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  • Spanking

    Posted by Assistant Village Idiot on February 25th, 2019 (All posts by )

    We spanked.  I think I would spank less if I had to do over. But I have never been persuaded by the assertions of sociologists (one prominent one at UNH) that it was highly damaging.  It is nice to see a researcher who does not start from his field’s usual bias coming up with a different conclusion.  It doesn’t make much difference either way. The usual difficulty with the data is that abusive parents are more often also spankers. That I can believe.  When you take them out of the mix, the behavioral outcomes between children who are spanked and those who are not disappears. I oversimplify, but that’s essentially it.


    2 Responses to “Spanking”

    1. Mike K Says:

      The pediatricians and the CDC are dominated by the left politically.

      It’s no surprise as they are both “helping professions.”The psychiatrists didn’t cover themselves with glory regarding Goldwater and they are trying to repeat with Trump.

      ThE APA was running workshops on how to recover memories until the Gary Ramona case shut off malpractice insurance for “Recovered Memories.”

      The AMA is useless and one step from a criminal conspiracy. I was a delegate until I saw how much those guys win the Boar∂ of Trustees were paying themselves, They teamed up with the Harvard Schools Public Health to screw physicians With the “Resource Based Relative Value Scale.”

    2. Anonymous Says:

      My Dad spanked me on about four occasions.I have specific recollection of them and what I had done. They were all cases of my willful misconduct and repeat offenses. They were not abusive and after my crying was over he always took time to explain calmly why it was necessary given my serious offenses. He never spanked me when he was angry or otherwise emotional. I never doubted he loved me and wanted these to be important life lessons. After my anger at 1) being caught and 2) punished for my offence had subsided, my resulting attitude was to never do anything so stupid again. After the age of about 6 to 8, he never spanked me again. He didn’t have to because I knew he could and would. When I screwed up, his telling me that was more than enough for me to get the message. I loved him deeply, he was my hero and was consistent in his own conduct with the rules and attitudes he held me to. My greatest fear was letting him down and losing his love and respect.

      There is, in my experience as both willful son and father to two willful children, a crucial place for such restrained and lovingly intended physical punishment of children. When done only in cases of serious serial, willful disobedience (as distinct from childish irresponsibility) administered in a measured and calm way, and followed up with a calm discussion of the reasons, it is necessary part of child raising.

      Looking back on my formative childhood, I am convinced that , as imperfect as I am, I’m much blessed for having been raised by my parents who loved me and set and expected high standards of conduct. Just my $.02.


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