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  • Kids These Days

    Posted by David Foster on August 11th, 2020 (All posts by )

    ‘these days’ being 1896….here is a film taken by the Lumiere Brothers, enhanced for higher resolution and interpolated for a faster frame rate.

    There is also a colorized version, which is very cool, although the actual colors could of course only be guessed.


    4 Responses to “Kids These Days”

    1. PenGun Says:

      Nice, I love those old restorations. Here is one from 1902:

    2. Bill Brandt Says:

      Those restorations are amazing! Here is one that had me mesmerized – was it posted here? But the lost film of George Stevens – his private 16mm camera – in immediate post war Germany. Wouldn’t surprise me if you introduced it to me, David. My memory ain’t what it used to me.

    3. David Foster Says:

      No, ’twas not I…never seen these before. Definitely worth watching.

      Bill, do you know if there were colorized or were they originally shot in color?…I’m guessing it’s the former, 1940s colors were generally a little more washed-out.

    4. David Foster Says:

      …oh…it says right in the subtitle that it was indeed shot in color.