Helter Skelter Redux?

The stated aim of that murderous freak Charlie Manson and his deranged family of dropouts and druggies in committing the brutal slaughter of seven people in 1969 was to incite a race war. The murderers deliberately left bloody graffiti at the murder scenes, attempting to frame the Black Panthers – yet another set of murderous and equally racist freaks active in that period. In Manson’s twisted vision, the Tate-LaBianca murders would set off a brutal race war; black against white, in which whites would be enthusiastically genocided. During this mayhem Manson and his followers would hide out in a vast underground city. They would then emerge to take command over what remained of society. Manson was a particularly noxious racist, unsavory qualities which were veiled by the last putrid remnants of the hippie commune culture, which let his cult family fly under the social radar as it existed in the afterglow of the so-called “Summer of Love” in the formerly golden state of California. (Jim Jones was another one of those super-organized racist-cult freaks of the era, whose’ commune was slightly longer-lasting and successful, until suddenly it wasn’t. Yeah, a supposedly race-prejudice-free socialist commune, with a white leadership cadre and mostly dead black bodies when it all came crashing down some years later.)

Gathering in speed and intensity over the last decade and going to warp speed this last year has been the imposition of CRT, or ‘critical race theory’, which once infested only the ‘studies’ departments in higher miseducation, where it seemed to be safely contained, but which has now spread like a sort of malign fungus throughout corporate, military, and civic America. You must attend this mandatory anti-racism training, or so demands the corporate and managerial higher-ups. You must bow, if you are discernably a shade of pale and of Northern European ancestry; you must acknowledge and apologize lavishly for your many sins against the pure and innocent persons of color; for the institution of slavery (against which fought to the last full measure of devotion many Americans of pale and Northern European ancestry), for being prompt, for being attentive to detail, for attention to conventional good manners and … other stuff. (Link here – and here, and here. And this is just from a day’s harvest on Instapundit.) It’s all too depressing to relate, and frankly, if I was one of those so bidden to attend and forced on pain of a bad performance rating and loss of employment, to publicly lick the socially just and sustainable boots of the trainer administering the class (AKA ‘struggle session’), I’d be sullen and resentful at being forced to participate in the whole humiliating exercise. Especially since a) many persons of darker than Anglo skin color have done very well, especially in sports, entertainment and politics, and b) the dysfunction, ingratitude for blessings received such as welfare, free public education, so many free points given to students of color on academic tests when it comes to college admittance, and c) the straight-up violence dealt out on the street to white and Asian passerbys at the hands of young thugs of color.

Not that all the so-called trainers in this exercise are themselves of color. I have to hand it to Robin DiAngelo for being a person of pallor and yet successfully staking out a richly productive claim on that rich Mother Lode of racial guilt which scammers of color like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been working for lo these many decades, not to mention a straight-up deranged racist like the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan.

One does have to wonder, though – where and what is the endgame of all this racial mummery? Besides the filthy lucre earned by the proponents of it, through best-selling books, speaking fees and flogging instructional modules to corporate and academic clients, of course. The thought occurred to me the other day, upon reading comments by resentful participants in these exercises … that perhaps all this CRT-oriented anti-racism training might be another and more subtle attempt at setting off a new race war. Is CRT the new and more main-line acceptable version of Charles Manson’s Helter Skelter? A fatal provocation, deliberately to set off a fuse of race-based resentments? Discuss as you wish.

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  1. Have you seen the study that was done a year or two ago that showed that since 2016 white liberals have become a massive outlier compared to all other political and racial groups in terms of viewing their own race and members of it with contempt? I’ve seen it spelled out pretty convincingly that CRT is a way for the elect to separate themselves from the unwashed masses, and to try to morally justify their “right” to rule. Basically they’ve shifted to arguing that they are superior members of a “meritocracy” based on their own recognition of America’s moral corruption, rather then the previous version based on how oh-so-smart they are.
    I’ve been horrified by some of the material I’ve seen on Black History Month this year. I thought the point was to showcase great black Americans and their accomplishments, to show that they have contributed in so many ways to American greatness. Instead there has been a horrifying shift to focusing on America as an irredeemable white supremacist nation, so that blacks are again forced into the role of hapless victims, and there is no positivity seen for anyone. It’s truly a massive step backwards.

