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  1. If I remember correctly from long ago reading Chairman Mao’s “Little Red Book”, one of his quotations went something like: ‘It is a good thing to be hated by our enemies, because it shows we are different from them’.

    Congratulations! Someone hates ChicagoBoyz. That means you are doing something right!

    Hey, and deep appreciation for your efforts in migrating the site to different software. Not easy. Lot of work there.

  2. It may have been forced on you, but I do like the new format on my laptop. Plus it’s probably better for those reading on tablets and phones.

    And as others say above, the hacking indicates you’re upsetting some people, which is a good thing.

  3. “How should society handle hackers? I tend to favor doxxing them.”

    I tend to favor something much more permanent and painful. The deterrent of a federal felony seems rather slight. Whoever did it is at much greater hazard from meteorites than form prosecution even if he is a U.S. resident.

    China and Russia seem unconcerned with joining North Korea as a base for hacking. The present maladministration seems singularly unlikely to do anything.

    I wonder how long Belarus will be landlocked with no civil air in or out?

  4. “How should society handle hackers? I tend to favor doxxing them.”

    I’d favor direct action “with extreme prejudice.” Which seems to me a better consequence for those who shut down the pipeline instead of paying them danegeld.

  5. I used to hunt em’ down, but that was long ago. As well it was my server, so I had the logs, and could determine where the attack came from.

    My most successful counterattack involved an advertising.com mostly unused C network, with abandoned attempts at name servers scattered about the place. The Rats had a home here in one of the servers they had managed to penetrate. I took that away from them, simply by involving advertising.com into the process. I explained, only partly toungue in cheek, that if I got rid of the Rats, their machines might suffer. They got rid of them and sent me a nice email I should have kept. As well I managed to get in touch with the Rats and offered them an account on my machine. That was only partly rubbing it in, as keeping them close was a good idea. They never bothered _me_ again. ;)

  6. “I wonder how long Belarus will be landlocked with no civil air in or out?”

    This is interesting and very funny. First Russia is now denying entry to anyone who flies around Belarus to get to Russia, or pass over it.

    As well, we now know the kid they grabbed Roman Protasevich, was a CIA asset who was part of yet another attempt at a colour revolution in Belarus. Well we don’t actually have his CIA number but we know he was in the Azov brigade in Ukraine, a Nazi organization loosely linked to the Ukraine army, and in the east fighting with the forces of the Donbass. They have been a CIA asset for quite a few years now.

    This kid: https://ic.pics.livejournal.com/colonelcassad/19281164/2880578/2880578_900.jpg

    The commander of the Azov brigade ‘Biletskiy officially confirmed that Protasevich was in Azov, but asserted that “his weapon was a word, not a machine gun.”‘

    I told you it was funny. ;)

  7. It gets funnier. “The LPR, in theory, can send an official request to Belarus to extradite Protasevich, but it is worth remembering that the LPR is not recognized by Belarus and Belarus is not yet obliged to send someone there.”

    The LPR wants him for war crimes. They will execute him if they can get ahold of him.

    Oh yeah LPR means Lugansk People’s Republic. Part of the Donbass that broke away from the Ukraine.

  8. I’m with PubliusII — The look is a bit Spartan but it’s far far easier on a phone.

    When you get around to redesigning things, let me add my plea for a decent responsive design that will use the entire viewport on a phone, and respect the phone’s text-scaling setting.

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