Keep on Truckin’

The Canadian truckers’ protest has been prominent on alternate media although ignored by “corporate media.” After 50,000 truckers got going on the way to confront the Trudeau regime in Canada, millions of dollars were donated to a “GoFundMe” crowdsourcing site. The donators should have checked the history of that outfit because they have a history of refusing conservative causes. One, of course, was the Kyle Rittenhouse case in which they refused to accept donations. Even after his acquittal, they refused.

The trucker funding reached $10 million and GoFundMe tried to appropriate the money to give to left wing causes like Black Lives Matter. Immediate pushback began with Elon Musk.

Now, the threat of charge back fees has caused GoFundMe to retreat and promise refunds.

The backlash against the crowdfunding company was fast, massive and direct. Facing legal action, U.S. state lawsuits and massive charge-back fees from outraged donors contesting refunds through their banks and credit cards, GoFundMe had an overnight change in position:

Now, the Trudeau regime is threatening retaliation, including arrest. The towing companies were first asked to tow the trucks away. They responded that their drivers all had Covid and were unavailable. Then the Mayor of Ottawa threatened them with the Canadian army. The army has responded a refusal.

Paul Vieria, the Canadian correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, tweeted yesterday that a spokesman for Canada’s defence minister, Anita Anand, said: “The Canadian Armed Forces are not involved in law enforcement in this situation, and there are no plans for such CAF involvement.”

Spokesman for Canada’s defence minister, following comments from Ottawa police chief Sloly on possible need for military’s help in trucker protest: “The Canadian Armed Forces are not involved in law enforcement in this situation, and there are no plans for such CAF involvement.”

An interesting report from an Ottawa resident is here.

There is now growing interest in organizing a similar protest here.

The American Truckers formed a Facebook group that as of Sunday has more than 67,000 members.

The page states that they support freedom and they are done with the mandates.

“We are part of many large groups who believe in our founding fathers. We believe everyone has a voice. We support our freedom. Help us spread the word about this group and together we all can make it a better place.. God Bless America,” the page reads.

The group has not yet announced it’s start date – but says the convoy will be scheduled soon.

Facebook immediately removed the page. We’ll see.

Not one Canadian provincial “premier’ has supported the truckers.
Not one. However one US Governor has supported their right to protest. Guess who?

DeSantis has announced that the GoFundMe decision to confiscate the donations is mail fraud.
That now appears to be moot as the crowd funding company has retreated from its threat.

What is the next development? Maybe this ?

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  1. that’s my governor, my understanding is a refund incurs no charges, a chargeback applies a $15 dollar charge per donation, against go fund me,

  2. Been following this story, of course. I am pretty certain that those of us who were political mavens knew that GoFundMe was an organization which played political favorites. That is, those efforts which were non-political or who were prog-approved would slide by … but those which weren’t … would be knee-capped.
    I rather think that GFM’s legal department woke up, checked what their employer was doing … and began screaming at an ear-splitting pitch.
    Also – I think GFM is done. Those of us on the conservative side of things knew what they were … but now, everyone else does so, too.

  3. “DeSantis has announced that the GoFundMe decision to confiscate the donations is mail fraud.
    That now appears to be moot as the crowd funding company has retreated from its threat.”
    That’s the way to play the game. The Dems have played one way lawfare for decades now, and the GOP does nothing.
    IANAL, but I suspect GFM is in deep doodoo if any GOP AGs have grown a pair…

  4. IANAL either but I believe they incurred criminal liability the moment any funds were diverted away from their intended recipient. Making good the loss mitigates the offense but doesn’t eliminate it. They had a pretty good racket going until they had to take sides.

  5. We ought to start a crowdfunding company that isn’t adverse to passing the money to all causes save criminal ones.

  6. The stupid is huge and getting huger. So be it.

    My record player is superb at this point and i will just stay home and listen to Jazz, while the world swallows its self. Biggest problem is tubes, the nice ones are not at all cheap. ;)

  7. they were experiencing denial of service attacks the other day though, there’s also some chibatos, (informers) who are giving the names of trucks involved to insurance companies

  8. Mike: Do you have any thoughts on the DMED story? Is there any there there?
    (Apparently some whistleblowers have released 5 years of DOD health data showing huge jumps in various issues in 2021, and the DOD now claims that their system was systematically underreporting all of them before 2021. Convenient, huh? Also apparently their adjusted numbers would mean these issues all had prevalences that would have dwarfed civilian rates, which isn’t remotely plausible.)

  9. I found the army threat interesting for a couple of reasons.

    First, there is nobody in the Canadian government in the army’s chain of command. The commander in chief is Queen Elizabeth in her capacity as Queen of England, cans etc. This is delegated to the Governor General of Canada who is appointed by her and serves at her pleasure.

    So even if Trudeau wanted to call them out, he has no authority to do so. He can only ask the gg to do so.

    Army also swears loyalty specifically to Quen Elizabeth. Not to Canada, not to the constitution, not to govt but to her personally. (there was a German pm a while ago who required a personal oath. Can’t recall the name just now l

    Second, I tried to find out if the army could be used to do policing. In the us they can’t, with some exceptions. Posse Comitatus. Don’t know about Canada but if so I suspect that as in the us there would be workarounds.

    I also wonder if called upon whether and how the the army would respond. How enthusiastic would the troops be? Suppose they got called out and refused to go?

    I’ll bet that there are some questions in the usg about how our troops might respond in a similar situation. Might they say “sir, that appears to be an illegal order. I am forbidden by law to obey.”?

    Our military takes an oath to the US constitution and nothing else

  10. One correction, the truckers are backed by farmers and I hope soon the tradies!.
    Who has their finger on the pulse of the Canadian public?
    Congrats to whoever is leading the truckers. This is what visionary, ahead of the curve, adroit and seizing the high ground looks like. Contrast this to the lame, cheesy, snarky response of the Trudeau sycophants, No finesse to be found there. It’s not like they didn’t have time to game this and prepare. They apparently relied on their own bought and paid for media.
    BTW, My personal favorite moment was the Conga line.
    Two issues: logistics and PR.
    “The Ottawa police chief has a very different demeanor than he did a few days ago. He doesn’t have the manpower to deal with this and he knows it. City council on the other hand seems to remain clueless no matter how many times he explains this.” I’m repeating an adage mentioned several times by Jack Posobeic. Amateurs focus on tactics. Professionals focus on logistics. The truckers present a logistical nightmare and this is what has the authorities behind the eightball.
    That said, never forget that this is a battle for hearts and minds. We have dueling stories out of Canada, as we speak. The media presents the truckers as white supremacists, Nazis, and crass bullies, who are desecrating war memorials, and trashing the cities. The live streamers reveal to us that the protestors are wholesome, cheerful, diverse men, women, and children dancing, singing, playing games, and acting like they are at a Winter Festival. They are shown clearing ice and snow from the war memorial, salting the sidewalks, collecting garbage, feeding the homeless….. I don’t know what it takes for the media faithful to realize that something is amiss. For over a year, many Americans actually believed that Kyle Rittenhouse assassinated, in cold blood, three black BLM protestors, despite their surnames being Huber, Rosenbaum, and Grosskreutz. The media tried to convince the public that an SUV murdered 6, including a child, at a Christmas parade in Waukesha Wi. I’m barely scraping the surface. How can this be reconciled?
    If I had the ear of the planners, I would ask them to take a day to highlight the untold harm (social, emotional, neuro-cognitive) done to children; posters, interviews, speeches, banners. Ask the parents to speak out. Make the reckless, myopic thugs, the authorities, and the “so called” experts explain themselves, defend their hateful and damaging policies. Get them on the record. Seize and hold the high ground.

