15 thoughts on “Welcome Wagon – Progress Note I”

  1. Please excuse me if this has been discussed in previous posts, but I’m wondering if there is any trademark issue with using the name “welcome wagon”.

    The old “Welcome Wagon” people ceased their home visits by hosts or hostesses in ’98, however the company still exists doing direct mail of coupons and discount offers for newly moved people.

    I note that they renewed the trademark in April 2020

  2. Douglas2,
    I’m pretty sure no one has brought it up and it’s a good one, though secondary since the actual name for this enterprise is probably the easiest detail to work out.

    It does bring up a point that I have been considering since the first post. Welcome Wagon 1.0, if you will, was a cheerfully mercenary, purely commercial undertaking with no political agenda apparent. This incarnation has to fall under the category of political indoctrination. I agree with the underlying politics and implicitly trust the motivations of those that are advocating it. Yet that fact remains.

    There are very faint divisions between political advocacy, political indoctrination and political intimidation. Moreover, they exist exclusively in the minds of those receiving this guidance. I don’t see how you would be able to remain always on the desired side.

    The “other” side has left indoctrination to the schools and is in the process of discarding intimidation for outright coercion. I just don’t see this as being an effective resistance. I’m afraid that point has passed.

  3. Well get to it. Pitter patter as they say on Letterkenny. At least put up an explanation and a plan for things to come. You don’t need the nbsp if there is nothing more, although a script might put one there.

  4. Thanks, it’s all clear to me now.

    When contemplating web programming, it’s important to keep in mind that some one near the beginning thought flashing text was necessary.

  5. When we had to build our own network monitors out of HTML, flashing was useful to highlight problems. That may be part of the reason it was even included. Its mostly gone now, some browsers won’t use the tag, but you can make stuff do that, with a nice level of control, using CSS. ;)

  6. Douglas2 – Glenn Reynolds has been using the Welcome Wagon label for five years without trouble to describe the generic process. When we’ve progressed to a point where we need an actual domain, the trademark issue might be worth worrying about. If you’d like to suggest a name, or even better reserve a domain, I would welcome it. I’m deviating from Glenn’s original as little as possible for now.

    MCS – The bit about Chesterton’s fence is important to successful messaging for this. We’re not looking to indoctrinate people into Stepford wives’ style conformity. That’ll never work. But knowing the area, understanding the history, and getting connected to local society are all valuable things that transplants mostly lack when they arrive. Providing an easy way to integrate and fit in enables new arrivals to more effectively stand out.

  7. So how exactly are you going to fill this empty space? You have a bit of a history of talking a great game, but not producing much. Someone will have to write a bit of code to make that work, you can’t afford me, and the pros don’t come cheap. I would help _you_ do it though. ;)

  8. “Someone will have to write a bit of code to make that work, you can’t afford me”
    LOL. Perhaps the funniest thing penny’s ever posted. If you’re gonna post stuff like that, you should take that link to your page off your name, dude.

  9. “you should take that link to your page off your name”

    Why? Its a simple CSS site for my photographs. I wrote it by hand for fun. I was a backend guy and made stuff work, you need a setup that takes in stuff, uploads, grabs data inputs etc etc, and does something with it like a nice database to feed and use. I’m your guy. My frontend stuff is not great as I never cared much about appearance.

  10. Yes, penny: “There’s nothing really there at the moment (thus, stub site)”
    I have no idea why you aren’t banned, you add nothing but space that has to be scrolled over.

  11. “There’s nothing really there at the moment (thus, stub site)”

    That’s all there is, stubs. Thats what the Latin is and the only thing that works is the blogspot page. He has talked about doing stuff for a very long time and nothing has happened. Just pointing out the facts here, feel free to delete me anytime you want.

  12. }}} I have no idea why you aren’t banned, you add nothing but space that has to be scrolled over.

    Every village needs an idiot? He’s ours?


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