14 thoughts on “Guaraná”

  1. I dunno…I’m sure its a good drink whatever it is..but my gaze naturally keeps locking on that blurry sandwich/wrap/gyro in the background….

  2. The very occasional Brazilian student who would be willing to burn the midnight oil would mix guarana extract with large doses of expresso and get an extra boost for the go. Power drinks have coppied that apparently.

  3. Its a soft drink, close to Dr. Pepper but less carbonated (at least to me). Its flavored by, you guessed it, the guarana berry.

  4. I tried it because I didn’t know what it was. Drank it straight from the can and didn’t see what it looked like. It tasted a bit like ginger ale, though I may have been influenced by the color of the can. I looked it up later and was surprised to learn about its supposed high caffeine content. I didn’t notice any stimulant effect. I prefer Vimto.

  5. Jerry – he won’t (if you disclose that cashasa is a hard liquor).
    I did – and love it. Can’t decide which I like more – mojito or caipirinha.

  6. I used to buy a 24-case a week of the stuff from my local Latino Market. Sadly, I’ve sworn off caffeine. Man I love that drink.

  7. I was told that ‘Caipira’ is Brasilian slang for what we refer to as a ‘hick’ or a ‘redneck’ here in the US. So the drink, caipirinha is a basic, strong drink made from inexpensive local liquor, cachaca.
    Cachasa is pretty bad by itself, along the lines of cheap tequila or grappa.

  8. Jerry – Cachaca, like tequila or grappa, comes in different qualities and prices. You can find cachaca as expensive (and pleasant) as a good bottle of Bulleit.

  9. Jerry – Furthermore, a more precise translation of “caipirinha” would be a “Daisy Duke”. Because it is sweet but can still drive you under the table. You know what I mean.

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