Lisa Marr‘s first band was the unspeakably good all-girl “cuddlecore” band Cub.

Some devoted fan has put up a MySpace page.

There are six songs on there.

“Secret Nothing”, “Someday”, “New York City”, “Everything’s Geometry”, “Pillow Queen” and “Magic 8 Ball”.

In my current intoxicated state (drunkblogging!) I can only say these songs give me intense happiness.

Your results may differ.

These songs are all part of my internal architecture at this point, I have listened to them so many times.

If I must pick one, I would say, listen to “Everything’s Geometry”. “A plot of land and two shovels, we could dig a grave … .”

Sad and happy at the same time? The back-alleys of the human heart, how odd they are, how inexplicable the twists and turns, how closely the artist has mirrored and echoed our own half-regretted paths … .

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