  11. “there’s also some chibatos, (informers) who are giving the names of trucks involved to insurance companies”.
    Yes, by all means, remove insurance cover and force all those trucks off the road. That will solve all the problems.

    They NEED the drivers to drive the trucks, no drivers no trucks. Anything punitive they do to the drivers just makes all the bad effects permanent.

  12. As Canadians are 84%+ fully vaccinated, most of us think the trucker protest is dumb. We don’t get much press though, as its far more exciting to report on half wits, with a lot of crazy onboard.

    The unvaccinated are filling up hospitals and keeping people with life threatening problems, untreated in some places in America. The reason you get vaccinated is to protect your medical system, not yourself. Its really a civic duty, but that is not popular in many places. So the stupid and selfish are killing people in fairly large numbers.

    In your country you have gone from 11th worst to about 14th worst, but you will have killed a million people in a week or so. Its like you just don’t care. ;(

  13. It’s an interesting exercise in terms of what it tells us about the question of “who really runs things”.

    The actuality of it all has always been that the “elites” only exercise what power they have via sleight of hand and legerdemain; Ceaucescu only managed to run Romania so long as he was that lion tamer with the whip and the pistol, overawing the lions. The minute the lions figured out that the real power in that cage lay in their paws, it was over for Mr. Ceaucescu and his lion-taming act.

    It’s the same thing across the board; the various “-isms” all rely on everyone believing really hard in what their various scams are. The minute that the rubes start to catch on, and cease to believe really, really hard in all that crap? The scamming elites are done. Doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about feudal aristocracy, the nomenklatura of the Soviet Union, or any of the modern variations on the scam: The willing suspension of disbelief stops, and not so long after, so does the regime.

    What we’re going through right now, here in the US, is that process. Canada is merely a few notches ahead of us, as the ratchet clanks down.

    There’s a restlessness, an impatience with the bullshit, that you can see and hear all around you. I really have no idea where it is going to express itself first, or most loudly, but I will say that the attempts to suppress it all are only going to have the effect of increasing the pressure, which inevitably means that the blow-up is going to be a lot bigger and far more widespread than it needs to be. The jackasses who think they’re lords of the universe, and running everything? They’re going to be lucky if their comeuppance is only a bunch of truckers parked along major throughfares, blocking their cities. If they’re really unlucky, they’re going to wind up playing a la lantirne with their enraged constituent/victims, and the numbers ain’t in their favor.

  14. PenGun weighs in with the Trudeau narrative.

    By the way, the fund is now over $3 million.

    The sheep-like nature of Canadians has been frustrated by discovery there are still millions who care about freedom.

    The Houston physician who was fired by Methodist Hospital in Houston is now suing to learn the true data about hospitals’ motive to exaggerate the deaths and cases. When I was in Tucson Medical Center in July 2020, the nurses told me it was $40,000 per case admitted.

  15. It’s a relief to know that PenGun seems safe and has not been arrested.

    Police in Winnipeg said the driver, who was not immediately named, use his Jeep Patriot to plow through the crowd for coronavirus mandate protesters at the Legislative grounds before fleeing the scene at high speeds.

    ‘A 42yr old male is facing charges after driving through a group of protesters that were part of the Freedom Convoy at the Legislative grounds,’ the Winnipeg Police tweeted Saturday.

    ‘Four adult males were struck.’

    What a relief !

  16. ROTFLMFAO! Mike, I would not be caught dead in a Jeep. I have a little class, and own an 87 Sammy.

    As well attacking people is not something I have ever found useful. Well there was that one time when some honda group decided making fun of Satan’s Choice was a thing. We let Terry “Chains” Morton terrify them for a while and he pushed all their bikes over. ;) Not another word was heard. ;)

  17. “Doesn’t Penny know that Canuck media says that Putin is behind the truckers lol…”

    Of course. He is behind almost everything, did you not know?. Witness the recent madness over Ukraine.

  18. According to their spokespeople, the Trucker Convoy 2022 demands an end to covid mandates and covid restrictions. I hope that means that they are opposed to the covid passports and the government’s use of covid as an excuse to abuse children.
    It’s my understanding that most of the participants in the protests are vaccinated, though I don’t know how anyone would know for sure,

  19. “It’s my understanding that most of the participants in the protests are vaccinated, though I don’t know how anyone would know for sure,”

    I very much doubt that. All of we vaccinated have passports and mostly approve of them. Keep the half wits away from my restaurant etc, so, I can safely dine or whatever. Works for me.

  20. Penny will learn about truckers when his restaurant closes. One would think that Canadians, living in that great white north, would have better survival instincts. Pissing off 50,000 people who deliver your food sounds like a bad idea.

  21. I was a trucker most of my life. I owned my own trucks, and I liked the life as you are on your own.

    The halfwits will deliver food, or be fired. Its not all that hard to drive truck and almost anyone can. I suspect those fired will be quickly replaced. It matters little to me. Most of my food comes from a few farms in the area and that will not be affected much. Being a vegetarian has a few advantages, and food is one.

    I go to a restaurant about 4 times a year maybe. My cooking is better than most of em’ anyway.

  22. “I very much doubt that.”
    You don’t know because nobody knows. I only have anecdotal evidence form the statements made by the truckers, themselves, when interviewed.
    I think it is just as likely that many of them don’t want to be encumbered with the neurotic, pointless charade, a time consuming waste of time, as they go about making a living.

  23. “a time consuming waste of time” Good one. ;)

    It takes me about 30 secs to pull out my phone and show my passport. People in hurry, like my sisters, have it printed on card and just whip it out. That takes maybe 10 seconds.

    The Canadian Truckers Association, who oppose this stupidity, say almost 90% of truckers are vaccinated, so this is really the 10%, buoyed, co-opted and incited by the well organized antivaxx conspiracy.

  24. You’d have to ask them. I can confirm they are a lot of them, and they are all over the live streams saying so. They are not anti vaccine; they are anti-mandate. Most of us can discern the difference.

  25. I have a vaccine card. We are required to use it in Puerto Rico in restaurants for dine in and hotels at check-in. Probably other places which I avoid.

    You are right, it doesn’t take much time. I could have a QR code on my phone that takes about 10 seconds to display. I choose not to let the govt have access to my phone, at least not any more than they do. I have a picture of my card on my phone that I can call up with a click.

    I generally use a reduced size, blurry, photocopy that I keep in my walled where my drivers license would be. The plastic window is somewhat hazed making it even harder to read. In fact, it is pretty much illegible.

    I wait for them to ask me to show it. Then I pull out an ID card. I had been using my Global Entry (passport) card for ID, rather than my drivers license. I make them take a good look at that before I show them my vaccine card. Since most people have never seen one, it confuses them. Last week I started using my press card. Not valid for ID, of course, just has my name and pic and PRESS in big letters. That seems to be acceptable so I will continue using it unless asked for something more official.

    I then ask to see the vaccine card of the person asking to see mine. Sometimes they will show it to me, sometimes not in which case I grumble about how do I know they are vaccinated (or at least have a card). Sometimes they want the manager to come over and explain how everyone is vaccinated in which case I ask to see their card.

    You are right, it can be a very quick process. But why should it be? Sometimes I can stretch it out to a minute or more. The longer the better. The more of a pain in the ass, while still being polite and smiling, I can be, the better. If I could stretch it to 2 minutes, I would.

    I suspect that enough people are doing this that a number of the fast food restaurants are not even asking any more. One chain, which has a lunch I particularly like, only asks if you are dining in. So I say no. They give me my food in a bag and I take it to a table and eat it. I’ve probably done that 20-30 times and nobody has ever said boo.