  2. The goal of all this is to trigger a race war, the goal being the suppression of Whites and their civilization; especially concepts such as freedom and the intrinsic worth of all individuals. Since this is being sponsored and supported by the regime, and in the absence of any credible electoral politics in the foreseeable future, I rather suspect that they will get the war, both racial and political. I do not know if those who oppose tyranny have the testicular fortitude to prevail. Remembering that Tyranny historically is the normal state of our species.

    Also noting for the record that I am Chinese, and therefore regarded as the enemy by significant fractions of both sides.

    Subotai Bahadur

  3. Given that Bill Ayers thought about 25% of America would need to die before Utopia in the US could be properly begun; this seems a relatively quick way to bring us to that unhappy point – the point at which we would be properly cowed, afraid to be the flower whose head sticks up a bit higher or turns a different hue.

    We saw what worked – for the races, for the classes, for the humanity – when Trump took the government’s feet off our collective neck. He saw competency – well, potential competency. I’m not sure he was right in Cuomo but he was in de Santis, was right in his son-in-law but not in Bolton. It depends on willingness to take responsibility, to think solutions through. It wasn’t all that much what he did as what he didn’t do – what he didn’t do that was counter-productive and is being done right now. He didn’t have a national force to put needles in arms – instead he expected each state to take responsibility. Can you imagine a national policy that worked well for Alaska and Chicago, for Wyoming and Virginia? Of course, the $15 minimum doesn’t work well across those geographies either, not that I’m sure it works all that well anyplace.

    But of course a lot of energy appears to be awasting on hating Trump and trying to make sure his life is miserable and his memory sullied. And of course they hate that great cheerful lover of people, Rush – who was quite like Trump in many ways but treated his callers with a courtly warmth.

    I noticed a few years ago about a great “tell” about a theory: there were two ways to look at problems – people caused them or people solved them. The great old fact that with each of us may come a mouth but also two hands and a mind is a useful baseline. And so is Rush’s distinction – that “they” look out at America and see tribes to be set against one another, as problems, and that “we” look out and see potential. I love that distinction and there is a lot to be said for it. And one of those perspectives is generous and creative; the other is, well, a bit suicidal. Oh, well. The great tear jerker, because it is truly life affirming, is the joy at pregnancy, at life.

  4. I am a student of history as well as “of the non-Aryan persuasion”. These “people”, in all their dysfunctionality, arrogance, and self-righteousness, are creating the very monster they claim to fight.

    What terrifies me is the day when millions, told they are racist basically for existing, will hear the siren song of an actual, sophisticated WN movement (not the pathetic LARPers now).

    When that day comes, all of us will be nostalgic for the days of Trump — libs included. Trump was a pressure valve. The backlash against what Big Woke is creating may go all the way to full jackboots.

  5. “Subotai” might live a few hundred miles from where I currently live but any group I am a member of would consider him to be a valued and much desired member in good standing. There are a powerful lot of us in that group too. Actual “racism” as a means of determining the “danger stranger” is no longer quite as much of a true determining value because there are lots of more accurate ways to understand an individuals potential. It is remarkably easy to know who and what in these days.

  6. Helter Skelter, Marxism, Gramscian March, Stalinist Purges, Maoist Struggle Sessions, Khamer Rouge Reducation? It all maybe a part of it, but there is there is for sure something palpable floating around in the zeitgeist that is pushing for a deliberate national disemboweling and dismemberment. All nihilism, all destruction, all the time and it is on purpose to ruin our country. This is just the latest weakness they are exploiting, just another chink in the armor to drive wedge into. These aren’t builders, these aren’t friends out for our well-being telling us about the mote in our eye, these are enemy sappers probing the lines seeking our demise.

