Rep. Ocasio Luxury Yacht

Sarah Hoyt:

But we should not treat their instrument, sent forth to try to break our system, as some kind of serious intellectual, or even, as I’ve heard Representative Full Stop called, “energetic and full of potential” or some other idiocy.
We did that with Obama, a man who couldn’t string two words together without a teleprompter, and what did it get us? Nothing. It got the establishment confirmed in their idea that he was “very smart” and “a deep thinker.”
Most of the “intellectual establishment” and the artificers of public discourse are not themselves smart at any level. What they are in fact is good at reading social capital.
[. . .]
Do you like losing the culture? Are you committed to handing future generations to the left by default? Are you absolutely sure the best possible thing would be for the narrative of the left to become universal?
No? Then start making fun of them. Every chance you get, you push their nose in. You make them so ridiculous that even the left is ashamed to count these total idiots in their number.
And frankly, there are few more idiotic than Representative Full Stop.

Well stated and worth reading in full.

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  1. This girl was recruited by the people who run “Democratic Socialists.” They had an open audition and 10,000 people responded. They recruited something like 30 candidates and she was one of a very few that won. Low turnout and long term incumbent who ignored her. She is a bartender, for chrissakes !

    The guy who runs her, the guy with the Chandra Bose tee shirt, is the thinker. He also seems to have raked off a cool million.

    This is a symptom of the current Democrat insanity. The only concern is that this is also an example of the vapidity of college educations these days.

    We now have an entire generation of poorly educated fools in deep debt for college loans. They are in many ways similar to the Depression generation that was susceptible to Fascism and communism because they were hopeless.

    I only hope it does not take a war to end this depression again.

  2. Subhanda Bhose, who was socialist before Indian Vichy. he of course pocketed nearly a million dollars of campaign contributions to his own companies,

  3. Do you think that SA Foxx (and her backers) over reached in Chicago by dropping the charges against Smollett and then disappearing the case files?
    I’m willing to call race baiting hoaxes, “Smolletts”.

  4. Chicago Police today were trying to make an arrest of a black male when they surrounded by an angry (black) crowd.

    They let the guy go. CPD is unwilling to risk arrest and harassment in enforcing laws.

    Anarchy, here we come !

    A Chicago police officer was forced to let a handcuffed drug suspect escape after a group of men surrounded the officer and threatened to kill him if he didn’t let the suspect walk.

    Ten people surrounded me, indicating that they had firearms. And one person pulled him away from me, holding his waist, indicating that he would use a firearm against me,” the officer said over his police radio after the harrowing altercation.

  5. Mike K,
    From what I heard, there were shots fired in the background of the crowd at the time too. Two cops, armed crowd, crowd had already stolen the drugs they had confiscated from the guy they tried to arrest. And the absolute certainty that if they fought back, if they survived the crowd that their own bosses would throw them right back to the crowd.

    It is complicated by the detail that CPD had an off duty cop murdered a short while ago, shot in the back of the head, and the two killers a) are in custody, b) would fit in real well in that armed crowd, and c) the prosecution of them depends on the whims and mood of States Attorney Foxx and all of her political chain of command. Who just let Smollett off because of connections.

    It has been 11 years since I last wore a badge, but I would guess that the mood is a bit . . . testy.

    This is Chicago, so I don’t know if there are many honest cops there at all, but making the assumption there are some; but my guess is that those who are close to retirement will ride it out, burning all their sick leave to lessen their time on the street. I don’t know if CPD can buy time towards retirement, but if they can they will. Some of those with less time on the job will be looking for another job in another city. Those in between are not going to see or do a [series of expletives that won’t match the policy here] thing if they can avoid it.

    Recruiting, by the way, is going to be less than optimal. Chicago is going to end up with too few cops to do anything to protect the city, even if they wanted to. But they are not going to want to. Some fraction will end up as muscle for the political machine. It is going be Caracas on Lake Michigan.

