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  • Crime and Credibility

    Posted by Sgt. Mom on February 1st, 2019 (All posts by )

    I see that the fallout from Covington is still falling – well, admittedly not on the front pages of the Establishment National Media (the ENM for short) – but I hear the echoes quite clearly still, especially among those of a conservative or libertarian inclination. Oh, not the encounter itself; it was still bleedingly obvious to most of us within days that the Covington Catholic schoolboys held up rather well in the face of blatantly racial and relentless barracking on the part of the Black Israelite nutters, and harassment by a drum-pounding professional “activist” whose account of the whole shenanigans afterwards bore only the most coincidental resemblance to those facts easily verified from the numberless videos available. That no one in the Establishment National Media has the least particle of interest in outing the Black Israelite nutters by name and number, or of asking Chief Reefer Ranger to account for the discrepancies in his own personal narrative would lead one to conclude that representatives of the ENM have forsaken impartiality in favor of the “narrative” which posits that MAGA-hat wearing, white, religiously-observant residents of Flyoverlandia are wicked, evil, non-persons, and Persons of Color/Minority – no matter what their conduct and words may be – are blameless and above all criticism.

    This bias on the part of the media has been demonstrated so blatantly in this matter arrives on top of a whole range of instances when the ENM fluffed over a great log in the eye of those persons and parties which they held in esteem and had non-stop vapors over the tiniest speck in the eye of those they did not. By this means, one may watch the credibility of the ENM shrivels down at the same rate as their revenues. One may also observe the pink-slipping of reporters and contributors to various print and on-line publications with a degree of schadenfreude and listen with a cold heart to the lamentations of their genders-of-indetermination. Indeed, I have taken a degree of mean-minded satisfaction over these soyboys and girls throwing hissy fits on Twitter over being advised to ‘learn to code’; proof absolute that – like many a middle-school bully – they could dish it out but couldn’t take it without running in tears to teacher. Twitter has joined into the biased fun, too; making it screamingly obvious that they will turn a blind eye towards bad behavior on the part of lefty celebs and activists, but exercise great severity over the smallest transgression by someone perceived as conservative-leaning. Writing off better than half the country – even if they aren’t on Twitter or care to Twit anyway – as irredeemable deplorables, racists, and beneath the contempt does not seem like a sensible position for anyone in the current affairs business. I am assuming that Twitter as an enterprise has some kind of business plan, opaque as it may seem.

    As of now it seems that there is another supposed MAGA-related atrocity being exploited by the ENM: an actor of mild color, (of whom I had never heard), in the cast of a TV series (which I had barely heard of and never watched or have any intention of watching) claims to have been assaulted by MAGA-hat wearing racists on the city streets of Chicago. At two in the morning (a time where nothing good really happens), on one of the coldest days in local history. I rather expect that since the local police have not been able to confirm much of anything, and since Jussie Wossname’s story has changed nearly as much as Chief Reefer Rangers’ that this alleged hate crime will dissolve as fast as the Covington Catholic one did, in all but the minds of true believers in MAGA wickedness and racism.

    Whether an accusation of race-hate-crime has any credibility at all is not the concern of the Establishment National Media; it is only sufficient that the accusation be made. That an accusation can be made against the designated target for a distributed campaign of hate spearheaded by the ENM, even if such an accusation is made of whole cloth, is the only thing that matters any more. Your thoughts?


    33 Responses to “Crime and Credibility”

    1. Brian Says:

      You have to wonder about people’s ability to cast aside any shred of common sense when it comes to stories like this. (Totally unrelated, is there one single person who actually believes Harry Reid was injured in a bathroom exercising accident? Anyone?)

    2. Sam L. Says:

      I despise, detest, and distrust the ENM, and believe nothing of what they spread.

    3. Grurray Says:

      We live and work in the Chicago suburbs now, but my wife used to work in the building a couple blocks away from where the victim in question (lol) was allegedly attacked. If I’m piecing together correctly the media reports and police photos, the “attack” must’ve taken place on N New St between E Illinois & E North Water.

      So then with that key piece of information I can say with the utmost confidence that this part of Chicago is… pure raging MAGA territory. Yes sirree, rednecks, rifles, and bibles wherever you look. I can’t believe he escaped with his life from such a conservative place… oh the nationalism… there are walls literally lining the street… big, beautiful walls…

      Well no, actually I was just dreaming there for a moment. I only wish it was MAGA country. That would be an impossible dream come true. For him and me, because if that was the case he would never have to fear for his safety anywhere around there.