  7. As with many things, it depends on how you define a ‘race war’.

    I read an interesting SubStack from Andrew Sullivan that discussed the idea of the U.S. becoming ‘majority-minority’ in the near future as is often predicted. The man doing the research, Richard Alba, contends that this is primarily a function of the Census Bureau using a variation of the old ‘one-drop’ rule in its classifications, especially among Hispanics and those with varied racial heritage. His reworking of the data shows that trends among ‘Hispanic Whites’ as well Latino-Anglo and Asian-Anglo mixtures (nod to Theo and Subotai here) actually project an Anglo majority beyond the middle of this century based on how people identify and behave. Assuming that the ‘woke’ and ‘anti-racist’ folks in the Democrat Party are reading similar data, you can draw the conclusion that they want to keep as many non-Anglo and multi-racial people identifying with their non-Anglo heritage as much as possible to maximize their political clout. Demonizing ‘whiteness’, i.e. Anglo identification, as well was providing continued and expanding incentives to identify as a non-white minority member appears to be the strategy there. The big driver appears to be, somewhat as expected, that black and black-mix individuals are now lagging behind non-white Anglos as well as whites in the developing mainstream American culture of the 21st Century. The other factor is going to be the degree of acceptance these non-white Anglos feel among other existing Anglo groups that are more welcoming of their Anglo identification.

    I think we’re looking at the path Italian, and earlier Irish, immigrants took to assimilation with the ‘war’ being a Cold Civil War between two groups of whites who each want these groups to merge into their political and civic coalition. You don’t have to look much farther than Cinco De Mayo and the just past ‘National Margarita Day’ to get a feel for what’s happening.

  8. I believe that underneath all of this is an assault on the fundamental Christian underpinnings of Western Civilization and all it brought to the human race. As Christian, we realize that there are separate races and they seldom get along in the wild, however when in God in Christ they are all brothers for Paul noted in Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Not that the differences don’t exist, but before God in Christ, they determine nothing. It is your heart that God looks at, not your race or gender, even though they matter in his structure for civilization.

  9. I just did a post on my own blog about how political partisanship causes writers to miss what’s been going on, and this post is no different. (Seeing the names Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan – when Oprah owns her own production studio, and can and is re-writing history as she sees fit, and they aren’t – confirms you guys can’t see the forest for the trees. I’ll cut to the chase of why I’m writing:

    We didn’t find out how the SF Democrats stole the Harvey Milk/George Moscone election until after Jim Jones had killed 900 blacks and his followers confessed, so you’re not far off the trajectory we’re on, but you’re just looking at the wrong instigators.

    But, as I said, you’re not alone there.

  10. You know who really, really, really loves Black Lives Matter? White liberals. It’s the greatest thing ever as far as they’re concerned.
    You know who really, really, really hates it? Hispanics.
    The Cold War political coalitions are in the final phases of cracking up, which is a painful process, and injecting race into it is dangerous and reckless, but that’s where we are.
    “The era of big government is over” is over. Has America ever had a “conservative” party that was dedicated to providing explicit patronage to its constituents, and punishing its opponents, the way the Democrats have always done? Because that’s what we’re about to get.

  11. mostly dead black bodies
    I assume you meant “mostly black”, not “mostly dead”. Pretty sure all of those folks were “all dead”.

    higher mismaleducation

    I’d be sullen and resentful at being forced to participate
    Wouldn’t that then constitute a “hostile work environment”? Why not use the system and blow it all up? It’s what I will do if it comes for my company.

    successfully staking out a richly productive claim on that rich Mother Lode of racial guilt
    Isn’t that racist? White people once again taking jobs away from people of color. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    where and what is the endgame of all this racial mummery?
    To divide the peasants so they can’t unite and throw off the nobility.

  12. where and what is the endgame of all this racial mummery?

    The Republic of South Africa, where whites are hunted down and killed with impunity. The revenge of the ignorant Third World savage over the First World builders. The murder of the Western Enlightenment by those jealous of its achievements, because their own past offers nothing remotely comparable.

    Crabs in a bucket — when one crab is about to succeed in climbing out of the bucket, the other crabs pull it down. But you don’t pull yourself up by pulling everyone else down. Because the savages can’t compete on a modern, First World playing field, they seek to destroy it.

    These idiots think Wakanda was real, and whitey destroyed it to keep them down. Dark times ahead.

  13. I dunno about all this, to be honest.

    On the one hand, we have certain elements of the country going quite mad, with regards to race and politics. Nearly all of the media, and majority of upper-level Democrats are most notable in this.

    But, what the hell is really going on? Out on the ground, away from the cities, most of us (inclusive of everybody, color pantone regardless) are looking at each other and going “WTF?”. The activists are spinning themselves up into a frenzy, and for what? Where’s the issue? Hell, even some of the more militant black acquaintances I have will ruefully acknowledge that the majority of those “young black males” who get shot by the cops are individuals they’d likely shoot themselves, if they had to.

