8 thoughts on “Random Pic”

  1. The anti ivermectin hysteria has surpassed the anti-hcq hysteria for the craziest part of the past two years. Just total lunacy.

  2. There are a number of things about the Southwest Airlines/Florida cancelled flights that don’t match any of the explanations I’ve seen.

    If Southwest personnel were absenting themselves, you’d see empty airplanes without crews. Instead, the accounts I’ve seen, were of crewed planes that were apparently denied landing slots at destinations in Florida, just as if there was a weather problem.

    If it was some sort of job action by ATC, (air traffic controllers) you’d expect to see all airlines affected. Central Florida is a popular destination.

    I don’t know enough about the mechanics of this to see what’s actually going on but I’m betting it’s no accident. I wonder if mysterious delays won’t appear some place else this weekend.

    It is the smallest taste of what will happen if the un-vaxed are actually fired just in time for the Christmas rush.

    I also saw an item pointing out that 45,000 VA employees have violated the vax mandate yet are still employed. It seems to show more sense than I’m accustomed to see from the VA management.

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