    You want to get a vaccine? Great, fine by me. You want to ask me to get a kung flu vaccine? Again, fine by me. Convince me that is it 1) Safe and 2) Effective and I will probably do it. I have no problem in general with vaccines. That is, vaccines that are vaccines. I’ve probably had 60-70 in my lifetime.

    You want to force me to get one? Go fuck yourself.

    I think that is the problem your truckies have. As you say, 90% are already vaccinated so the law doesn’t affect them. They are not spending all this time, effort, legal risk and money to avoid being vaccinated. They probably don’t even care that much about the 10% that is unvaxxed. They are objecting to the enforcement. What is it about that that you fail to understand?

    This is America. We are free citizens, not subjects of a queen 5,000 miles away. We voided that a couple centuries ago.

  26. We also have mask laws in all public places. I never put my mask on until asked. I carry it in my hand as I go in and as soon as an employee says “Hey, mask” I grin as if I had forgotten and pop it on.

    They want me to comply? They have to ask me to.

    I use a very thin foam mask from FoamTec that is designed for use in cleanrooms. I like it because it does not trap my exhalations and provides almost no breathing resistance. I got a pack from a pharma client last January. been using the same one the whole time, washing it from time to time.

    Occasionally someone will tell me that I need to wear one of those useless paper masks. Then I become a (very polite, smiley) asshole and lecture them on how their mask is not approved by anyone while mine is. If necessary I whip out my phone and show them the FoamTec datasheet. Lots of small print but nobody has ever done much more than glance at it and figure I am not worth the effort.

    I am a free citizen. Perhaps canadians are finally realizing that they should be too.

    Go truckers. Gonna make a donation when they get the donation site settled down.

  27. “They probably don’t even care that much about the 10% that is unvaxxed. They are objecting to the enforcement. What is it about that that you fail to understand?”

    I very much doubt this is the case. No one who is vaccinated objects to having a passport, quite the opposite in fact.

    “This is America. We are free citizens” You just keep on believing that. ;) I am a loyal subject of the crown, and my family has been killing people for that crown, for a very long time, almost 800 years that we know about. ;)

  28. I suspect those fired will be quickly replaced.

    Is that true in Canada? It is not true in the US. For the past 10-20 years trucking companies have been having a terrible time finding enough drivers. Send existing drivers home, where will they find replacements?

    It may be because truckdriving doesn’t pay enough but that is another issue.

  29. So I am confused, Pen, what percentage of these truckies and the people supporting them are vaccinated? I thought you were the one saying 90%?

    No? What is the percentage?

    And what percentage of their supporters are vaccinated? says that 79% of all canadians are “fully vaccinated”

    So all this hooraw is by the 20% that are not?

    Is the rate for truckers significantly different from the genpop?

  30. PenGun

    I very much doubt this is the case. No one who is vaccinated objects to having a passport, quite the opposite in fact.

    Be careful when you say “no one” I have a passport, as you call it. I object very much to being forced to get one.

    I would object even more if we actually called it a “passport” In the US we have always been able to travel freely without being asked for any kind of internal passport or “papers”

    There is no legal requirement that I carry any identification at all anywhere in the US with a few exceptions. Though having it often makes it easier.

  31. Words after Belloc…
    Fidel Jr hopes — and that is the mark of him, that he can have his cake and eat it too. He will consume what civilization has slowly produced after generations of selection and effort, but he will not be at pains to replace such goods, nor indeed has he a comprehension of the virtue that has brought them into being. Discipline seems to him irrational, on which account he is ever marvelling that civilization, should have offended him with priests and soldiers…. In a word, Fidel Jr is discoverable everywhere in this, that he cannot make: that he can befog and destroy but that he cannot sustain; and of every Fidel Jr in the decline or peril of every civilization exactly that has been true.
    We sit by and watch Fidel Jr. We tolerate him in the long stretches of peace, we are not afraid. We are tickled by his irreverence; his comic inversion of our old certitudes and our fixed creed refreshes us; we laugh. But as we laugh we are watched by large and awful faces from beyond, of the truckers, and on these trucker’s faces there are broad smiles…for they see Fidel Jr for the pathetic joke that he is.

  32. Yeah I know a few people who got vaccinated to keep their job. They are certainly reluctant, but need the money I guess. “Money is thicker than honour” Meh, ah well. ;)

    My favourite vaccination scam was a group of doctors in Russia who set up what was supposed to be a way around the passports, a fake shot and papers, but what actually happened is that they gave them real vaccinations. A reverse scam if you will.

    The city of Ottawa is tired of this. They are working on a way to arrest the people plugging up their streets. There are several avenues being pursued, and I would guess they will find a way to get their city back from these fools.

  33. Sounds like Fidel Jr and his lackeys are arresting the truckers en masse tonight.
    In the end we still win, these are the times when those who know what time it is step up to the front…

  34. I hope these people have every bit of their infrastructure in their control, and not dependent on any silicon valley commies:
    Canadian truckers are standing up for all of us, and we need your help to crowdfund a lawyer to fight any tickets or fines Canadian truckers may face. Please donate on this page to offset the cost of their legal fees.

  35. “these are the times when those who know what time it is step up to the front…”

    I used to run time servers, way back when it was actually a trick. they could do 1/4 sec even over screwy connections. ;) Most of the trick was getting accurate time over a particular connection, to give the lusers, oh sorry users, what they needed. ;)

    I’ll just stay in the back. I’m playing Skyrim, the new special edition one, and my conjurer is very fragile. but his summons are extremely powerful. ;)

  36. The city of Ottawa is tired of this. They are working on a way to arrest the people plugging up their streets. There are several avenues being pursued, and I would guess they will find a way to get their city back from these fools.

    Are you one of the volunteers to haul food to the stores once the truckers are arrested ?
    Asking for a friend.

  37. No, he’ll be one of the ones sitting there starving in the dark, wondering where it all went wrong.

    This situation is akin to that of the Soviets collectivization efforts, with the only difference being that they don’t have the ability to coerce the kulaks. What are they going to do, demand that the truckers drive for them? Replace them with what, the (at most…) couple of hundred Canadian military truck drivers they have?

    The lions are figuring out that the lion tamer is one guy, and he’s alone inside the ring with all of them. All the truckers need to do is simply quit servicing Ottawa, withdrawing their services.

    I’ll lay you long odds that the morons in charge have exactly zero fscking idea what the logistics are which keep that city functional, or how to replace the lost services. They probably don’t even know where all the food is stored, who has control of it, or what they’re going to have to do to get control of it to ration it all in order to prevent starvation.

    The kulaks are apparently on the cusp of deciding to just… Stop. Observe what happens, because I don’t think it’s really anything that anyone has any context for, at all. Canada simply does not have the manpower in its organs of governance to replace everything they’re about to lose, and it won’t take more than a week or two before things begin to break down. Nine meals from anarchy, and I dare say that there isn’t anyone in Ottawa’s government that even knows how many meals they’ve got, on hand.

    Sow the wind, reap whirlwind.

  38. Hes passive agressive like one of the weaker trolls if the vaccine was sterilizing and insured overall effectiveness i would be for it, but they cant prove that

  39. They are arresting them now. I would start with parking violations and impound the vehicles involved if they were not promptly moved.

    Obstruction is one charge being levied for more aggressive people and that can lead to a lengthy wait if the courts are overloaded. Ottawa is old and has large places to store the recalcitrant and I think a strong civil response is appropriate.

    We are Canadians it will not be too brutal, unless it has to be.

