Superb Talk by Peter Mansoor

This video is excellent. It is a talk by Col. Peter Mansoor about the Iraq war. Even the Q&A is good. Col. Mansoor was a brigade commander in Iraq, and he is now a military historian at Ohio State. He wrote a book about his experiences, Baghdad at Sunrise: A Brigade Commander’s War in Iraq. After listening to this talk, I am going to read his book as soon as I am finished re-reading Clausewitz. The lecture is over 90 minutes, including Q&A. The video portion is just Mansoor standing at a lectern. So, it is easy to just have the audio going while you do other stuff. You lose nothing without the video.

Highly recommended.

UPDATE: The talk is extremely critical of the Bush administration, Rumsfeld and particularly Bremer. If you don’t want to hear that criticism, don’t listen.

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  1. Some additional links:

    Book TV now has its own page on YouTube.

    Here is the Mansoor Lecture. I think the quality is better than the AOL link you gave.

    You can also go to the Book TV page.

    Use the search page to look for older shows. The Mansoor Lecture was broadcast on 12/22/08.

    Here is the link on It uses Real Player instead of Flash, so it might work better or worse for you than YouTube.

    I am going to use to try to convert the YouTube video into an MP3 file, which I can play on MP3 player, so I won’t be tethered to my computer.

    A healthy and happy New Year to all.

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