    So… Question is, are we dealing with an actual issue, or is this just a symptom of people feeling like they’re losing power? It sure looks like it to me, because if you have confidence that you’re actually in control, then you wouldn’t be doing what the Democrats are doing. What I think is happening is that they feel the levers of power actually slipping out of their hands, and they’re doubling down on the things that got them here back in the “old days”, which are entirely superseded by modern conditions. Nobody is oppressing blacks, there is no “color line” or Jim Crow law still on the books anywhere in the country, let alone being enforced, and yet… Here they are, flipping the narrative and demanding the recreation of segregation. This is patently nuts, but they’re doing it. Why?

    The other thing is, this ain’t South Africa. You don’t have a tiny minority of whites cowering on their farms or in their suburbs, fearful of the black majority. Any real “race war” is going to be over with in very short order, and it won’t be a victory for the blacks, either–They’re what, at most maybe 12-13% of the country? And, with most of the “other races” like the fictional “Hispanics” and Asians being considered aspirationally white, if the blacks come boiling out of their “ghettoes of oppression” in their self-destroyed cities, what happens after that? Do they have the numbers, once they declare war on everyone else?

    Hell, look at Detroit: Do they have the organizational skills to win? Once they did win, then what? Detroit, nation-wide? Seriously?

    Innumeracy is a problem, folks. One endemic to a certain subset of the black community, due to poor education. They hear the words “minority”, and they really don’t understand at a visceral level what that means, and given the imbalance in the cities and the way they’re over-represented in mass media, the majority of them really do feel like they actually outnumber the rest of the population. The reality is, should a “race war” ever come, the black community is going to go down harder than the Chinese in Indonesia did, and with even less effective resistance or loss to the rest of the community.

    I mean, if you were to wipe out all of the black communities in the US, what have you really lost, statistics-wise? In Indonesia, they lost much of their entrepreneur and small business class when they went after the Chinese. Here, we’d lose what, most of our criminal class? WTF are they thinking?

    This ain’t going to end well for black America. And, given that it’s being spun up by the Democrats, maybe that’s the point. They’ve hated blacks since day one.

  14. “[P]erhaps the Occupy Wall Street movement in late 2011 scared the billionaires that Bernie-style economic leftism might return, so The Establishment promoted identity leftism from Trayvon onward, as a divide-and-conquer strategy to set leftists squabbling over intersectionality.”
    Steve Sailer

    Alex Tabarrok cites data collected by Zach Goldberg showing that the NY Times’ focus on “social justice,” “diversity,” and “whiteness” began to spike after 2010.
    Marginal Revolution

    “Financial crisis–> Occupy Wall Street–> BLM?”
    (Graph of NY Times articles at link.)
    Zach Goldberg

  15. You’d almost have to flip a coin to decide of it’s a race war, or a class war: the freaks like Farrakhan and the BLM activists certainly act as if that is what they want, and would go any enthusiastic lengths to bring it about. But for the established upper-class and mostly white advocates of CRT, it’s more like a class war, conducted against the middle and working classes. They are the ones that I find most contemptable.

  16. @Sgt. Mom,

    I think that it’s mostly a grift, for the Farrakhans and others of his ilk. They don’t really believe in their BS, and they know they can’t win any “race war” they might manage to start, but there’s a lot of profit to be made scaring whitey and the establishment with it all.

    The white BLM revolutionaries are not in on the game, however, and the odds are that they’re the ones who’re most likely to actually get the ball rolling. Which will horrify the Farrakhans and Sharpton no end, because they know the grift gravy train will cease to roll shortly after.

    These types don’t want an end to racism, because that means they’d have to work for a living and do productive things with their lives. I suspect that the “white allies” of the BLM movement are probably slated for elimination by one means or another, before long, because the folks behind it all recognize that they’re playing with fire. They want to have the kettle keep simmering, not boil over.

    I do agree with you that it’s mostly a class thing, and the fact that the upper classes have chosen this particular weapon to wield against the lower classes is pretty much a tell; pure projection. The vast majority of the general public is, at this point, pretty non-racist. The years of counter-programming have actually worked, which is why so much of the “racism” we hear about is actually manufactured by people wanting attention as victims of it.