    “Are you one of the volunteers to haul food to the stores once the truckers are arrested ?” You are far too impressed by the rather fake videos out there. The huge majority of truckers are not involved, they have stuff to do.

    The apocalyptic language is hilarious. ;)

  40. This sort of thing is why I expect all this will end in violence. It’s not where we are now, it’s where we’re going to end up.

    It looks to me like these Canadian protesters are roughly at the stage American dissidents were circa 2010, during the Tea Party movement. They play nice, pick up trash, are respectful to everyone, etc.

    And the regime treats them as terrorists, sending heavily armed police to arrest them.

    There’s a lesson in that, and I’m sure plenty of Canadians will learn it.

  41. Ottawa is old and has large places to store the recalcitrant and I think a strong civil response is appropriate.

    In other words, you endorse prison camps for dissidents. Noted.

    We are Canadians it will not be too brutal, unless it has to be.

    So Canadian police won’t beat people to death, unless they deserve it. Also noted.

    You are far too impressed by the rather fake videos out there.

    Don’t believe your lying eyes, believe the people who are telling you your eyes are lying. Nope.

    The huge majority of truckers are not involved, they have stuff to do.

    The huge majority of black people in America are not shot by police, they have stuff to do. Therefore, the protests against black people getting shot by police deserve prison camps, brutality, and demands that people shut up about what their lying eyes tell them.

    Pengun: I am much more tolerant of you than most people here, because you strike me as just a run-of-the-mill leftist of the sort I used to argue with for fun.

    But can’t you at least try to come up with an argument that doesn’t make you look like a fascist?

    That’s a bad thing for you guys, right?


  42. The impounded trucks won’t be hauling any loads either. Wonder if they might have a little trouble finding drivers willing to go certain places, they still mostly get to choose.

    The sole piece of Olympic coverage I’ve bothered to watch was the process of entering the “bubble” which has all the charm that being processed into Dachau must have had, back in the day. Two invasive swabs, then shut into your hotel room until results. All, of vaccinated people to start with and there are still hundreds of cases that get you put in even more restrictive and obnoxious conditions. The tests don’t work, the vaccines don’t work and if you believe there’s an actual benefit, you’ll have to take the word of those that have been lying from the beginning.

    The only up side is that this might put NBC out of it’s misery and the Olympics with them. The best that some American Booster bringing up the idea of sponsoring an Olympic “Games” should hope for is being shut away in an insane asylum. The athletes will still find ways to compete just like they always have and the people interested will still watch, just without the hype and corruption.

  43. The system relies on the right being well-behaved and happy to always lose. They can’t tolerate any actual ground-level conservative actions.

  44. the chilean truckers strike in the 70s was deemed quite effective against the Allende govt, the last in 1973, before the coup

  45. and trudeau has enough stupid on both sides of the family, so no need to bring the walking coma (play on comandante) into it,

  46. Good morning. Cat brushing time, he is huge and has so much fur, so to avoid mats we have brushing in the morning.

    The terrorists in Ottawa have about 500 heavy trucks. The rest is rabble in pickups. They are being busted and and I hope they make it expensive.

    Our country is not going to change any laws because of these half wits. We have a parliament for that sort of thing. So the work begins to clean up this terrorist attack on our capital. The people of Ottawa are not on the terrorists side and are tired of this.

  47. LMAO at the commie calling truckers terrorists. Too funny. Do bouncy houses and honking horns scare you? Lenin would be so disappointed in your softness, comrade…you’re the very definition of NGMI hahaha.

  48. Well at this point they are terrorists. Trying to force our government to change its laws outside of the proper channels, is terrorism.

    I will volunteer to go move impounded trucks, if there is a need. Its not hard if you know how. I have seen much crazy about how no one can move them, but I sure can. Impound the sucker give me the keys, I guess I will have to be some kind of deputy to do this. ;)

  49. The Usual Suspect: “So the work begins to clean up this terrorist attack on our capital.”

    This is a good example of the standard Leftie technique of changing the meaning of words, as George Orwell (himself a genuine socialist) pointed out in “1984” and other writings. A “case” now means an asymptomatic person. A “vaccine” now means an injectant that does not protect the individual from getting the disease or from spreading the disease. And now a “terrorist” is someone who parks in the wrong place.

    Remember when terrorists killed people? But that was then, and this (sadly) is now.

  50. It’s ok Penny, I’m sure the scary truckers will let you play in their bouncy houses, no reason to cry about it. Sound like you and the Ottawa Mayor (“It’s disturbing when you see the protest turning into what looks like some kind of a fun carnival, where they’ve got bouncy castles and hot tubs and saunas”) probably are suffering from bad Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s very common. You need to get out more, take some vitamins, and it’ll all get better soon. Cheer up, the days are getting longer.

  51. I was a trucker most of my life. There is nothing scary in Ottawa. well for me anyway.

    Actually high fived some Nomads, in a video, then called them idiots. I was once a VP of Satan’s Choice, so it was good to see they are still around. They are around because they rolled over to the Angels. SC is not around because we fought them. ;)

  52. yawn fingal (like raul julias character in a dystopian comedy) isn’t bringing his best material, as if he could tell, of course zoolander is all for burn loot murder, in the best clockwork orange tradition, zoolander gave 10 million dollars to the baby terrorrist that shot a US soldier, those are his priorities,

  53. we’ve gone ultra plaid, if peaceful assembly can be deemed terrorism, but rampant looting can be deemed mostly peaceful

  54. The link does not load. Yes the terrorists have been calling for gas, as I guess they are running out.

    The trucks that are there are owner operator ones, as no company is gonna let their trucks, be involved. So I am actually surprised that that so many of them own their trucks. Usually the truck makes money to pay for its self and provide an income. If that were the case, these guys would be going bankrupt rather fast. So that’s good to see.

    I would make expensive to be a terrorist in Ottawa. Just the parking tickets could be a way to pay for the damage to Ottawa and its citizens. There is now an injunction against honking horns. Go ahead, see what happens. ;)

  55. Without knowing where the fuel pipeline terminals are in relation to Ottawa it’s likely that there are no more than a few dozen fuel trucks in the whole region. It’s common for a single truck to haul multiple loads in a day and fill multiple locations from one load. It won’t take that many drivers simply refusing loads to cause major disruptions if they’re organized. A slight increase in unloading the wrong fuel into tanks could cause even more fun.

    Just getting a truck and driver cleared to enter one of the terminals in DFW is a multi day process the first time. The trucks usually belong to the drivers with the hazmat endorsed license to haul fuel. Getting a hazmat endorsement can take weeks for the paperwork. Every pipeline terminal will have about as many trucks working that area as they need, there’s no big bunch of long haul tankers for fuel just sitting around looking for a load.

    Truckers are a sort of ornery bunch at best, if they can get enough tow trucks, they can clear the streets, what they can’t do is make those trucks reappear loaded with what they need if the drivers aren’t inclined. Canada is a very small country spread out over a lot of empty ground. It’ll come down to just how many drivers decide to do or not do something.

  56. The thing the trucker terrorists know, that the ottawa commies may not, is the logistics involved in getting things from points A through Z. Blocking a few blocks in Ottawa and honking horns and setting up bouncy houses is all fun and games, and is easy to break up. But are there enough police in all of Canada to keep every important intersection in the whole country clear? Kinda seems doubtful. If Fidel Jr had a brain he’d let the terrorists have their fun, to keep them doing harmless playing and not get them mad. But Fidel Jr wasn’t picked for his brains, but just because of the guy who his mother was married to lol…

  57. Pen,
    Even Canadians have the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Unlike the US, where it is in our constitution, the queen makes n promise to respect that right.