    And the rest of the country should leave them unaided. They voted them in. They keep them in. They deserve what they voted for, good and hard.

    You might be able to tell that I am less than happy about matters in Chicago.

    Subotai Bahadur

  6. – I have read that the Chicago machine has strong ties to street gangs, and always assumed that was just paranoid ravings, but it’s kind of hard to really doubt it anymore.

    – A century ago urban (always Democrat) political machines ran the big cities, but only after one-man one-vote could they run an entire state. And with the push for a national popular vote, they’ll be able to run the country. I don’t think the republic can survive at that point.

    – It’s a good thing the mob didn’t have the ability to say that Hoover was on an anti-Italian crusade, or else they’d still run things.

    – Boy, we sure are lucky that we got as President the one member of the Chicago machine who is pure as the driven snow, huh?

  7. Some of those with less time on the job will be looking for another job in another city.

    I read the second city cop blog and the sentiment is hot. My brother-in-law is a retired cop and we have them in the family.

    There were about 30 CPD officers who shifted to the Fire Department in recent years. The LAPD has populated all the suburban departments in southern California, for similar but less extreme reasons.

    Illinois, not just Chicago, is corrupt. Off course, it is dominated by Cook County and has been for almost 100 years,

  8. Most cops with seniority can and do transfer to safe neighborhoods (there are still a few left). Who can blame them? You can’t drive through Beverly or Jefferson Park without seeing a police car every other block. That’s also where a lot of them live.

    Meanwhile West Garfield Park, where that mob incident occurred, is understaffed by inexperienced officers. Coincidentally, regarding new recruits, the mayor just pushed through a plan for a new $100 million police and fire academy that will be built in West Garfield Park. They could be about to get a lot more inexperienced officers.

    However, the new academy project will likely not survive next week’s mayoral election. Preckwinkle hates the police and would be content to see the gangs take over. Killing any police initiatives will be her first priority as mayor. The other candidate, Lori Lightfoot was head of the police oversight board that has resulted in the current circling-of-the-wagons barracks mentality. I don’t see things getting better with either one of them, but it looks like Lightfoot is going to win.

  9. – “I have read that the Chicago machine has strong ties to street gangs, and always assumed that was just paranoid ravings, but it’s kind of hard to really doubt it anymore.”

    Chicago Talk Radio is full of people who believe that the “Fast and Furious” guns got to the Chicago gangs.
    I don’t know.

  10. Preckwinkle hates the police and would be content to see the gangs take over.

    “prickwinkle” as she is called at Second City Cop blog is way behind so there is some semblance of self awareness among the black voters. There are enough who don’t want the city run by gangs.

  11. I have been monitoring the Second City Cop site for a couple of weeks. It is a window into the politics and legal/law enforcement of Chicago and Illinois that is shocking and mostly rings true.

    There is a public protest against Kim Foxx (aka Crimesha) on April 1st. It will be at the headquarters of the Fraternal Order of Police. The mayoral election is the next day. The city is going after Smollett for $130,000 as costs of the investigation. That was only the overtime costs. I guess that means those detectives, etc. would have been doing nothing without the Smollett’s investigation to entertain themselves so no loss to the city in impact on other actual criminal investigations.

    Some of the aggravating issues in this action is that the community service Smollett did was two days at a gay services NGO and the fact that, unlike other alternatives to prosecution, Smollett was not required to admit guilt and agree to future behavior or service conditions as a part of the deferred adjudication/case dismissal. Given the high rate of police being attacked and killed by fellons on the street (many parolees or on personal recognizance bonds for fellonies) and officer suicide rate this past year, the cops are pretty irate. Blue flu, shunning, on duty protests and “fetal” policing are subjects of discussion. Voter turnout by cops is expected to be high.

    There may be a case for the Feds to look into Crimesha’s role in all of this, in addition to the mail fraud by Smollett.


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