Let’s Misbehave

Sexy women – I mean really sexy women, don’t need to act like hookers/strippers and don’t necessarily need to run around like tramps showing off all of their assets to everyone.  Witness.

Good lip synching too!

14 thoughts on “Let’s Misbehave”

  1. “Don’t” act like hookers? With all that winking, shoulder twisting and hair twirling? Dunno, Dan, just dunno…

    Btw, about that hair: quite the opposite effect to the really sexy women she tried to imitate with that “hair release” trick. Doesn’t quite work with unwashed, badly died and perm-damaged “locks”. Somebody gotta tell her.

  2. There is nothing so sexy as a woman in throes of enjoying herself and her life. The sexiest women are those who seem to inherently understand that life is short, you only get one and there’s no sense in wasting time being anything other than excitedly blissful.

    All of this on display here. It’s in the eyes.

  3. She seems to be singing along with the record. She seems to have turned down the vocal channel. The arrangements sound original, not karaoke. If you listen to a few of them, it is clear she is singing. She’s a pretty good singer.

  4. Yeah, going natural suits her better.
    When she learns what to do with her hands and stop behaving like a cheap “come-hither” port streetwalker, she might have a chance.

  5. Tatyana, Let’s Misbehave calls for a bit of vamping don’t you think? I believe it’s called showmanship.

  6. Mishu – true; it’s just what you call “vamping” is present not only in Let’s Misbehave, but in every song she attempts. Mambo, for instance – winks and shoulder action, again (thankfully, no hair twirling, due to a better wig)

    It all depends on a reference point, I guess. She’s a far cry from Britney and Beyonce. But the singers/showgirls she’s trying to imitate at their time were considered borderline whores – “risque”, at the very least. Also, I read this type of acting a bit differently then men do. To me, it says: “I’m easy and eager to please. I’ll pretend to be stupid for your gratification – come and get me”. Not “a woman in throes of enjoying herself and her life”, and not “excitedly blissful”.

  7. Well, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I find her really charming and partially because she just seems happy. She may or may not be a lot of fun – but she sure looks it. And she has that wonderful laugh that reminds me of Dolly Parton – someone else that sure seems to get a kick out of life.

    I would say that Dan’s introduction is likely to put off women a bit. That is, my whole life I’ve heard man after man say they like “natural” women, that women shouldn’t wear “all that makeup,” etc. However, the first woman that comes into the room with much but well-applied make up, who has carefully chosen how she intends to present herself – from stylish hair cut to expensive shoes – will find the men in the room slowly grativating to her. Here, she is certainly “showing off her assets” and playing to the crowd – but, you know, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Men think they are wise becaues they reject the woman with poorly applied make-up and prefer the “natural” – but elegance, preparation, and a lot of hard work goes into looking “natural.”

  8. Interesting comments. My intro was merely to make a point that it isn’t always “skin to win” in my book. I found Ysabella sexy in a fresh, different way. Much better than seeing most of the current popular half naked women gyrating on stage, who couldn’t sing their way out of a paper bag to boot.

  9. “However, the first woman that comes into the room with much but well-applied make up, ….”

    Yeah, guilty here, Ginny. I can’t recognize the same ladies that I’ve met before when I see them without their make-up. And I have been amazed to see a rather “plain” friend I know become a raving beauty after applying the stuff. It truly makes me feel simple.

  10. I have a neighbor who, at the bus stop, wears a scraggly ponytail, no makeup, glasses (pretty cool glasses, I admit), and sweats. Then she comes to a party. And MAN, does she clean up! She’s a knockout when she wants to be.

    Now, admittedly as a woman myself and definitely at the hetero end of the spectrum, I may be a poor judge… but I think my friend comes off as even more attractive because everyone’s seen her in her low-effort guise. It’s as if she’s hiding something – something she only gets out for special occasions. I wish I could pull it off as well as she does!

    I also had a whole little circle of friends who had what they called “nine o’clock names”: exotic and different names from their own that they busted out when night fell, and that freed them from their daytime selves. Worked like a charm for them. Of course, we were all single and child-free back then; I don’t know if a mom of three ought to relax her inhibitions too much, even if the kids are in bed.

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