6 thoughts on “ChicagoBoyz Waiting Room Series: 39”

  1. That’s a lot of chairs.

    Looks like they expect lots of people to be backed up on a regular basis.

    Most be healthcare.

  2. I haven’t been to this place too often, but my guess is that this is the room that just came with the lease for the business and they had to fill it with something, so why not chairs.

  3. Looks just like the waiting rooms at the clinics I go to, but emptier. Good timing.

    Do you prefer to sit in the waiting room or wait in the sitting room?

  4. Since they probably work by appointment, they could rent out the room for weddings and corporate board meetings on slow days. The little window at upper left allows shareholders to watch. Expensive vinyl flooring gives you a lot of options. High ceilings accommodate 2-4 ft tiaras as are fashionable for brides (and grooms) as well as the top hats favored by corporate directors.

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