Arms and White Samite

Frequent commenter at my site, Grimbeorn of Grim’s Hall, has had his novel come out, Arms and White Samite. We have both the Kindle and paperback versions in our cart, debating which we shall order. He is an interesting cat, for those who like variety: Army Ranger in both Iraq Wars who used his GI benefits to get a degree in philosophy. Long-bearded motorcyclist and Catholic convert. Georgia Democrat who eventually had to resign as they left him (echoing Reagan), between the last hurrahs of Zell Miller, then Jim Webb. Arthurian stories seem to be his first love.

2 thoughts on “Arms and White Samite”

  1. Thou therefore take my brand Excalibur,
    Which was my pride: for thou rememberest how
    In those old days, one summer noon, an arm
    Rose up from out the bosom of the lake,
    Clothed in white samite, mystic, wonderful,
    Holding the sword—and how I row’d across
    And took it, and have worn it, like a king:
    And, wheresoever I am sung or told
    In aftertime, this also shall be known:
    But now delay not: take Excalibur,
    And fling him far into the middle mere:
    Watch what thou seëst, and lightly bring me word.”

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