4 thoughts on “Chicagoboyz Billboard Series: 2”

  1. I had a boss withhold my last paycheck a while ago. NY told me to pound sand because I made too much money for them to care.

  2. The Boss looks Mexican.

    The lawfirm listed at jefenopaga.Com is white & Twombly of Miami http://www.whitetwombly.com

    They look legit working in a lot of different practice areas. More legit than the ambulance chasers who advertise in daytime tb

    Bosses stiffing employees is a real problem and this looks like it might be a good idea.

  3. Speaking of lawyers and billboards. Last year I drove across Missouri st Louis to Kansas. About every 2 miles was a billboard for the “Jungle Law” firm. All jungle themed 20-30 different ones each pitching a different sorrow. Drugs, dui, divorce and so on.

    It occurs to me one could write a decent country song just from the billboards.

    I was thinking of them last night and found this article.


    Two of the women partners look like Dog the Bounty Hunters wife. Or Dog himself.

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