cardiologist my wife saw a few years ago. On an end table just outside the picture was a stack of magazines – Guns & Ammo, Combat Handguns, Hot Rod, Car & Driver… not a copy of “Arizona Highways” or “Modern Maturity” anywhere.

    An elderly woman across from us was examining a copy of Shotgun News with an expression that could best be described as “I should be horrified at this but it is inexplicably fascinating.” Though it might have been a reaction at how much prices have changed since she last bought an MG-42…

  3. Waiting rooms should be divided into separate sections by politics, sex etc. Have a variety of jpeg slideshows in the different sections, each playing a unique rotation of canned wild headlines – Trump, anti-Trump, Hollywood scandal, weather hype, etc. Cancel the cable service. No one will know the difference. Everyone will be happier.

  4. I don’t know waiting rooms have TVs any more. Everyone is just staring at their phones anyway, and the TVs are either muted or, if not, just annoying everyone.

  5. I agree that waiting rooms should not have TVs anymore. The annoyance of some of these shows is about unbearable. It’s so much nicer to be in a waiting rooms without a TV.

  6. My brother bought some land in Asheville that he plans to build on once his kids are all grown. They just got a foot of snow there. He also has a condo down on the Grand Strand, so I think his plan is to monitor the weather report and shuttle between the two locations depending on the status of hurricanes, blizzards, plagues of locusts, etc.

    I think my retirement plan is just to build a bunker in the desert. It’s hot, but at least there won’t be any surprises. And if this global warning thing doesn’t ever pan out then all the better to be in warmer climes.

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