Street Games

I don’t imagine that any sentient human of the center-conservative bent has escaped hearing about how a reporter for the centrist-academic website Quilette had the snot beaten out of him in downtown Portland by the black-clad streetfighters who represent themselves to be anti-fascist. Apparently, this was punishment for Andy Ngo daring to report on their unsavory antics and not being in slavish accordance with whatever political delusion the Antifa-ites hold close to what passes for their hearts. For myself, I prefer to call them the Klantifa, as the natural successor to the KKK as the thuggish arm of local Democrat Party government. (They do the dirty work, while the official Party maintains semi-plausible deniability.)
The Klantifa appear mostly to be a bunch of pasty-faced, dread-locked inhabitants of their parents’ basements with a taste for public live-action role-playing, combined with delusions of street-fighting adequacy whenever they outnumber their targeted opponent at least five to one.

It has been noted frequently that the Klantifa members seem curiously reluctant to take their activist show on the road to places deep in Flyoverlandia; to LARP in localities where the PD doesn’t tacitly have their back, where anti-KKK laws forbid being masked at a political protest, or where local citizens are liable to respond with heavy-caliber civility in self-defense upon being attacked by a parcel of black-clad and masked rogues. Frankly, I’m so much past the point of patience with these morons that I wish they would get the fight they are so steaming for, perhaps with a particularly violent motorcycle gang; get their clocks cleaned with such brutality that the brighter ones (there are some brighter Klantifa members, surely?) would realize that extreme street violence is an equal-opportunity tactic, and moreover, is not a thermostat-controlled thing in Jacksonian America. That is, it isn’t a thing that can be dialed up or down in increments; it’s an off-on switch and willfully turning that switch to “on” … let’s just say that the results are usually indexed in the history books under the heading of “interesting times.” I myself would prefer to live in uninteresting times, but increasingly it looks like I haven’t had much of a choice about the matter … so, go on, Klantifa; keep tugging on Superman’s cape, spitting into the wind, and pulling the mask off that ol’ Lone Ranger. I’ll be right over here, munching popcorn and regarding the posted videos with appreciate interest.

Meanwhile, the Dem rep from Florida, Frederica Wilson, she of a mush-filled brain-pan usually covered with outlandishly bedazzled cowboy hats, is wildly indignant at having herself and her legislative peers being made fun of by the lesser orders. Quoth the good representative in a press conference this week,

“Those people who are online making fun of members of Congress are a disgrace and there is no need for anyone to think that is unacceptable …We are going to shut them down and work with whoever it is to shut them down, and they should be prosecuted.”

How terribly un-American of her; we’ve gotten on for a couple of hundred years poking fun at our various governing bodies, and why Rep. Wilson should now suddenly think that she is royalty and above being made fun of … really, at least the real royals wear much more tasteful hats. I’m on-line and making fun of you, dearie, so give it your best shot.
Any thoughts? Gibes? Suggestions? We’re Americans, dammit – we live to poke fun at those who think themselves a superior class.

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  1. Am I being sexist in thinking that there seem to be a disproportionate number of female Congresscritters who have a propensity for making brain-dead statements? Not just Frederica Wilson from Miami, but Omar in Minnesota, AOC in da Bronx, Maxine Waters in LA..Or are these better labeled as stupid progressive statements from people who just happen to be of the female persuasion? Part of the problem, I suspect, is that as the above tend to come from safe districts, they never suffer consequences from saying something stupid, so they keep running off at the mouth. They could get elected by reading a local phone directory for campaign speeches. Slow Joe Biden has certainly put his foot in his mouth many a time for many decades

    Dubya, who got a lot of bad press for his lack of eloquence, comes across as a Demosthenes compared to the above.

  2. I think that those who are elected from “safe” districts – male and female alike – have the capacity for making brain-dead statements, Gringo. Look at Hank Johnson, who worried about Guam turning topsy-turvy over too many US personnel being stationed there. It’s just that idiots like AoC and Frederica Wilson and Mad Maxine are more constant and visible in their idiocy.

  3. There are safe districts and then there are safe districts. We all know about the low quality of the voters in her district.

  4. There are very few carjackings in Arizona and Texas. Many drivers are armed. On case that amused me was in Texas where a hapless carjacker tried four cars and found every driver armed. One exception was a foolish leftist Mayor of Tucson who was carjacked in front of his house last years. The thief might have been assured that the Mayor would not have a gun.

  5. Sarge, watch Washington, DC on the 6th. Klantifa [I just may steal that] have been bragging online and and on posters in town that they will be attacking a demonstration there with chemical weapons. I think this is a deliberate breach of operational security and they realize that a) the demonstrators they plan to attack will probably be armed and they may have a chance to create a Horst Wessel martyr, and b) they can use that for political purposes for the Democrat-Socialists who are their masters. Whoever gives armed resistance will end up killed or captured, arrested, and killed.

    Any effort to deter them probably should be out of FM 90-10 at longer range.

    Subotai Bahadur

  6. Forgot to mention above that the Klantifa will be operating with the full protection of the DC PD.

    Subotai Bahadur

  7. I wonder about the morale of Police Officers in places like Portland and the Swamp. In every profession, there are good guys and bad guys and guys who are just trying not to make waves. But surely there must be a substantial number of officers in places like the aforementioned who did not join the police simply so they could stand aside with holstered weapons wearing heavy gear while punks beat up helpless citizens in front of them?

    I wonder about what happens when the unity of the police squad eventually breaks.

  8. You can rest assured, no matter the provocation, if anyone on the Right responds to violence with violence, the media will report only the violence of the Right.

    The only way to embarrass the f*** out of these shitheads is to go in pairs+, one+ ready for violence, one quietly (not visibly) able to record the provocations that lead to the violence of the Right.

    Then go so public with the videos AFTER they commit themselves to the story, so that they have to backpedal rapidly on their mislitany.

    And it’s going to take work to break through the new “protection” that FB and Youtube are offering to such visual facts. Count on that, too.

    As someone here (IIRC), we are in the middle of a Cold Civil War.

    God help all of humanity if we lose. A truly fascist America would be the worst kind of disaster.

  9. DOH!!!

    As someone here (IIRC), we are in the middle of a Cold Civil War.

    As someone here (IIRC) NOTED, we are in the middle of a Cold Civil War.

  10. I think a platoon of Marines could do the job nicely and give these turds what they so richly deserve.

  11. > (there are some brighter Klantifa members, surely?)

    “Intelligence” and “dumbass” as separate characteristics, which can be held in varying amounts by the same individual.

    You have to have a lot of dumbass to be associated with the antifa in the first place…

  12. Gotta differ with you there, Sgt. Mom, when you talk about “antifa streetfighters.”
    Not a single one of them will stand up, one on one, with a random adult male.
    They are strictly mob-cowards, strike from behind types.

    One comment here suggested embarrassing antifa and media. Both are so utterly shameless that no such effort will ever work.

    INSTEAD – do the pair strategy, one as bait, the other as hammer. Then every time antifa thinks they spot a wounded gazelle, they’ll have to watch for the nearby lion (hooded, masked just like them). Who cares what lies media spreads thereafter?
    The only thing the left understands is pain. As the otherwise-failed community organizer said “Punch back twice as hard.”

  13. I prefer Black Shirts, harking back to the Brown Shirts of yesteryear. Either way, they function the same.


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