Good Idea, Wrong Place to Advertise It

This morning on the radio I heard a promotional advertisement for Feed the Pig.  I have heard things about this site before and decided to check it out.  It is outstanding.  They have calendars so you can see ways to save money throughout the year, and there are many tips on how to pinch pennies.

Basically the concept is to teach people how to save, knock down their debt, and generally help them to not waste money (things that many modern day Americans are horrible at).  I can’t really see a downside to this.  The site is sponsored by the American Institute of CPAs.  I am not sure why they put up the site, but I wholeheartedly support it.

I give the site a big thumbs up, but think I will give their choice of advertising venues a small thumbs down.  I was reminded this morning of Feed the Pig while listening to Bloomberg Radio on XM on the way in to work, getting my business news for the day. 

**Quick aside:  I have three choices of business news to pick from on XM:  Fox Business, CNBC and Bloomberg.  I choose Bloomberg because it is just the facts, with interviews sprinkled in – and the interviews are with interesting and smart people.  In addition, the interviews are always respectful and low key even if people are disagreeing, unlike some of the other places where there are a bunch of idiots yelling and screaming at each other.  In other words, Bloomberg Radio seems more professional to me.**

I really don’t think that anyone who seeks out Bloomberg Radio doesn’t understand the simple concepts of saving and debt that Feed the Pig is trying to teach.  I just think that these are wasted advertising dollars.  A better target IMHO would be radio stations, magazines or TV networks that reach places where the people are perhaps not educated or are unaware of the concepts that Feed the Pig is educating people on.

It is almost like putting ads up for scrap booking during an NFL football game.  Not the right demographic.

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1 thought on “Good Idea, Wrong Place to Advertise It”

  1. I glanced at the site. I think I’ve seen it before. I agree, it’s mainly for the clueless types voting for Obama (and yes, redneck yokels voting for McCain), not the sort who’d be listening to Bloomberg News.

    Just looking at their 10 tips at the beginning, about 6-7 of them are bloody “duh” obvious. 1, maybe 2 are slightly more subtle.

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