Worthwhile Reading and Viewing

It’s been a while since I posted a link collection, so here are quite a few…

The highest-resolution snowflake photos ever captured.  

The real kind of snowflakes, not the metaphorical kind.

Stella’s best leaf jumps of all time.

A lot of enthusiasm

Spot, the Robot Dog, goes to work on an oil rig.

Bet Spot can’t do what Stella can do.

The recent discussion of port congestion reminded me of this very interesting website, which shows the world’s maritime traffic in real time or very close to same.

And on a more somber note:  November 10 marked the 45th anniversary of the Great Lakes ore carrier Edmund Fitzgerald, an event memorialized in song by Gordon Lightfoot.

Still on the subject of transportation: the implementation of Positive Traffic Control for US railroads, which has been a huge and complex project, is almost complete.

I’m not sure that this mandate really represented the best possible safety-return-on-investment for the money expended.

Turkish trash collectors built a library for abandoned books.

Visiting cards and actual visits, as a Facebook equivalent in 1800s Russia.

Reminds me of a passage in one of Fielding’s novels, in which a woman takes great pleasure in going through the visiting cards of people who called on her, which made me immediately think of like-collecting of Facebook.





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