      As it stands now, that area at night, despite being full of luxury apartments, expensive retail outlets, and prime office space has become a magnet for crime and theft. Not surprising. The crooks go where the money is. Especially now that the cops fear that whenever they try to arrest anyone it will become a federal case.

      No, I wouldn’t be surprised if Juss Schmo was possibly jumped by some homeless vagrants or maybe rolled by a flash mob of teen gangbangers. Although this location is in the shadow of the nearby Trump Tower, MAGA guys are sadly but definitely nowhere to be found on N New St.

    4. Brian Says:

      We all know what really happened. It’s not a mystery.

      Same as everyone knew what really happened when Kevin Spacey got beat up in a park a few years back.

    5. Sgt. Mom Says:

      We all pretty much suspect what happened with Jussie Wossname, if not precisely in specifics. We can be pretty darned certain that he wasn’t jumped, beat up and abused by conservatives wearing MAGA hats – any more than he would have been beaten up by rampaging Tea Partiers.
      But the ENM and the loud-mouthed progs – they so badly need that narrative to be accepted, and voila – the ENM will oblige them. Doesn’t matter what the police reports, any recordings, any eyewitnesses will say to the contrary.
      They need the story to be that Jussie Wossname was beaten up by MAGA-hat wearing conservatives. Narrative uber alles.

    6. rcocean Says:

      Not being from the mid-west or Northeast, I was shocked that ANYONE would be outside in 14 degree weather (windchill making it zero degrees) at 2 AM

      Not only that, but I assumed given the cold, everyone would be bundled – thereby making any ID of a Hollywood Giant like Jessie a rather difficult prospect. But I guess not.

      Anyway, as you point out, like “Don’t shoot” Ferguson, or Charlottsville, or Trayvon Martin or fill-in-blank – none of this matters. The Left just keeps repeating the lies, and the MSM labels any attempt to publicize the truth as “Right-wing Pushback”.

      If you’re a lazy, low-information viewer – or just listen to NPR – its almost impossible to understand that all these “hate crimes” are in fact “FAKE hate crimes”.

    7. pst314 Says:

      We can be pretty darned certain that he wasn’t jumped, beat up and abused by conservatives wearing MAGA hats – any more than he would have been beaten up by rampaging Tea Partiers.

      Now, it’s conceivable that he was mugged by some of the homeless rats that infest Lower Water Street, Lower Wacker Drive, etc. Many of them are seriously insane and some of them yell racist insults at blacks or whites–I’ve witnessed it.

      But as for what the news biz lefties are trying to make this out to be? Not likely at all.

    8. pst314 Says:

      Information about crime where Smollett said he was attacked, from a very useful source:

      Smollett neighbor: “I believe him…there are lots of robberies down there” (VIDEO)

      “I have used the Lower Water entrance a lot,” the resident said. “Lots of robberies down there.”

      “It’s creepy even during the daytime and there are homeless people, creepy looking people down there on a regular basis.”

    9. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

      Yes, homeless people wearing MAGA hats. We see those all the time.

    10. pst314 Says:

      Heh. If anything, the homeless are anti-Trump because they hate anyone who isn’t for unlimited Free Stuff.
      Now, I have heard that Smollett has given conflicting statements about whether or not there were MAGA hats.
      But regardless, what seems most likely is that if he was indeed attacked then it was merely another mugging, maybe by mentally defective homeless–and maybe Smollett made up the MAGA hats and maybe he even made up the racial slurs.

    11. Anonymous Says:

      …an actor of mild color, (of whom I had never heard), in the cast of a TV series (which I had barely heard of and never watched or have any intention of watching)…

      That’s the point. I’d never heard of the guy but I have now. I’ll likely never watch his TV show but my guess is that he’ll get at least a 5% bump in viewership because of his stunt.

      The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.
      — Oscar Wilde

    12. Kirk Says:

      Everyone ignores the elephant in the room, which is black-on-black crime.

      Most violent crime in this country is perpetrated by blacks; most victims of those crimes are other blacks. FBI statistics prove this fact, and yet nobody pays the slightest attention. In Chicago, most blacks behave as though all those young black males that get killed are killed by gangs of suburban whites rampaging through their neighborhoods, when the reality is that it is nearly all other blacks that are killing them.

      The media and the Democratic Party are colluding with many of the “leaders” in the black community to maintain this fiction, and draw attention away from the reality. Examine the reaction to that poor little girl down in Houston; while they could blame a “white redneck MAGA-hat wearing EVUL WHITE MAN” for the killing, it was national news; once it was found that the actual killer was a black gang-banger who may or may not have been shooting at a former customer who owed him money… All coverage was dropped.