    As I understand it, Canada is under the hypothetical English Constitution. Yes, you have your own constitution but when the Queen, through her ministers, says it confilcts with the so-called English constitution, yours will be subservient. Like our state constitutions are subservient to our federal constitution.

    You do not like the 50,000 truck protest. Not the proper way to do things, you say. You are right, it would be much better if protests were not necessary. It would be much better if we had not needed the all the civil rights marches in the 50s and 60s. It would have been much better if government just did the right thing on their own.

    But they don’t. And when they don’t, we have the right to demand that they do.

    So how do Canadians demand a redress of grievances and to who? Your PM does not have the power, nor does your parliament. Neither can do anything without the “assent” of Queen Liz. I suspect that this is getting her attention.

    There are also a number of similar trucker protest going on around the world. Australia has had a series of them over the past 4-5 months. Greece has one going on now. France hs the Yellow Vests.

    When govts won’t pay attention, sometimes the people have to (metaphorically) whack it upside the head with a 2×4.

  58. I think I read something about an Ottawa shopping mall providing parking for trucks.

    In the US police can’t ticket for parking on private property with the owner’s permission. Perhaps they can in Canada.

    If the trucks don’t park, but keep driving, or being stopped in traffic trying to drive, they can’t be ticketed. In the US anyway. Perhaps Canada is different in this.

    If the trucks drive through Ottawa, obeying all stop signs, legal minimum speed limit and so on then, on the other side turn around and drive back the other way, would the police be able to do anything?

    I suspect that the Queen’s govt is going to find out how limited its power actually is.

    Maybe the queen should just dismiss Trudeau and the cabinet and appoint a new one. Dissolve parliament while she is at it. Her current govt clearly seems to have lost control.

  59. Truckers are a sort of ornery bunch at best, if they can get enough tow trucks, they can clear the streets,

    But they can’t get tow trucks. They ahve tried but every single towing company has apparently said that they have no drivers because of kungflu.

    The army won’t help. Trudeau says he won’t call on them. Big of him since he can’t anyway. They work for the queen, not the Canadian govt. I doubt the queen will ask them to. I wonder how they would respond if they did? How many towtrucks that can handle a semi does the army have?

    Assuming that they could get 20-30 tow trucks, and drivers, and the truckers did not lock up their brakes or something, how long would it take to move a semi out of the city? an hour or two?

    I really doubt that towing is going to happen.

  60. I used to know a bit about truck air brakes in the 70s. Don’t know for sure if they still work the same but assume they do.

    That is, a spring applies the brakes. Compressed air releases them. Apply the brake pedal and it bleeds air. Release the pedal and compressed7air releases the brake.

    I do have a fair amount of expertise in pneumatic control and automation. I know that they can take a while to troubleshoot. Usually a lot more time to find the problem than to fix it.

    I suspect that a driver could lock up the brakes so it might take a skilled mechanic (not most truck drivers) an hour or 2 to find and fix. Assuming the driver didn’t walk off with some key component.

    If the brakes are locked, the truck is going nowhere.

    It wouldn’t take more than 1 truck in 10 being disabled.

    The govt has lost this. It may take another week or 2 to admit it but they have. Might as well get it over now.

    A number of states are seeing what is going on in our hat and throwing in the towel before our truckers do the same. Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, California and others have already announced they are dropping all or most restrictions in the next week or so. A number of others already have.

    Give it up, Pen. There is a real danger that this could build to the point where the people of Canada demand independence with your own government. Give up now and you’ll be able to keep “your” queen.


    It might already be too late.

  61. I drove truck for quite a while. Getting the air up is no big deal, if you are tricky you can feed air in through the glad hands, from another truck.

    An air wrench will spin back maxis, ancherlocks what have you, in a few seconds if they have actually slashed a line, not that that is easy.

    Its dying, most everyone is tired of these fools and we will move on. We don’t have quite the numbers to shut down much of the precautions we have in place, but its coming. Omnicron has helped, while also killing people. Hi ho.

  62. It’s simpler than any of that. They should just drive away and not come back. It’s not the trucks or even the drivers that matter, it’s what’s in them. Time to move on to phase 2.

    The Brit Army was notorious for an offense on the books that was called “silent Contempt”, as in, of particular officers. Bringing the charge never seemed to go well for the officer doing it. Give the good citizens of Ottawa a few weeks blessedly free of trucks, they deserve it. Silence will speak far louder than air horns.

  63. Supposedly the Queen’s Canadian government never negotiates with terrorists.

    But this morning it us negotiating with truckers.

    I’m glad they are no longer terrorists.

  64. Its dying, most everyone is tired of these fools and we will move on

    PenGun, once again, confirms that inside every leftist is an authoritarian.

    I don’t know how this will eventually turn out but the left now loves the FBI and the CIA and the white northers love the RCMP. In fact, this might be enough to do to the RCMP what the Russiagate scandal did to the FBI. No more sergeant Preston and his dog King,.

  65. They are putting out vids asking for help. They are about to be busted pretty hard as we are tired of their occupation of Ottawa and other places too.

    The citizens of Ottawa are very tired, and have complained about threats and violence perpetrated by these terrorists. This is one reason why the hammer will come down soon.

  66. I’m no expert on Canadian history–why bother?–but I assume they must not have had a J Edgar Hoover, since they haven’t been able to get any false-flag infiltrators into the truckers–two randos in masks with flags just isn’t up to FBI standards…
    I gotta give it to Fidel Jr, though–he might never have accomplished anything in his pathetic life, but he has the all-time greatest example of chutzpah with this quote: “Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and our fellow citizens’ daily lives—It has to stop.”
    You’re right, Fidel Jr, baby, you’re completely right.
    Honk honk.

  67. I imagine ‘lil fidel’s favorite expressions growing up (as far as he managed) were; “I’m gona tell.” and “They’re doing it again!”. Never more than a half step from whatever adult was there. Never perceptive enough to realize how even the teachers detested his tattling.

    Now he’ll be forever remembered as a corrupt little turd that scuttled out of the Capital like a cock roach because people were honking horns.

  68. Looks like the concentration camps, a la Australia, are coming next.

    An insider within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), essentially the Canadian federal police force, has leaked some of the details. The leaked plan as outlined in this video warning {Direct Rumble Link} does seem to be authentic and aligns with the statements from federal ministers inside the administration of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    This just might get out of control. The revolt of the peasants is going international. The sheep and the authoritarians (which are you PenGun?) will applaud. I wonder when Ottawa will get hungry?

  69. It does sound like sanity is returning to some politicians up there.

    The federal government needs to quickly offer a road map for the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, according to Quebec Liberal MP Joël Lightbound, citing mental health concerns from pediatricians and the parents of depressed children, and the inability of many to earn a living from a “MacBook at their cottage.”

    Lightbound, MP for Louis-Hébert, chair of the industry committee and the Quebec Liberal caucus, and a former parliamentary secretary to the finance minister, said the Liberal government has changed in policy and in tone since last year’s election campaign and appears unwilling to adapt to the evolution of the pandemic.

    “Now the approach stigmatizes people and divides people,” he told reporters this morning, pointing to the loosening of restrictions in European countries with lower vaccination rates than Canada.

    Lightbound said he raised his concerns in caucus to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but owes it to constituents to publicly voice his concerns. He said other Liberal MPs share his concerns and that the party has historically been “open for dissent and different opinions.”

