The Vile Cynthia McKinney

Traveling to Gaza in a stunt to aid Hamas, she complains because the Israeli navy damaged her boat. I would suggest that she got off lightly.

The activists, organized by the Free Gaza Group, said their 66-foot yacht called “SS Dignity” would defy an Israeli blockade of Gaza and ferry 16 activists and three tons of Cypriot-donated supplies. The supplies are intended to help treat the wounded from Israeli bombings against targets in Gaza, in retaliation for rocket fire aimed at civilians in southern Israeli towns.

She cared not at all when Hamas thugs were daily bombarding Israeli towns in an attempt to kill as many Jews as possible. Only when Israel defended itself was her sense of justice aroused.

Daily life near Gaza:

Moshe Turgeman spent a lot of time in Gaza before the intifada. Not only did he serve in the Israeli army there, but he used to get drinks and hang out in area frequently. “There are good people in Gaza ,” he tells me. Hearing this is rather remarkable because in August 2006, Moshe’s house took a direct hit from a Qassam rocket launched from Gaza . He managed to get his kids to safety but he was injured in the attack. I ask Moshe what life is like in Sderot today. “It’s not life,” he responds. His children are scared, he fears going outside and his disability has made it impossible to work. There were times, Moshe says, when he thought the warning siren was broken because it sounded non-stop for hours. “Forty-eight Qassams fell in a single day,” he says. “The scariest thing is that sometimes they fall without an alert—at any moment.” Moshe knows of what he speaks. One day he was ironing a shirt on the upper floor of his modest apartment. In an instant, a rocket fell meters from him and shrapnel nearly pierced his heart. He shows me the jagged hole in the window next to which he was standing during the attack. “It’s not life” he repeats.

The Commentary article from which the above quote is taken is worth reading in full.

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  1. Reminds me of the American leftist who used to sail little ships of supplies to North Vietnam during the Indochina war. Somehow, these people always end up doing the work to the benefit of autocrats at the expense the people of liberal democracies.

    Purely coincidental I am sure.

  2. In a waiting room, CNN was on. The difference between their description of the incident and the one I saw later on Fox was significant. When a European friend tells me that we just don’t get information here, I think of what they get from the BBC – at least as they describe their understanding. It is different. Simpler. We’re generally wrong, for instance. Listening to CNN I wondered why anyone listened to that woman with anything other than scepticism; Fox gave her interpretation & the Israeli’s. I suspect I know which one the announcer believed, but possibilities were raised. Don’t give me any of this bullshit about the bias on Fox – it’s there, but if it has doubts about the other side, it still presents it.

    And, no, people like McKinney either don’t give a damn. Hatred of others can do that to a person.

  3. McKinney is an antisemite and an anti-American small “c” communist. What else can be said of her?

    While I don’t want to see her dead, it would have been poetic if the IDF had sank her boat and her large arse had to be fished out of the Mediterranean by the Israelis live on CNN

  4. She’s just your everyday Western leftist who sees radical Islam as a natural ally in their mutual desire to tear down the good and replace it. Israel and America are of course the most prized targets. The leftists think they can handle the Islamists after the main goal of deconstruction has been acheived and the fight begins over what supersedes the former societal structure.

  5. “The leftists think they can handle the Islamists after the main goal of deconstruction has been acheived…”

    That may be the case for the hard-core ideologues . I’ve come to believe, though, that the “everyday” leftist is really more of an “entropist” i.e. they believe what they believe because of the consequences of our civilization’s aging and entropy.

    Our Western civilization has been (and still is, in many areas) contracting. It’s lost its self-confidence; as a result an awful lot of its citizens are angry and upset at it.

    Entropists are natural collectivists, for example. They aren’t part of a larger community which is self-confident enough to hold them to standards, and so they try to invent pretty utopias which are free from moral ambiguity, and so pose no barrier for them to belong to.

    I think this is one reason why they so purely hate the Sabras.