      Thanks to the news media, the average black American thinks that all those killings they hear about are committed by whites and the police. Why? Because, when it’s black on black, there’s precisely zero coverage; it’s just “…another day in the ‘hood…”.

      I’m not sure where this is going to end, but I am pretty certain it won’t be a good place for anyone, with emphasis on black America. At some point, general society is going to get tired of the BS, and there’s going to be a crackdown on the whole situation, one that’s going to result in a lot more damage to the inner cities than the current system envisages as acceptable. There may be a decision made to do what the human body does with cancers and invasive objects–Wall off the infection site, and separate it from the healthy surrounding tissue. Blacks don’t want police presence? Fine; they’ll get zero policing, at the cost of living in enclaves of lawlessness, stewing in their own self-created misery. Which is not an end state I either desire or find acceptable, but that’s what I see coming, based on the trends I see around me.

    13. Mikes K Says:

      The eventual consequences of affirmatives action, birth in colleges and in real life is becoming a disaster for blacks.

      ll the times. This is the sort of propaganda we see all the time.

      The facts are not those seen in such propaganda. They are far more negative.

      The debate over affirmative action has raged for over four decades, with little give on either side. Most agree that it began as noble effort to jump-start racial integration; many believe it devolved into a patently unfair system of quotas and concealment. Now, with the Supreme Court set to rule on a case that could sharply curtail the use of racial preferences in American universities, law professor Richard Sander and legal journalist Stuart Taylor offer a definitive account of what affirmative action has become, showing that while the objective is laudable, the effects have been anything but.

      That book is nine years old and nothing has changed. Law Schools are producing graduates who fail the Bar exam at high rates.

      Since 1990, passage rates in July have varied widely, spiking as high as 64 percent in 1994. But they have slid steadily in recent years, from 56 percent in 2013, to 49 percent a year after that and 47 percent in 2015. Last year, the passage rate was 44 percent, according to a report by Research Solutions compiled for the Assembly Judiciary Committee, which took testimony on the issue.

      Texas has some data by race, and gender and the results should be expected based on admission standards.


    14. Sgt. Mom Says:

      It’s the Establishment National Media ignoring the elephant in the room, Kirk – not those of us of a cynical bent on observing the situation vis-a-vis the racial aspect of crime over the last decade, or possibly longer. I vaguely remember something in a crime novel – maybe a Raymond Chandler? about a cynical newspaper photog walking away from a bloody multi-victim crime scene in LA (this would have been in the 30s-40s) and someone remarking that there would be no interest in it, since it only involved (insert racially insensitive pejorative here.) The death of that poor little kidlet in Houston dropping out of national media coverage as soon as it was obvious that she had been murdered by a local gang-banger and not a white racist; what could be more desperately cynical? It’s like black lives only matter when they’ve been terminated by a white.

      I do think that because of this, the Covington Catholic thing, the Kavanaugh kerfuffle – that a greater portion of the news-consuming public is now thinking of the Establishment National Media as professional propagandists, rather than as studiously neutral observers.

    15. Trent Telenko Says:

      Sgt Mom,

      This –> Establishment National Media (ENM)

      …is a really useful meme with Paul Bunyan sized legs.

      I am using it from now on, because the Establishment National Media (ENM) has NEVER been “Mainstream.”

    16. Gavin Longmuir Says:

      ENM – Establishment National Media. Double Plus Good! It really wounds the perpetrators too, since most of those aging scribblers of the Hillary! generation imagine they are sticking it to the Man and attacking the Establishment. It will hurt them to realize that (gulp!) they are now the out-of-touch Establishment, stuck in the past. We should remind them every chance we get.

      Affirmative Action — My understanding is it started out as a challenge to all those Democrat-supporting Unions, who did their best to exclude Americans of African heritage. The idea of Affirmative Action was that an employer would make a serious outreach effort to include competent ethnic plumbers, electricians, carpenters, college professors, etc in the job pool. Hence “Affirmative” — the employer would go out and make qualified people aware of job openings and invite applications, to overcome the then-attitude among capable individuals that “So-and-so business never hires Italians” and hence Italians would not bother applying. I imagine most of us would support that kind of Affirmative Action.

      Then unelected Far Left judges legislated from the bench and — in direct contradiction to the plain language of the Constitution — asserted that Affirmative Action required quotas. Proportional outcomes, instead of equal opportunity.