    That is something that may well change, what with the rioting and the rise in crime attributable to the black community. I live in an area of the country where there aren’t a lot of blacks, and what few we do have are heard to say they don’t want any more showing up, because then the ones already here are going to get the blame for what the “criminal n*****s” get up to. Those are the actual words used by a black guy I’ve worked around, which was… Startling.

    Of course, he moved up here mostly to get away from his urban “experience”, soooo… Your mileage may vary.

    It’s ironic, but some of the worst, most viciously racist people I’ve ever heard talking about black America are… Other blacks.

    Seriously. Hard though it may be to believe, some of the black Chicago PD cops I used to hang out with would say things that would likely have the Grand Dragon of the KKK saying “Hey, now… That’s going a bit too far…”. One of them used to comment that the smartest thing anyone in Chicago could do would be to bulldoze most of Southside Chicago into Lake Michigan, and include the occupants with it.

    Of course, I think he was someone who’d been shot by thugs two or three times, lost a bunch of his immediate family to crime, and spent most of his childhood on the run from gangs, so he had his reasons.

  17. The BLM agitators might consider visiting Zimbabwe, where the residents would like to see the whites come back. Oh well.

    “Fools say they learn from experience. I prefer to learn from other’s experience.” Bismarck.

  18. The racial grifters of color had better start reeling in their own rhetoric and their crazy polar-bear hunting inner-city gangsters, because the fury of the people upon whom all this stuff lands (both black and white) is pretty damn-near nuclear-meltdown at this point, or so I judge.
    Out here in Flyoverlandia, local and personal inter-race relations are still pretty mellow. And like Kirk’s old cop friends, the opinions of my next-door-neighbor’s daughter-in-law about the usual Section-8 clients would about peel the paint from walls. Next door neighbor, daughter-in-law and her three now-twenty-something sons are all black. We’ve seen the sons grow up. None of the three ever darkened the door of a college, I believe, but all went off to good blue-collar jobs and a mild degree of personal and financial success as soon as they were able. If they had ever been the least bit tempted by the urban thug lifestyle, their grandmother would have taken over the beating when their parents got tired.
    The fury of white employees at being subjected to CRT-inspired corporate struggle sessions is also nearing near-nuclear-meltdown thresholds, if I am any judge of such things. Lawsuits for creating a hostile work environment may be the newest hotness.

  19. The really amusing thing, to me, is observing just how stupid and idiotic a lot of these HR types really are.

    I wager that there are an awful lot of black employees going through these things and looking around at the seething rage building up in the heretofore non-racist whites they used to work amicably with, and thinking hard about whether or not they want to keep coming in to work in that environment, where their workmates are being taught to hate them.

    I think there are a lot of people who’re being accused of “racism” and of being past redemption because they’re pale of color who’re thinking “Y’know… I wasn’t racist yesterday, but if I’m gonna get accused of it, lectured about it, and then get screwed out of a job just because I’m white…? Ya know what? I think I’m racist now…”.

    Precisely none of this is productive of anything other than racial hostility and anger, to the benefit of the race-mongers like the Democrats. It’s a lot like the shiite they stirred up in the old South between the lower-class whites that didn’t own a slave, and the slaves themselves. The intent is for them to foment hatred, and prevent their victims from cluing in and getting together to resist the BS.

    In other words, same-old, same-old for the Democrats.

  20. I think the goal is to destroy the Republic of 1789, thereby allowing the left and its gee ohh peee pets to rule in perpetuity unchallenged. I think they have to do this, because if they don’t, they’re done. Or perhaps I should say if they hadn’t, they would have been done, because I think Trump had assembled a winning coalition that would have been able to successfully complete a political realignment and send the demonrats packing, along with their bootlicking gop minions, if actual election results had mattered.

    So, now, they’ve decided they’re going to attempt to “otherize” the majority of the population in the same manner the Nazis otherized the Jews, back when. I suspect this will be much easier to proclaim than to enact. It takes time to convince people that they have no stake in a regime, and more time to convince them to shoot their former countrymen- twanlocs, as Subotai has written- and at some point you have war.

