Jesse Jackson Wants to Cut Barack Obama’s Nuts Off

I was amused to read about this comment from Jackson. It was no surprise.

I detest Obama. Worst of all, I think he is essentially unstoppable at this point.

McCain = Dole, pretty much, unfortunately.

This depresses me.

And I suspect Obama will he a horrible president, somewhere on a continuum between Jimmy Carter and Robert Mugabe. Of course, I hope I’m wrong. My fondest hope is that he will be an unprincipled opportunist who shades to the center, instead of to the Left. As a best case scenario, Obama would be more or less Clinton II.

But that seems too good to reasonably hope for.

So, in light of the foregoing, to be fair, I might as well say one, small, favorable thing about Obama.

His mere existence has made the old-time Black political shake-down artists like Jackson and Sharpton, look obsolete, out-of-touch, and — best of all — absurd.

This is no small achievement.

Simple demographic attrition would have done it sooner or later. But better that we rid our public life of such people sooner rather than later.

Obama’s candidacy has made Jackson into a nullity.

Obama has destroyed Jackson.

Good riddance.

That is why Jackson wants to cut Obama’s nuts off.

10 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson Wants to Cut Barack Obama’s Nuts Off”

  1. The single small and flickering ray of light attending an Obama election to the hightest office in the land would be that we would finally never hear another blessed word about how racist and prejudiced American society is.

    I kind of thought we might have heard the last of that when Colin Powell became Chairman of the JCS… oh, well. Hard to beat a convienient meme to death, I guess.

  2. Well Obama has cut Jackson’s metaphorical nuts off so I guess it only far he return the favor.

  3. Oh dear, I wish I could share your optimism, Lex. I very much fear Jackson will see Obama out. Nor do I think President Obama (if!) will change the sophisticated British and European view of America. There will be more of yes, but than there is now. After all, having two successive black Secretaries of State made no difference. I suppose they were under a Republican Administration but still.

  4. “I very much fear Jackson will see Obama out.”

    Oh, he will still be there gesticulating and using long words he cannot pronounce and doesn’t understand.

    But it will be impossible for Jackson to do his schtick effectively any more about how everything is Whitey’s fault, so Whitey has to puke out the dollars, once we have elected a Black president, or even almost done so. That will show, what everybody knows, that Whitey’s purported racism is not the whole reason, and probably not much of the reason anymore, for our “inner city” populations continuing to live in squalor.

  5. I’m just hoping that the Obama inauguration will cause your head to explode, taking out several of your nearest and dearest in the process.

    Metaphorically, I mean. No actual heads were harmed in the construction of this comment, nor is the explosion of any heads actually proposed.

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