      I look forward to the day when we fire every judge, and replace them with Artificial Intelligence bots which will apply the Laws as written and adhere faithfully to the Constitution without any bias.

    17. Mike K Says:

      Far Left judges legislated from the bench and — in direct contradiction to the plain language of the Constitution — asserted that Affirmative Action required quotas.

      Hubert Humphrey, in the debate over the original affirmative Action bill, said, if it resulted in quotas, he would eat the bill.

      Too bad he didn’t live long enough.

    18. Kirk Parker Says:

      You should rearrange the name you bestow on the press to National Media Establishment; that way you can use the abbreviation NME.

    19. David Foster Says:

      Gavin…”I look forward to the day when we fire every judge, and replace them with Artificial Intelligence bots which will apply the Laws as written and adhere faithfully to the Constitution without any bias”

      That would just transfer the power to the people who code or train the automation…

    20. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Kirk – this way we can phrase it as “NMEs” = as ‘enemies’.

    21. Ocassional Commenter Says:

      “Establishment National Media?” I prefer the LRMC — the Leni Riefenstahl Media Complex, for their ceaseless hagiography of anything Leftist.

    22. Barry Meislin Says:

      Establishment National Echolalic Media Agencies

    23. Gavin Longmuir Says:

      “That [AI judges] would just transfer the power to the people who code or train the automaton…

      Good point! Rather like the way today the power to elect Democrats lies with those who program the voting machines.

      Now I am depressed.

    24. Tom G Says:

      Don’t like ENM – we already have MSM (for MainStream Media) and I think it more important to designate them as Dem Media, since their goal is to make Dems look good, and Reps look bad.

      The bias in the Dem Media is clear from their name. I hope, but doubt, that more independents realize how biased the Dem Media is, not just in this coverage, but in most of their coverage. Most voters get a lot of news and “cultural attitude” from the Dem Media.

      On crime, all conservatives should be repeating – the BIGGEST problem in black neighborhoods is the black on black crime. That’s black behavior, which is criminal, and making other blacks victims.

      The “system” is the black neighborhood system which accepts, and doesn’t even talk about, black on black crime. First we must honestly identify the real problem, before we can solve it.

    25. ErisGuy Says:

      I vaguely remember something in a crime novel – maybe a Raymond Chandler? about a cynical newspaper photog walking away from a bloody multi-victim crime scene in LA (this would have been in the 30s-40s) and someone remarking that there would be no interest in it, since it only involved (insert racially insensitive pejorative here.)

      That’s a fair description of a scene in L.A. Confidential. In the movie a line like that was spoken by Kevin Spacey.

    26. Sgt. Mom Says:

      I don’t doubt it, ErisGuy – but I have never watched L.A. Confidential. Possibly they lifted it from Chandler, as an homage.

    27. Mike K Says:

      Raymond Chandler’s novels are a history of Los Angeles like Dashiell Hammett’s are of San Francisco.

      What is now known as “Malibu” was “Bay City” in Chandler’s stories. There are still a few places in west LA that have “Bay City” in their names.

      The gambling casino in “The Big Sleep” was on Lankersheim Blvd just over the hill toward Burbank.

    28. Stephen St. Onge Says:

              In the Covington Catholic video that’s nearly two hours long, the black guy who does most the talking is “Ephraim Israel.”  The one taking the video is named “Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan.”  You hear his voice frequently, and see him in occasional selfies.

              They are both members of the “House of Israel.”

              Almost all the interaction of BHIs and the rest of the public is by these two guys.  So now you know have their identities.

              We really owe Mr. Banyamyam a debt of thanks for putting that video up, and thus destroying Nathan Phillips.

    29. Exasperated Says:

      Indeed, we do owe a debt to Mr Banyamyam. Without that video, the Covington boys would never been able to mount a defense, and, anyone, who said wait…, there are two sides to any story would have been lynched too.

      Just an FYI, based on material presented on Legal Insurrection, the photo of Nick Sandmann gives the impression that he is taller than he actually is. He was standing on a step when approached by Nathan Phillips. The visual would have been quite different if Nick had been standing at the same level as the activist. It might explain why some viewers were so surprised at how young and vulnerable Nick Sandmann looked in his interview with Savannah Guthrie.

    30. Dan from Madison Says:

      “Chief Reefer Ranger” – I laughed thanks for this.

    31. Sgt. Mom Says:

      I live to serve, Dan!

    32. pst314 Says:

      And we thank you for your service!

    33. Peter A. Taylor Says:

      I still prefer “Boromir media”.

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