  6. We are currently in Antwerp and get only CNN & BBC (English) for news. Plus I have to use an AZERTY keyboard! That will make this short:

    You would think that this action is arbitrary, unilateral and fully terroristic by Israel. There is nil balance in commentary. All the western tut-tutting is from a pro-arab perspective. Truly breathtaking the complete unashamed bias against Israel. And to compound it, most think Obama will act differently. I guess that is the next bubble to burst.

  7. Well, don’t watch BBC. It’s bad for your blood pressure. I keep saying that. I don’t think lefties reason the way you guys assume. They just think that come the revolution they will be in power. Usually, the revolution is a nasty shock to them.

  8. What’s the difference between Cynthia McKinney and a prostitute?

    One provides desirable services to her community. The other used to be a member of Congress.

  9. Cynthia McKinney is an attention whore. Plain and simple. Go home, Cynthia. Give us ALL a break. You serve no useful purpose anyway.

  10. Maybe Cynthia’s attitude started @ home:

    “That is McKinney’s explanation for her 2002 primary defeat, and she is sticking to it. But there are other explanations. Her father, Georgia state legislator Billy McKinney, shared his version with an Atlanta television reporter on August 19, 2002, the night before she lost. The reporter had asked Billy McKinney about his daughter’s use of a years-old, moth-balled endorsement from former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young. Such endorsements were worthless, the elder McKinney replied, because “Jews have bought everybody. Jews.” In case the reporter didn’t understand, he spelled the word: “J-E-W-S.”

  11. John Says:
    December 31st, 2008 at 6:00 am Maybe the Israeli Navy thought she was a Somali pirate

    Nah, they’re awfully skinny. She’s…not. And the Somali pirates might have some redeemable qualities; they can sail a ship, for example. McKinney has none.

  12. Whenever you mention McKinney, you should link to her comments about the murder by national guardsmen of 5,000 or more “prisoners” after Katrina. She is quite insane. Evil, sure, but nuts as well. The really dismaying thing is for a mad creature like this to have credibility on America’s left – so much as to have been the presidential candidate of the “Green” party. What a pack of poisoned minds. The liberal Dems will rue the day they let them take over.

    The only link I could find to a video of McK actually giving the speech was on a Nazi site, which I won’t link. What’s up with that, I wonder? There is no doubt that she said it.

  13. *While I don’t want to see her dead,…*

    I wouldn’t want to actually kill her, but I could see her dead with equanimity. Yes, I could live with that.

  14. “but I could see her dead with equanimity. Yes, I could live with that.”

    Yeah could live with it till you die and go to hell…

    You guys are all a bunch of hypocritical fear mongers, take your head outta your ass and wake up the the fact that all violence is evil.

  15. …wake up the the fact that all violence is evil.

    This is an obscene statement. To take it seriously means to condemn self-defense, and thereby to acquiesce to rule by the most vicious and immoral people over the weak and morally scrupulous.

  16. You guys are all a bunch of hypocritical fear mongers, take your head outta your ass and wake up the the fact that all violence is evil.

    Yes, I always thought that the people who started the Warsaw Ghetto uprising in 1943 and the Warsaw uprising in 1944 were evil. I mean, they used violence, didn’t they? And then there is Stauffenberg, discussed by Lex in another posting. Also evil. Must be. Used violence. I could go on.

  17. The good liberal Br0wnb3rry said:

    “You guys are all a bunch of hypocritical fear mongers, take your head outta your ass and wake up the the fact that all violence is evil.”

    However I’m confident s/he left a part out of that statement, so let’s fix it for him/her:

    “You guys are all a bunch of hypocritical fear mongers, take your head outta your ass and wake up the the fact that all violence, except that which directly benefits me, is evil.”

    There, fixed it.

  18. Wait, she is in the area?

    This is a great opportunity for an Israeli sniper to off her. If they don’t seize this opportunity, they have only themselves to blame.

  19. McKinney’s grotesque ass is so big that an Isreali sniper should have little difficulty in identifying and sniping his target.

  20. Actually I see Cynthia McKinney as 2009’s Cyndie Sheehan and I predict she will be about as influential. Wonder when Code Pink will come out for her and make her a symbol of what they want to see happen.

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