“You Play with My World Like it’s Your Little Toy”

Watching a series of European bureaucrats…pompous, arrogant, and extremely unattractive European bureaucrats…asserting the need for a global ‘great reset’, I was reminded of the above line from Bob Dylan’s song.

In America, too, of course, we have politicians and bureaucrats demanding a Great Reset.  And Dylan’s song, of course, was directed at armaments manufacturers, not at world-resetting politicians and their operatives. Nevertheless, I think the phrase captures well the arrogance of those who believe they have the knowledge, insight, and authority to reorganize the lives of everyone on the planet.  And in their view of things, there isn’t any ‘my world’ for the individual; there is no sphere of individual autonomy and agency which is not to be made available for their interference.  It’s all their world.

In 1931, a book titled The Conscription of a People was published by Katherine, Duchess of Atholl.  It was “a blistering, well-documented indictment of the savage collectivization of life in the Soviet Union.”

The title of the book provides a perfect description of the worldview of the Resetters.  The entire population is to be drafted into an army, assigned to whatever battles and tasks their rulers..far beyond their ability to influence..think most fitting.


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  1. This whole “Great Reset” thing really is bizarre. I’m still perhaps delusionally confident that most Americans do not in fact want to be substantially poorer than they’ve been previously…

  2. What a wonderful title, in this time of Biden.
    Traditionally American leaders did not require people to drill, to weld the pipeline together, to start a business, to start a private school, to respect others, to live – figuratively & literally. Negative rights don’t require a reset because with them we are always resetting because we’re living, growing, making.

  3. Do Canadians only think in terms of first or what seem the most literal meanings? That doesn’t seem true of other Canadians who seem to handle the complexity of our mutual language in a quite sophisticated manner, but it appears to puzzle you.

    And thanks again David for the post – it has been growing on me. What is my – my world – versus those who consider other’s lives, property, etc. theirs to play with. If this isn’t dystopian, its the surest way there. Its as if all those great guys from the 17th century wrote in sand and its being washed away.

  4. “Do Canadians only think in terms of first or what seem the most literal meanings?”

    Well seeing we have used pompous and arrogant already, one would think that the “extremely unattractive” bit, was just more description. And as its emphasized, means exactly what it says.

  5. It’s pretty clear that “they” are already planning how to extend restrictions and regimentation in the name of “climate change”. As the wuflu has proven to be disappointingly transient for their purpose, climate change is deal since it will never end. And “they” aren’t limited to Europe by any means.

    As the disastrous vaccine rollout in Europe and Canada is proving, you should have included incompetent and ineffective in your characterizations. All of this unwieldy description is conveniently included, and more, under the term “Eurocrat”.

    It looks as if the same Europeans that found the impositions of first Hitler then Stalin endurable have reached the limit of their forbearance.

    New York and California seem to have hit upon the expedient of crippling their economies until no one will have money enough for a U-Haul to prevent the embarrassing exodus. It’s already come down to suppressing information from places like Florida and Texas to keep Cuomo and Newsome from looking like the complete fools they are.

  6. Also from Dylan’s song:

    “You’ve thrown the worst fear
    That can ever be hurled
    Fear to bring children
    Into the world”

    …yet, the fear of Climate Change seems to be more effective in depressing the birthrate than the fear of thermonuclear war ever was.

    Or, maybe that’s just the reason cited by some individuals when their real motivations are otherwise?

  7. There’s no way that states like SD, TX, etc., are going to sit back and let the Dems destroy their economies:
    The bill specifies that Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg could exempt South Dakota from any law or order “that restricts a person’s rights or that is determined … to be unconstitutional” if the law or order relates to the following:
    A pandemic or other public health emergency
    The regulation of natural resources
    The regulation of the agricultural industry
    The regulation of land use
    The regulation of the financial sector through the imposition of environmental, social, or governance standards, or
    The regulation of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms

  8. Brian,
    That brings up an important point, It’s the states that actually enforce a lot of Federal regulations. Especially in those areas that South Dakota is talking about. The Feds really don’t have that many feet on the ground and have delegated enforcement to the states.

    If they want to enforce a mask mandate, they’ll have to spread the Marshal Service pretty thin to enforce it if the states aren’t willing to go along. If every Federal judge gets in the act with their own rulings, the Justice Dept will run short of lawyers as well.

  9. The Great Reset. LOL, it will be along, but first we have to put this broken set of assumptions way further into the weeds, so its blindingly obvious, that change must be made.

    I’m not holding my breath. ;)

  10. You live in a weird country. Attractiveness meaning anything, is very funny.

    Overbearing, self-righteous arrogance is both unattractive and significant, when exhibited by those who are in a position to impose their will with coercive force.

    True in 1776, true now.

  11. LOL, it will be along, but first we have to put this broken set of assumptions way further into the weeds, so its blindingly obvious, that change must be made.

    There are other assumptions that have, over the years, become the foundation of social technocracy (a more accurate description of social democracy) that grease the skids for this change and the resultant slide into decline. I posted them on another thread here, not that long ago. At the risk of being annoying, here they are again:

    > We put formal education and celebrity on pedestals of worship, as possessing the insight, wisdom, and virtue of superhuman deities. While summarily dismissing wisdom presented outside those channels as not worthy of consideration or trust.

    > We also put “non-profit” status on a pedestal of worship and trust, while treating those honest enough to state their intent to profit with perpetual suspicion and the application of restraints in a manner reminiscent of Gulliver.

    > We have come to believe that rules are the answer to every problem, assuming that compliance with them removes the need to think beyond them – and deal with their failures by creating more rules to cover the exception to the rule.

    > The above has combined to establish the conventional wisdom that all of us, except the elite few on the above pedestals, are incapable and unworthy of competently managing your own lives … and therefore you should be given a pass on the responsibility to make your own decisions to get through life; instead being content to just go to work, or to school, and trust The Pedestaled to make your decisions, use your resources, and dictate what you can and can’t do from their lofty heights as though they are standing right beside you … all in the name of establishing their definition of the “greater good” as though it is one-size-fits-all.

    Under these assumptions – benignly accepted by millions as simply the way an “advanced” civilization is to live, and is beyond question – the incentives to develop and exercise competence are highly diminished among the masses, who come to believe that they can’t really rise above their situation and should just (f__k up and) trust their “betters” in grand Flounderian fashion … as The Pedestaled who have already “got theirs” by merely standing on those pedestals come to expect such trust and OUR SUBMISSION, regardless of their actual competence, oblivious to their own human limitations.

    And in the process, effectively unplug most of the distributed intellect in the world. Intellect that might not meet the standards of MENSA or rocket scientists, but combined with its proximity-informed insight is far better equipped to solve the problems around the individuals possessing it.

    By this way of thinking, reinforced by The Pedestaled for decades, we have been led to sell OURSELVES short as though we’re shares of GameStop.

    It is this way of thinking that can be leveraged by a crisis-not-to-waste to open the door to the Great Reset, and the intergenerational decline under the then-entrenched oligarchic rule that will follow.

  12. I’m not holding my breath. ;)

    Oh, go ahead. Ten Minutes would be a good start.

    Sanctimonious foreigners who don’t even understand their own country’s health care system are a waste of retinal neuron activity.

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