Perfect Day

Lex has attempted admirably to try to force my hand as far as popular love songs go. His last post was a very good one, and he has admittedly made me start to unveil some of my aces in the hole. Here is a love song unlike too many others. Perfect Day.

Slow, nice, does he love her? Does she love him?

“You just keep me hanging on”…are they really in love? Is he going to kill himself?

“You made me forget myself. I thought I was someone else, someone good.” I love this line.

Is it two people? Drugs? It is for you to decide. I know my feelings on it. Lou Reed, “Perfect Day”, live.

Touche, Lex, I await your next play.

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  1. It seems to me that I get the “no longer available” message from “you tube” too frequently. I wonder what’s up.

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