New Bloomberg Ad Buy in Wisconsin

As reported here a month or so ago, we are getting absolutely deluged with Bloomberg ads (and not a one from any other candidate) here in Wisconsin. There has been a slight tack in course however, as Bloomberg is now bringing Obama into the picture. Here is the ad they are currently running here behind the cheddar curtain:

That isn’t too bad of an ad, for the primary, but does this mean he is admitting he has no chance in the general, if he would end up the candidate?

I have to admit, I will probably cross over and vote for Bloomberg in the primary, as he appears to be the least insane of the dem candidates, from what I can tell. In Wisconsin, you are allowed to choose what primary you vote in, no questions asked.

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  1. He’s not in it to win. He’s in it to prevent Bernie from getting the nomination.
    (Biden wasn’t really in it to win either. He just needed to be a candidate to try to save his son’s–and his own–neck.)
    One tiny benefit to living in a deep blue state with no influence on the nomination is I don’t have to see any commercials.

  2. has a good article recently contending that Bloomberg’s real goal is a takeover of the Dem party. Seems plausible to me. He has several thousands of staff on lavish contracts through November.

  3. I dunno either. But to have one of the two major political parties “owe you” seems like it would be worth an awful lot. To your ego, if not necessarily to your pocketbook. And it sure seems like that tiny dude has a monstrously large ego.
    Bernie would be a (Eugene) McCarthy level disaster for the Dems. None of the other candidates look like they can possibly win either. Hence all the speculation about an American Evita being nominated at a brokered convention–avoiding all that nasty campaigning through the primary season, etc. Clearly it’s all too cute, and will never work in the real world, but the Dems have been living in fantasy land for the last several years.

  4. “I will probably cross over and vote for Bloomberg in the primary…least insane…”

    I dunno Dan, but if you voted for him and then he went all the way (anything can happen in the end) you’d have a party become more powerful that had (according to sankhead, James Carville) a group that was 18% crazy leftist – and that 18% is most influential. It might be most beneficial to vote for Bernie and let the true nature of the party out.


  5. Oh, Bernie is the poison pill for the Dems, definitely. It would be amusing, seeing him with the nom, and crashing the Dem party like the Titanic into the iceberg. A senile old Commie, who never made a living until he went into politics, trying to parlay his commie campus credentials onto the nationwide stage? Watching the national news establishment trying to carry his baggage over the finish line … yeah, that would be funny as hell. How many of the traditional Dem polity will vote for him; among the blue collar, middle class, working people? Well, enough of them voted for Obama, so there is always that.
    I do wonder if Bloomberg is positioning himself to ride in as the savior of all – and that is what Bloomberg’s long game is; a much more acceptable candidate to the Dem Party inner circle. With the least bothersome of the current circle as his VP.

  6. “I will probably cross over and vote for Bloomberg in the primary”

    His ads are working on you.

  7. The biggest question with Bloomberg is why does he want to be President; doesn’t he have any hobbies? The exact same question can and should be asked about Trump. Then we have to ask: Do we want the Presidency to become a prize handed to the richest person that wants it?

    At this point, I am in agreement with most of what Trump wants to do. I am violently opposed to most of what Bloomberg wants when he condescends to make any policy pronouncements, although he seems inclined to believe that his transcendence is so apparent that there should be no questions at all. He intends to buy the Presidency the same way he bought his last jet. The only way I would support him is as a third party candidate since I’m pretty sure he would sink the Democrat clown, whoever it is, without a trace without standing a chance himself.

    In all the commentary about the supposed debacle in Iowa, I haven’t seen any discussion that the “app” that was supposed to generate transparency may have done exactly that. That the Iowa Caucus has always been a goat rodeo, successfully heretofore, hidden from the prying eyes of the rubes. At the very least, a complicated process, supervised by volunteers only every two to four years is a recipe for chaos.

  8. Trump sunk $66 million of his own money into his entire ’16 candidacy; Bloomberg’s at $250 million now, before Super Tuesday. But Hillary outspent Trump almost two-to-one. Money can clinch a primary but doesn’t assure victory in the general.

  9. The Dems are hosed. They should just let Bernie have his shot (although why they allow a non-Democrat to run for their nomination is beyond me), and take the massive hit and then plan to recoup their losses in 2022.
    You think their far left wing is going to vote for a guy who ran for NYC mayor as a Republican, supported the Iraq War, endorsed W over Kerry in 2004, and is known for things like stop-and-frisk and various anti-teacher’s-union moves while in office? Of course not.
    He has no chance, and despite his massive ego, he must know it. He’s running to allow the party establishment to have a chance to stop Bernie. I think in the end they’re going to blink, though, and see that showing their crazy base that running as open socialists isn’t a winning solution, at least not nationally, is their least bad option.

  10. I don’t have a TV to watch the Madison stations, but I sometimes get YouTube music running. Most of the YouTube campaign ads have been Bernie asking for my signature on something I always manage to mute in time. (I mute ads.)

  11. Just for what it’s worth and because one will never hear it elsewhere; I’d like to vote for a candidate that would encourage healthcare to move into the direction of being a free-market system.


  12. Done in one! Trump has already pushed for open pricing for hospital procedures. This one trick would do more than anything else I can name.

  13. Open pricing doesn’t matter if you’re not the one paying.
    The obvious solution is to stop encouraging/forcing employers to pay for insurance. Heck, even just forcing them to list on your paycheck how much your employer is paying for your “free” health care would be transformative.
    But the main obstacle to overcome is decades of anti-insurance agitation, and the fact that most people at this point don’t want insurance, they just want someone else to pay for their health care.

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