“You tease me, and everybody deserts me …”

Ladies and Gentlement! On guitar and lead vocals, let’s hear it for … Joan Jett!
On lead guitar, the blazing sounds of … Lita Ford!
On the drums, the amazing … Sandy West!
On bass guitar, the lovely and talented … Laurie McAllister!
From Los Angeles California!
The Queens of Noise!
The Runaways!!!

(RIP Sandy West .)

2 thoughts on ““You tease me, and everybody deserts me …””

  1. AS mentioned, girl groups keep driving what’s left of rock & roll.
    Joanie’s got the drive and power, though she didn’t have her pitch in this one.
    This is the real feminism, talent-driven, merit-based, economically competitive with anyone and anything.
    Perfectly congruent with the Austrian school…

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