  70. zoolander has enough stupid from his original parents, no need to drag the wandering coma into this, Canadian security organs have been mostly blanc mange, unlike say the uk in the 20s, Duplessis who was the subject of Conrad Blacks thesis, is the designated hate object if memory serves, for progs,

  71. More about the “hate.”

    So too, is Dan Aponte engaging in a kind of citizen anthropology. For the two weekends that the Freedom Convoy has been in Ottawa thus far, Dan has spent time on the street, photo-documenting the people he sees there.

    On Saturday, February 5, Dan took portraits of many dozens of people whom he met in Ottawa. He will be sharing those photographs, along with his subjects’ names and perhaps some other information about them, in the days and weeks to come; as he does so I will link to those posts here. In the meantime, here are just eighteen of the people whom Dan took portraits of, in Ottawa, on February 5, 2022.

  72. }}} Well at this point they are terrorists. Trying to force our government to change its laws outside of the proper channels, is terrorism.

    Penny bloviates his ignorance yet again. Is there any limit to his ignorance? Or his bloviation of it?

    To this point, there is no visible evidence of such. He might be that engineering marvel, a perpetual flatulence machine.

    Don’t you love how the Left always has such inventive manipulations of language, contorting it until it has zero meaning comprehensible outside their own pointy widdle heads?

    No, penny, PROTEST — particularly NONVIOLENT protest — is not “terrorism”.

    It’s PROTEST. Yes, Canada is not the USA, but “The Right to petition government for a redress of grievances” — that is, to openly protest, and expect a response other than gunfire — is so basic it’s in the very first right listed in the Bill of Rights.


    If Penny were any more clueless, you’d have to spoon feed him baby food with a little plastic spoon.

  73. LOL. Yeah and we let it do its thing as we expected a protest. Now its out of hand. I would be far more draconian myself in shutting it down.

    Still our Justin is always trying to be the nice guy, as its kinda his brand. We can see where this has taken us.

    I would immediately hold a referendum to get numbers on who is onside with our vaccination policy. I would do this to show our protesters the actual numbers of people who are against them. I suspect it would be a large positive reaction from the 80%+ who are vaccinated.

    I would bust em’ for parking violations etc etc. I would make it painful as a lesson.\ to others who may try crap like this.

  74. }}} I very much doubt that. All of we vaccinated have passports and mostly approve of them.

    Isn’t it hilarious how lefty idiots like Penny always Know information like this, with no justification other than their own idiot biases? It’s downright hilarious, if it weren’t so sad.

    They always get totally shocked when the shit hits the fan and their glaringly improbable fantasies all crumble to dust.

    }}} In your country you have gone from 11th worst to about 14th worst, but you will have killed a million people in a week or so. Its like you just don’t care.

    Or perhaps we simply weight things differently.

    Nawww. We just must be eeeevil. Because that makes YOU feel sooooo much better about yourself. YOU are just SUCH a better better person than any of us. We are AWED to be in your company, Penny.

    Well, no, because, when it comes down to it, you really, really are NOT a better person in any way. You’re just a miserable little shit that needs things like that to project your own self-known worthlessness onto others.

    “Confession through Projection” is the term that applies, here.

  75. }}} Its dying, most everyone is tired of these fools and we will move on

    Hey, Penny, would you land the space shuttle you stole at Vandenberg AFB asap?

    They’re kinda annoyed with you for taking it without permission.

    Plus it’s also clear that there are oxygen depletion issues up there… You are quite blatantly hallucinating.

  76. }}} Still our Justin is always trying to be the nice guy, as its kinda his brand. We can see where this has taken us.

    Your Justin is trying to outdo Biden for the stupidest government official in all of human history.

    They’ve both already surpassed Chamberlain… now they’re getting well into Saddam Hussein territory: “No, nothing is going to happen. They are just blustering.”

  77. }}} I suspect it would be a large positive reaction from the 80%+ who are vaccinated.

    So, you think 80% of the people should be able to dictate health-risk behavior for something that kills less than 1/10th of 1% of those **infected** who are under 65…

    And again, we see the authoritarian dictatorial streak in those of the Left.

  78. PenGun is (unusually) useful in pointing out the rage behind the left. There have been books written about this. Here is one.

    Penny told us that he used to drive a garbage truck so he should be more sympathetic but he might have been lying. He has an active fantasy life as we have seen through his trolling.

    We will find out pretty soon what Canadians really think. I know many are sheep. My wife’s ex-husband and two of her sons live near Ottawa and the boys ( in their 40s) have no life. Still, this has gone beyond the truckers and we will see how far.

  79. zoolander stole the election with the help of the blanc mange O’toole, who does his best Romney impression how did the Reform Party drop out of leadership

    Marazzo, the leader of the truckers is up for negotiating with the Conservatives and the NDP as well as the Governor General

  80. “Penny told us that he used to drive a garbage truck so he should be more sympathetic but he might have been lying. ”

    Towards the end of my truck driving career I drove garbage trucks for a while. We were paid very well indeed which is one reason I took it up. My various trucks I owned before that, flat decks and tractors, made money and supported my family for many years, but unless you liked lying under them at 4 in the morning, were a big job to both drive and wrench on.

    The garbage trucks were fun, they really were. ;) The half wits protesting, are just that. Why would I support them?

  81. Penny, if you get to Ottawa quickly, before Fidel Jr surrenders, I’m sure the scary trucker terrorists will let you play in their bouncy houses. I wouldn’t wait too long, though.
    Honk honk.

  82. Oh poor Penny, you are still at the first stage of grief, Denial? Oh you poor thing. Really, I promise, it’s going to be ok. I want you to go to Ottawa, find one of those scary trucker terrorists, and just ask him if you can play in his bouncy house. You have to confront your fears in order to overcome them. I promise you, it may seem scary now, but it will be ok. The scary trucker terrorist won’t hurt you.
    Honk honk.

  83. How are the truckers gong to top bouncy houses and saunas for this weekend’s cheery, exuberant Winter Carnival and Protest?

  84. “who would have thought that France would be warning about “Canada style protests”

    They are coming to America. DC is concerned and making plans. ;)

  85. They are coming to America. DC is concerned and making plans. ;)

    I assume brilliant planners like Mayor Pete Buttplug is on the case. Then General Milly Vanilli will weigh in . I’m sure the plans will be carefully nonracist and probably work as well as the Afghan pullout did.

  86. The FBI and the overall US establishment is way more corrupt than the Canadians, and it seems like they didn’t take the truckers seriously, a mistake that the US swamp won’t repeat. I hope any US trucker convoy has plans for dealing with infiltrators and false-flags events.

    Americans should be ashamed that the Canadians have taken the lead on this. Absolutely ashamed. We’re going to win, and when we do, when the story gets told about these years, there will be so many villains, but the Canadian truckers need to be remembered among the heroes.

  87. “How are the truckers gong to top bouncy houses and saunas for this weekend’s cheery, exuberant Winter Carnival and Protest?”
    It’s too damn bad that the protests aren’t set up to accommodate tour buses. I’d be there with a Solidarity flag embedded with a Maple Leaf.

  88. “Yeah though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil, for I am the meanest son of a bitch in the valley.”

    This has always been my motto, since I ate way too much LSD, when I was young. I did that on a regular basis, for quite a long time.

    As a long time trucker, and an ex VP of Satan’s Choice, there is nothing even slightly scary about these idiots. In fact the opposite will be true.

    Bouncy bouncy … boom! ;)

  89. So you are ready to face your fears of the scary terrorist truckers. Excellent. The only way out is through.
    Honk honk.

  90. I don’t know big bad PenGun is aware of Ceauşescu and his greatest moment.

    The sky was full of stuff, including other helicopters, which were dropping leaflets on the crowd giving what Kenyon described as a Marie Antoinette-like order to ignore “imperialist conspiracies” and return home “to a Christmas feast.” Four days later, a firing squad put the Ceaușescus against a wall and gave them their final, solid lead Christmas presents.