    These people are fools. They may well have decided that they need to prevent various immigrants from assimilation into mainstream American culture as Christopher B suggests, but they also plainly intend to import as many non-Euro foreigners as they can into the country. Back when I used to argue with leftists for fun and consequently had to read their sites, I frequently read comments noting that the plan was to “break” the “white” majority, because they knew they could never get their prog schemes enacted with the electorate the country had. Thus, they needed to import another. Alas for them, America was too tempting and the emerging demonrat majority Ruy Teixeira and some hated white devil wrote about long ago didn’t come to pass in a timely manner. Worse, the Demon Trump vastly improved the GOP vote total in various heavily Hispanic Texas border counties, by advocating policies that worked and made rank-and-file Americans richer.

    Cant have that!! Thus, I think the sudden even MOAR enthusiastic embrace of race-baiting by the left is a sign of panic, not political strength. They’ve got to speed up their awesome plan to fundamentally transform America, because otherwise it they’ve realized it will fail. But since they also effectively control all the skin-suit remnants of the old functioning America’s institutions, my guess is this will end in civil war, with an unpredictable outcome.

    But since they’ve also worked so hard and so long at dividing the country along ethnic lines, I’d also guess that they’ve set the country up for some good old fashioned ethnic cleansing, Yugoslavia-style, or perhaps just plain genocide.

    I hope I’m wrong, as usual.

  21. well seeing who is the godmother of the thousand currents militia, susan rosenberg, which actually bombed the capital, in 1983-1984, someone tell (jeff) garland, who actually thinks there was one on jan 6th, (who ran out of the crazy pills,)

  22. ‘What is the plan?’ is only a sound question if it is correct to assume that there is a single plan.

    If the Biden affair isn’t a PRC organized satrapy, there is probably more than one plan.

    The ‘demographic changes means permanent Democrat majority’ stuff was founded on the fallacy of taking seriously forecasts based on population statistics. The fellows took it seriously, and have become more and more emotionally invested. City planning is basically the same fallacy. Basic problem, folks are invested in the idea that a ten or twenty year forecast is valid, and would be much wiser not to be. Convince yourself that you have invested too much to accept losses, and you may do stupid things to recover something. Especially if you think the game has to eventually pay out in your favor.

    CRT? The academic theory probably was originally intended for malicious purposes, but academics will cheat just to win arguments. Seriously, I would be a little surprised to meet a graduate student in those subjects with the long term foresight to see that there could be negative consequences from sitting around making those arguments. Folks in the ‘productive’ majors are often enough youngsters who were born yesterday, and oldsters who have fossilized in specialized modes of thought. (Albeit, potentially very useful specialized modes of thought.) Possibly, it is only that the era I was exposed to academia was one where many people were hiding their lights under a basket.

    Criminal Justice Reform? Yeah, I’ve been saying that it only makes sense as an effort to preserve what they believe to be useful military power. There are obviously innocents who thought it had some legitimate purpose.

    Obama’s goal with BLM seems to have been Holy Race War nutjobbery.

    Theoretically, they think they have a common basis. When WWII veterans wanted a suburban home and a car with fins, Gramsci had his ‘third worlders of the world unite’ come to Jesus moment. Practically, stressed desperate people can go through a lot of plans, or try things blindly without ensuring a common plan, or a viable plan. If they are starting at ‘Hitler in the bunker’ level crazy, expect a cloud of plan fragments tripping over each other.

    Actual end game? 40 million blacks isn’t a lot of mass murder to scale up, especially after 50 million abortions. That no serious attempts have been made tell us some things. One, probably near zero whites who want such. Two, mass murder in the United States is very costly. That fire probably won’t start.

    It is definitely a matter of non-Christian religion.

    Gonna be unpredictable nuts, and the surviving opposition after it settles will probably have a lot of claims about what they were trying to do.

    Best way to observe black history month is that music from Turn A Gundam.

  23. cont’d:

    1619 part of CRT obviously carries a lot of ill-will. Has a corroding effect on the soul.

    The actual violent criminals are obviously evil, doing stuff because they enjoy it, but are not necessarily seriously aiming for revolution, or on their own any more dangerous than they were already.

    At this point, their theory of operation is doubling down on terrible bets, waiting for the ‘eventual payoff’. They are already seriously screwing up their PR operations, and are only going to grow less deft as their blood pressure forces their residual brains out of their ears.

