“Buying Fire Insurance From An Arsonist”

In a recent Chicagoboyz post by David Foster we discussed whether the Democrats really understand the importance of small businesses to the economy.

There’s a great comment by Carl Pham in a discussion on Rand Simberg’s blog that puts the issue into broader perspective:

…The government should do whatever it is that makes new jobs more plentiful, whatever increases the salaries offered to new hires, whatever makes people running companies (or about to start companies) decide to take on more people and pay out more salaries.
And what do you suppose is the exact opposite of that policy? You guessed it, raising taxes, particularly raising taxes on higher income people (those with capital to invest in paying salaries) or on businesses (duh). We’ve known this since FDR fucked up the economy and prolonged the Depression by (modern economists estimate) nearly seven long years.
Obama and his party are not stupid, of course. They know this very well. So why go down that path? Because they’re not interested in a recovered economy. They’re not interested in a booming private sector, with lots of great high-paying jobs. That doesn’t help Democrats keep power, does it? That doesn’t make people want to vote the Federal government more and more control over the economy, let the Democrat civil servants hire more and more assistants for a bigger and bigger “helping” bureaucracy, does it? What brings Democrats to power, and keeps them in power, is an anemic economy, despair everywhere, no jobs, and people so desperate they’ll swallow their pride and take a government hand-out to survive. So that’s what they’d like to see. They’re not economic idiots. They just have different goals than most of us, and those goals do not include having us not need them.
You’re buying fire insurance from an arsonist, my friend.

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  1. “buying fire insurance from an arsonist”

    Hmmm, have you ever read Biederman and the Arsonists by Max Frisch? Mr and Mrs Respectable allow arsonists to torch their home (and city) because they’re afraid of being called “narrow-minded” or guilty of “pre-judging” people. Grimly hilarious.

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