    I don’t think Trudeau will end that way. More likely to leave as he entered, an incompetent twit riding on his father’s history. Since the Clintons, I don’t believe there has been an honest politician in north America. Maybe Harper was honest. I don’t know much about him.

  91. Mike K: “Since the Clintons, I don’t believe there has been an honest politician in north America.”

    There’s a little bit of grammatical ambiguity there, Mike. Presumably, we are all in agreement that should not be read as saying that the Clintons were the last honest politicians in North America. :)

    To be serious, the level of corruption in political circles is a massive condemnation of “democracy”. The system is severely dysfunctional — and in great need of significant modification before the Consent of the Governed fades away.

  92. Yes, I should have worded that differently. The Clintons introduced industrial scale corruption to the federal government. LBJ did a good job of being personally corrupt but he was an amateur compared to Bill and Hillary.

  93. Honest politician? North America? LOL…

    Last time we had any, I suspect, was around the end of the last Ice Age, and likely only due to the surrounding effect of the end of the Younger Dryas event that wiped out most of whatever population there was.

    There certainly haven’t been any in my lifetime, going back to the 1960s. Venal bastards, all of them–And, despite supposed “party differences”, not a whit of actual difference in performance or actual effect. It’s only a question of “somewhat less corrupt” and “concerned with other things besides screwing over Joe Average”.

    They’re all crooks, and the only solution I see for dealing with the problem is to first outlaw professional career politicians, and then execute the whole of the current set of incumbents, after establishing their peculative crimes via forensic audits. You know they’re all crooked, or they wouldn’t all be retiring as ‘effing millionaires. I doubt there’s a single one of them above maybe mayoral level that hasn’t got considerable skeletal remains in their financial closets. They’re all crooks, all the time–Local, state, and Federal.

  94. “The Clintons introduced industrial scale corruption to the federal government”
    Nah, the filth long predates Bill and Hillary. They were just the least interested in even the pretense of decency.
    We all know Hoover blackmailed anyone and everyone he could. Who exactly Epstein worked for is the main question I’d like to know, to even begin to try to understand our times…
    Trump really had Them scared. That’s the most interesting thing. He really had Them scared…

  95. epstein was used by a whole host of agencies, british american saudi probably as many worked with les wexner despite? his ties to the cleveland mob,

  96. “So you are ready to face your fears of the scary terrorist truckers.”

    Brian, you appear to be a small and easily frightened person. You are obsessed with “scary” and the trucker idiots. I can tell you truckers are not very scary, most are not in very good shape as trucking is not really good for you.

    Now if you actually throw freight, you can be in pretty good shape, but that’s quite rare and getting rarer.

  97. Oh Penny, it is so good to hear that you are ready to confront your fears of the scary trucker terrorists! I assume by now you must be most of the way to Ottawa, right? You’ve had plenty of travel time by now. So when you get there, I want you to go up to the scariest trucker you see and ask him nicely if you can jump in his bouncy house, and I am sure he will let you.
    Honk honk.

  98. Saw this about 11 a.m. U.S. central time this morning. “WINDSOR, Ontario – Canadian officials are threatening protesters blocking the Ambassador Bridge with “severe” consequences, including fines, imprisonment and revoked licenses. “Let me be as clear as I can: There will be consequences for these actions, and they will be severe,” Ontario Premier Doug Ford said Friday (Feb. 11).”

    Technology has enabled a much more detailed spectator sport of watching the drama unfold. How will it play out? If it were not so serious, I could reduce the situation to the popular clip of grabbing a bowl of popcorn.

    I think my observation about economic reality (remove the truckers, who’s gonna truck?) as eventually controlling outcomes no matter what way TPTB choose to move. I hope the protesters realize they have the upper hand and keep their cool and allow themselves to be mistreated and thus gain popular approval. Then the polls will determine the ‘science’. Put another way, I hope they don’t take the bait forced on them by Doug Ford et al.

    Meanwhile, there’s the reality that sometimes adults throw tantrums no different than those of children except for the power involved…and the resultant consequences. As in the kids’ case, they can not/ do not think rationally, will not compromise. How hard will TPTB mistreat people?

    There’s also Mike K’s observation about Ceasusecu. I’m sure that line of thought has occurred not just for the Canadian officials, but those in the U.S. I simply cannot understand the response to the J6 ‘panty raid’ as anything other than fear driven. Even if it were only fear of losing office rather life.

    Meanwhile, as I watch the drama and hurt for the inability of people to work thru differing understandings, I’m reminded of Eric Berne’s “Games People Play”. Specifically I realize I’m the third party in “Let’s You and Him Fight”. I’m hoping that the Canadian truckers will get the job done in making not only Canadian powers that be, but also U.S. PTB back down from their stupidity. Even if in order to do so they say something like “Infections and deaths are decreasing. The mandates worked. Yay, us.”

  99. “Oh Penny, it is so good to hear that you are ready to confront your fears of the scary trucker terrorists! I assume by now you must be most of the way to Ottawa, right? You’ve had plenty of travel time by now. So when you get there, I want you to go up to the scariest trucker you see and ask him nicely if you can jump in his bouncy house, and I am sure he will let you.”

    You know Brian, you should just admit you are in love. Go to Ottawa and show them what a mandate really means. ;)

  100. Yes, Penny, so glad you see it now, this is all about Love! When you get to Ottawa, make sure to smile, and hug the scary truckers, and jump in their bouncy houses, and revel in our shared humanity, in the joy of all the possibilities that are possible for a free people!
    Honk honk.

  101. Roy K, Feb. 11, 2022 @ 1:34 pm

    The questions remaining are:
    1) Will the Canadian Armed Forces get involved? They have already refused to before because it is a “civil matter” but they may be ordered to.
    2) Will the RCMP open fire on command?
    3) Will the Ottawa police [they have a separate force from the RCMP] open fire?
    4) Will the surviving truckers refuse to pick up or deliver to Leftist areas, nationwide? AND how will the Freedom Truckers react to any truckers who do the bidding of the State? None of the people involved are genteel.
    5) What will Biden do to screw it up worse?

    Subotai Bahadur

  102. Forgot to note in #4 above. British Columbia is, I believe, reliably Leftist nowadays. Kind of like our west coast, along a strip 100 miles inland of the water. I seem to remember that PenGun noted in the past something about living in Port Hardy, which is at the very north tip of Vancouver Island. I’m pretty sure that most goods on the Island are trucked to Vancouver City on the mainland, shipped to the Island, and trucked around to the cities on the Island, with Victoria getting first claim simply by proximity to supplies, political, and economic power. Outside of Victoria, if the truckers simply stay home, it might get awful hungry out, outside of Victoria and probably in it.

    Subotai Bahadur

  103. I live further south, come visit, it is a beautiful place. If you like to walk, I can take you to some amazing places.

    The trucks in this part of the world seem to be operating normally. I suspect nearly all of the 90% vaccinated truckers, are at work all across Canada. They are more vaccinated than the general population by a few points.

  104. Subotai,

    You mention calling out the army.

    A question for you or anyone who knows: who can call out the Canadian Army?

    My (limited) Understanding of the Canadian system of govt is that nobody in the government has any authority over the military. They are “her majesty’s” armed forces. Her Majesty being queen Liz.

    She has sole authority to order them about either directly or via her minion the governor General. As I understand it.

    Is this correct? How likely is she to do this?

    Absent physical action by the truckers such as burning down police stations.