  24. The “South Side of Chicago” that someone above wants bulldozed into the lake was an idyllic place to grow up in the 1950s.

    The concept of “white flight” which was attributed to racism but was actually a result of aggression toward the white residents by black teens who did not live there. We had cherry trees in our back yard. Kids would walk down the alleys behind the yards and break off the limbs of the trees. Crime followed. My father was attacked on his front porch by two blacks and was able to get the front door open and the dog drove them off. Not long after, he sold the house. With mild irony, he sold it to a white professor who did not last long. About ten years ago, I stopped to take a photo of it and the owner, a nice black guy, came out to see who I was and insisted on giving me a tour. He asked if I could send him photos of it when we lived there. I felt so sorry for him, trying to live the middle class life we had in the midst of the crime hell hole.

    The black crime is mostly done by teens and the older gang leaders. Their victims are mostly older blacks. Black gangs now run Chicago and a number of city aldermen are owned by the gangs.

    Racism by whites is purely a reflex from what they see.

  25. well one of the key figures in critical race theory, was derrick bell, and he was one of obama’s professors at harvard law, his manuals were part of the syllabus at u chicago class on community organizing that was mislabeled as civil rights law, it is more a global thing, using race or ethnic templates in australia, it’s aborigine, in france it’s north or saharan african

  26. The whole CRT/whites are irredeemably malign is just so … ugh. I’m actually at a loss for words in trying to describe the disgust that I feel. I can, at somewhat of a stretch understand the why of black grifters and racists like Al Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan and the rest, to include career pols like Mad Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee. It’s their grift, and it’s been paying reliably for them for decades. Of course, their poor urban populations of color are screwed resoundingly screwed in buying into the whole thug culture, now intensified by the “whites are maliciously racist against you and there’s nothing you can do about!” paradigm.
    Talk about actively welding the shackles around your own wrists and ankles …
    I despise that Nikole Hannah-Jones woman, and her bogus and hateful 1619 project. She’s not a historian, she’s a particularly vile species of propagandist, and given that she has the imprimatur of a major national newspaper is just disgusting.
    Most of all, I loath and despise those upper-middle-class idiots like Robin DiAngelo. It’s not white privilege they are so elaborately apologizing for; it’s upper-middle-class wealth and all the opportunities lavished on them by that situation that they feel guilty about. And they are justifying their own superior situation by viciously dumping on working-class and rural Americans who are mostly white. It’s a kind of class snobbery that is sick, nasty and vicious. Yeah, paint yourself as some kind of woke saint by dumping on those lower on the class scale than you. Your nasty condescension is so appreciated.
    Frankly, I think there is a lot of quiet anger building among those people who have to endure these employer-mandated struggle sessions, administered by smug wokesters – people who have honestly been brought up to contemplate and judge their fellow citizens by the content of their character, and not their color. They are being forced into silence or to mouth lies about how they feel.
    It brings to mind Kipling’s poem about when the Saxon or English began to hate. “It was not preached to the crowd. It was not taught by the state. No man spoke it aloud…”

  27. All you need to know about the actual status of white people in American society today can be understood by noting that supposedly privileged whites are pretending not to be white to gain social status.

  28. The whole thing is not likely to end well, at all. For any of us.

    They know not what they are doing, or what they’re storing up for future generations when all this inevitably recoils.

    Even if, and I think it highly unlikely, the “white American” becomes an endangered species in their own country, what lesson do you suppose their successors will take from that fate? D’you really think they’re going to look at black America, and say “Yeah, we ought to treat them equitably… That will work; just like it did for the whites who weakly gave in to their demands for equity…”.

    The real story isn’t going to be black America triumphal, but black America in mass graves as the successor ethnicities decide they can’t be dealt with fairly and then be expected to play nicely with others. Odds are excellent that the coming race war won’t be white-on-black, but brown-on-black with no f**ks given, no quarter, and no mercy. What’s left of “white America” is going to be on the sidelines going “WTF? WTF just happened…?”.

    You can already see the outline of this in the fact that despite a lot of blacks having been shipped to Mexico, there really aren’t that many black Mexicans, and in the things going on in Southern California between the two groups. I see it all the time around here, too–There’s an entirely nutso anti-black mentality to a lot of the Mexican migrants that have settled here, and you’re not talking them out of it, either.

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