Doing the Dirty Work, As Predicted

The MSM has openly joined one side of this election.

They have openly chosen to do the dirty work to protect their anointed candidate, His Holiness Messiah Barack I.

I said that they would mobilize to destroy Gov. Palin.

This piece shows that the MSM is doing the opposition research that the Obama campaign — that sole demonstration of Sen. Obama’s executive competence — should have done months ago, when it was clear to anyone paying attention that Gov. Palin was a VP prospect. this radio interview gives a flavor of the “circus” going on in Wasilla, Alaska right now. Very much worth listening to.

This is the stuff that opposition researchers usually do. I would expect the Obama campaign and the DNC to go after the personal records of Palin’s family and friends like this, but the media? Did they go after Barack Obama this thoroughly on personal history?

Or even better — remember Geraldine Ferraro? She was treated like a princess. Why didn’t the news media swarm into her neighborhood digging hard to find out about her husband’s mob connections? Why was Ms. Ferraro not treated as an enemy combatant? Easy. She was a liberal Democrat. She fit the MSM’s narrative about what a woman politician looks like, what she thinks and says. Anyone who defies that stereotype is a threat that has to be destroyed.

May they all get frostbite in Alaska.

11 thoughts on “Doing the Dirty Work, As Predicted”

  1. Vile, but what is amazing is that everyone (certainly judging by polls) knows they’re in the tank for him, and everyone knows they’re trying feverishly to do in Governor Palin, and certainly they can’t be ignorant of the fact that people can see them at their dirty work, and yet – they charge forward undeterred, not even making the slightest gesture to cover their tracks.

    Is this because they have collectively lost their minds and can no longer rationally consider the consequences of the things they do, or that they are so drunk on their political passion, arrogance and contempt for flyover people, that they just don’t care or believe they can get away with it? Or what? It is supremely weird, what we are seeing going down, in addition to ugly and outrageous.

    They all deserve to lose their jobs and be put out on the street.

  2. “everyone (certainly judging by polls) knows they’re in the tank for him”

    Undecided voters do not follow politics. They don’t “know”. They will be making decisions based on fleeting stimuli.

    “…they have collectively lost their minds…or …so drunk on their political passion…[they] believe they can get away with it.”

    It is partly a matter of political passion, partly a result of only meeting, knowing and respecting people who think exactly like themselves. And, of course, viewing the vast majority of Americans as ignorant cattle.

  3. “Did they go after Barack Obama this thoroughly on personal history?”

    I hope that some Chicagoboy who is in Chicago can buzz by the UIC library and get a picture of the hordes of media people going through the archives of the Chicago Annenberg challenge.

  4. I agree with Robert Schwartz, we’ve haven’t seen anything like the intense media coverage of Obama’s past. As far as I can tell, no one in the media, with the exception of Kurtz, has even tried to look at the Annenberg challenge papers. Can you imagine such a treasure trove going unexamined in the case of a rightwing candidate.

  5. Yeah, and Kurtz is getting all kinds of vilification for even asking questions.

    The MSM is not only doing oppo research, it is maintaining a blackout on anything about the Messiah.

    The folks in Alaska are going to hit dry holes, anyway. Palin has been “vetted” by two bare knuckle campaigns. Any serious dirt would have come out.

  6. Kurtz pointed out that when Ayers and Obama were on its board, the Chicago Annenberg operation gave grants to numerous groups whose names suggested that they were leftist activists, while denying grants to groups with names like “Mathematics Competency Initiative” (I am paraphrasing from memory) that appeared to be serious about education. I assume that if Palin had been on a local Annenberg Challenge board the media would by now have pored over the grant applications, would probably have sought detailed information about, and interviews from, every applicant, and would certainly have raised questions about any applicant who appeared to be flaky or right-wing or otherwise embarrassing to Palin.

  7. Regarding the thoroughness of the media and Obama – I’m still waiting to see any of Obama’s actual, live, friends on TV. The only relatives we get are in huts in Kenya.

    Is this really possible that the dude has no actual friendships beyond ex-friend Rev. Jeremiah Wright and apparently still friend at arms length, Bill Ayers?

    Or is the media just not trying ?

  8. I love the predictability: First,
    “Drawing on that experience, Mr. Obama, the Democratic nominee for president, is campaigning on an ambitious plan that promises $18 billion a year in new federal spending on early childhood classes, teacher recruitment, performance pay and dozens of other initiatives.”

    The experience was merely with millions and “didn’t make a dent”, indeed, made little difference is another way it is described in this article in which the author seems to be trying to spin as hard as he can while still acknowledging the basic futility of Obama’s work.

  9. I know for sure the MSM has a definite liberal bias because Fox News, George Will, The Washington Times, Rush Limbaugh, William Safire, Pat Buchannan, the Heritage Foundation, Ann Coulter, The Wall Street Journal, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Clear Channel Communications, Michael Savage, the American Enterprise Institute, Tony Blankley, National Review, William F. Buckley,, Charles Krauthammer, Cal Thomas, Laura Ingram, Chris Wallace, Joe Scarborough, The Chicago Tribune, Matt Drudge, Fred Barnes, Tony Snow, Howard Kurtz, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, the Hoover Institute, Dennis Prager, The New York Post, Bill Bennett, The Weekly Standard, Michelle Malkin, John McLaughlin, American Spectator, David Brooks, WorldNetDaily, Neil Cavuto, Cokie Roberts, Brit Hume, Robert Novak,, James Kilpatrick, the Cato Institute, and Michael Reagan told me.

  10. Sean, I don’t suppose the fact that you can rattle off a nearly completely comprehensive list tells you anything?

    Don’t try to list the left leaning media individuals and organizations, you will be here all night and well into the morning.

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