    Trudeau serves at the Queen’s pleasure. How soon do you think she will become displeased and sack him?

  105. Technically, legally I think you are right, and I think Elizabeth would respond with words and gestures that her Chief of Protocol would not approve of. However, Canada IS an independent country and the military for practical purposes obeys the local chain of command. As an example, a couple of years ago at Castreau’s order Chinese staff officers trained at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, and Chinese troops trained in cold weather tactics with Canadian Forces to learn to fight in Tibet. Both of those have foreign policy implications, and I do not think that it was run by Buckingham Palace for approval.

    As of about 20 minutes ago I was reading in a Brit paper [less censored on North American subjects than the US media] that President* Biden is backing Castreau, and Castreau issued a statement that the military would be used as a last resort. Cops are gathering in Ottawa, Windsor, and RCMP heavy forces gathering near the bridge. Canadian military officers’ careers are in the hands of the Canadian government.

    Canada trained Chinese troops in cold weather and mountain warfare. I wonder if the Chinese trained them in Tienanmen-style tactics. We should know soon.

    Subotai Bahadur

  106. “Canada trained Chinese troops in cold weather and mountain warfare.”

    I recall seeing news items about the CCP troops arriving in Canada. I don’t recall ever seeing anything about the Chinese troops leaving.

    But at the moment, if President Xi took over Canada, how would we tell the difference?

  107. As far as training PLA in cold weather fighting, one assumes they went with Canada because the 10th Mountain division was busy. Remember, it wasn’t that far past when all the service branches were embracing our frenemies with open arms. Also remember that it was the special warfare “games” at Wuhan where the first international cases of wuflu showed up.

    I find it especially thoughtful of Trudeau and his sycophants to schedule the crack down on the truckers for the weekend so everyone can watch in real time.

  108. Conservatives are rule followers. They have a strong sense of shame about breaking the law, getting a ticket, etc. It only takes a pretty small number who change their minds on that to bring down the system. A very, very small number.
    So they clear the bridge and arrest people. So what. They’ll get a small fine. They’ve already shown they can raise millions of dollars. You gonna have hundreds of cops there at the bridge around the clock forever? I don’t think so.
    If the system has any brains, they’ll clear out the protesters, to show the system can’t be challenged, then they’ll very quickly rescind the mandates and try to relieve the pressure before it gets worse. But Fidel Jr hasn’t ever been accused of having any brains so who knows what will actually happen…

  109. It really is quite amazing. The truckers seem to have stayed away from any explicit political party connections, and have kept incredibly disciplined. The problem for the authorities right now is they can clearly see that arresting their way out of this isn’t going to work, it’s way too widespread and distributed. Seems to me it’s like the early days of the Hong Kong protests, the difference is that as much as he might lust to be, Fidel Jr isn’t actually a dictator and can’t just disappear thousands of people.

  110. Youtube is now burying it. It was everywhere yesterday and now its gone. I guess the emergency powers deal has some effect.

    It would have been so easy to just bust their asses for parking and obstruction, but no, our Justin has to screw it up his way. ;)

  111. What’s the record for largest protest in Canada’s history?
    Betcha it’s gonna get broken.
    Honk honk, Fidelito. Honk honk.

  112. Well, on the bright side, it does seem that Canada’s Ceaucescu moment is going a lot more politely than the original in Romania.

    What’s going to be interesting is whether or not the Canadian military obeys their orders to repress the protests. If they say “No.”, well… That’ll be one sort of answer. They say “Yes…”, and then the public says “Oh, hell to the no…”, then that will be another.

    What is so humorous about it is just the general unseriousness and total idiocy of Trudeau. This guy was a drama teacher, fond of dress-up and sexual harassment of minors–How’d he wind up in charge of Canada? Who sent him? I wonder what they think of the bargain, now…

  113. I assume that establishment “conservatives” in Canada are probably as useless as those in America. If they had a spine, they’d be doing things like promising that they’ll make it so anyone affected by Fidel Jr’s edict today can sue any top political officers personally for damages that they suffer, can sue banks that seize their money, bank officers will be personally liable for damages, etc. And any and all powers that belong to the local/provincial authorities would be pledged to be deployed in defense of the people and in opposition to federal overreach, etc.
    Honk honk, eh?

  114. From what I’ve observed in the news, and heard from Canadian acquaintances, the so-called “Conservatives” in Canada are even worse than the Republicans. They’ve never, ever done a damn thing about reining in the abuses perpetrated by the left in Canada, and mostly spend their time grifting from their supposed constituency and then doing nothing–Just like the Republicans.

    The political situation across most of the West might best be analyzed as a “long con”, with the supposed “left” and “right” working hand-in-glove to fleece the general public, who they consistently and continually game. They haven’t been working in the interests of their constituents for at least the last several generations, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the people they work for are actually themselves and a coterie of transnational globalists whose primary interests are diametrically opposed to the public’s. Look at the US Chamber of Commerce, and what they lobby for: Is any of that to the benefit of American small business? American citizens?

    As in the US, so in Canada. The awakening that is coming will be an ugly thing, for a lot of the elites. I’d love to see them stuck with the bills they’ve run up, forced to pay them out of their precious little investment accounts and private interests inside their corrupt families. Nancy Pelosi and her husband? Every dime ought to be taken back and put into the Treasury, along with the ill-gotten gains of the Biden Krime Krewe. Same-same with the corrupt Purdues, who oversaw the whole opioid “crisis”, making billions off the backs of people who were assured that things like Oxycontin weren’t addictive or dangerous to use.

  115. This is getting dangerous now.

    Trudeau seems to be trying to egg the truckers into a January 6 reaction so he can arrest them as political prisoners like Nancy Pelosi. So far they have been very peaceful and it has not worked. Jordan Peterson now has a short video warning the truckers that as those content with progress leave, agitators may create trouble.

    For example, the Jan 6 riot was at least assisted by outside agitators who may have included FBI agents provocateur. Like Ray Epps, for one.

  116. Anyone at this point who denies that antifa, these enviro-crazies, etc., aren’t effectively just the stormtroopers of the state, is an unserious person.
    Know what time it is, and act accordingly.

  117. it does seem they have krisha, (protection) from the authorities, and they have tried to prune units, like they have done with germany’s ksk, to make them more accomodating, to the powers that be,

  118. There are ways and methodologies to counter these statist efforts. When people are motivated enough, they’ll find them, and then the statists are going to be screwed.

    Look at what’s going on in Missouri, right now. The oligarchy is trying to insulate itself from consequence, becoming transparent in their efforts. When enough of the public figures that out? LOL… It will not be pretty.

    You can only maintain power through illegitimate means via raw power, and when the source of that raw power is actually the consent of the governed…? It will not go well, when they withdraw that consent.

  119. The Trudeau response to the trucker protest looks more every day like the January 6 reaction by Pelosi. I wonder if the Biden handlers coached Trudeau?

    Bell noted cameras, photographs, video surveillance and geolocation systems will be used to assemble information on all the attendees to the protests, and anyone who came into the areas will be hunted by law enforcement for many months and years that follow in order to prosecute and arrest them for non-compliance.

  120. Trudeau today, unexpectedly, revoked his own declaration of the Emergency Act. My theory now is that he created a run on every Canadian bank.

    In the bigger picture, the Canadian banking and financial system was hit hard by the deployment of the Emergency Act which highlighted the ability of the government to arbitrarily freeze and seize money, assets and financial investment capital without any due process.

    There are also strong rumors in the financial sector, that in addition to Canadians removing money from the banking system, previous investment funds from Hong Kong had been moved – and, making matters even worse, digital currency exchanges were no longer offering secure services in Canada.

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