Covid and Credibility

So it is fairly certain that Damar Hamlin took a hit to his chest at just the right time, angle and force to inflict sudden cardiac arrest. The correct term for this relatively rare occurrence is “commotio cordis”, although a fair number of comments to various news stories – comments from the public at large and experienced professionals alike – initially wondered if it was the result of a vaccination for Covid, since there seem to have been many incidents in the last few years of fit young athlete-types suddenly dropping from heart attacks during practice, games, or just going about daily life. Neo at Neo-Neocon attributes this to a wide-spread misunderstanding or misreading of statistics, arguing that sudden cardiac arrests in young and relatively young healthy athletes are happening about as frequently as they have pre-Covid – it’s just that we are paying attention and noticing such anomalies.
Perhaps; perhaps not. Perception, reality, anecdote, or data. The unsettling thing about this is that our trust in the accuracy of news and social media reports, of the studies of so-called medical experts and our elected officials and bureaucrats has been so degraded of late that it’s honestly hard to be certain of much, other than what was once considered to disinformation, or a conspiracy theory is now turning out to have been true after all. After so many exaggerations, reversals and outright fraud over the Covid epidemic it would be almost impossible for most people to accept any authoritative conclusions about the dangers posed by the Covid vaccines and boosters. What to credit in a climate of doubt and distrust, save that which we have either directly experienced first-hand, or those whom we trust have experienced and reported?

The trouble is that we never had – or were permitted to have had a free and fair public discussion about Covid, and those methods and means of effectively countering the epidemic, starting from the jump. Was Covid really that dangerous? The example of the Diamond Princess seemed to indicate that no – not that dangerous to healthy young adults or even older adults without pre-existing health issues. But the national and international news media, well aware that panic, disaster, and potentially massive casualties draw eyeballs and interest went all-out in scaring the general public out of their ever-loving minds. And then it was off to the races – the most threatening pandemic in living memory! OMG, they were dropping dead in the streets of Chinese cities! Shades of the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic! Mass graves! Overwhelmed hospitals! Packed morgues, full of the dead! We must do something – our phoney-baloney jobs are at stake! Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph!

It was all – do something, the most radical, restrictive something imaginable. Lock down, put on the mask, take the hastily-developed experimental vaccination or else lose your job, close your business, lose your freedom of movement, ivermectin and chloroquine were just horse-paste and fish-tank cleaner, and what are you some kind of heartless fascist who wants to kill Grandma! Don’t argue with your betters, just do as you’ve been told if you know what’s good for you, peasant!!! Every possible objection or alternative was instantly declared to be wrong, malignant, at the very least misguided and as for those putting forth objections and alternatives — You want to kill Grandma! You should be put into a camp, lose your job and your children forcibly taken away from you!

And that is the unforgiveable part – not the threats, which are pretty much par for the course in the atmosphere of this degraded 21st century – but the way that any rational discussion of a response to Covid was taken off the table, almost with the speed of light. As if the Ruling Class were set on a single unified response, and our establishment news media was their well-trained and obedient stenographers, taking down the royal proclamation and laying down the law to the plebs. No backtalk allowed, you see. The Ruling Class has spoken. The royal edicts must be obeyed.

The dreadful creeping suspicion among the general public – or those who have been paying attention to the world around us, tallying up our own observations and personal experiences – is that the Covid vax may possibly be damaging in the long run or the short run to those whom it was administered, whether voluntarily or under threat. And if it is damaging … will that ever be fully acknowledged, or publicly regretted and apologized for? Especially if those members of the Ruling Class appear to have benefitted materially from manufacture of the vaccine or the administration thereof?
Discuss as you wish, and while we still can.

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  1. Forgive and Forget…since I am neither Jesus nor do I have Alzheimer’s. I won’t forget or forgive the people who threatened to forcibly remove children from their parents and vaccinate children against their parents wishes…and any idiot lemmings that clapped along with such ideas.

  2. I knew it was all bs when in the beginning they closed shoe stores, but kept liquor stores and pot shops open. Also it was obvious that nobody was really serious about the pandemic, rather mostly concerned about simply exercising power when our idiot governor here in Wisconsin closed the state parks and they closed the beaches in California, etc.

    The most obvious sign that it was all bs, of course, was the blatant hypocrisy by Newsom and others having dinner parties or fancy Nancy pants getting her hair done and living the life while us peasants were ordered to sit at home and take it. As Jez above says, I’ll never forgive or forget.

  3. More on point, I think that the Buffalo player had his cardiac arrest from the likely mix of performance enhancing drugs he is probably on, rather than what looked to me like a pretty normal play.

  4. “OMG, they were dropping dead in the streets of Chinese cities!”

    That’s the part that really sticks in my mind. Never seen again — not in China, not in any other country. Was it staged? Was the whole CovidScam really an economic attack by China on the West? And we all suspect that Western politicians are basically in the pay of China.

    “The example of the Diamond Princess seemed to indicate that no – not that dangerous to healthy young adults or even older adults without pre-existing health issues.”

    And yet lots of us lined up in the cold to get the shots. Lots of us never engaged brain. We ignored evidence of our own eyes, and bent the knee to propaganda. Our Ruling Class are worthless self-seeking scum — but too many of us are not behaving as engaged thinking citizens.

  5. An additional problem with a real debate about COVID is the fact that there have been so many other deceptions and outright hoaxes that have been outed, why should anyone believe that there aren’t more? The Russian Collusion Hoax, the police officer who died on Jan. 6 by having his “smashed in by a protester”, the suppression of the Lab Leak Theory when we now know Fauci was funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan, the FBI and other OGA hip-deep in suppressing unwanted information, the President of the United States using his son as a bag man to receive millions in cash from foreign interests…. those of course only are the ones we know about

    You get to the point where now anything is possible… and I don’t mean that in an “Up With People” way. The other day a buddy of mine was telling me about a Tucker Carlson monologue from a few weeks ago where Carlson revealed that a CIA operative told him that the intelligence agencies were involved in the Kennedy assassination. I initially did what I always do and laughed it off but then found myself checking my facts on the case. I still don’t believe the Kennedy conspiracy but if you went back in time and told someone about what was going on today they wouldn’t believe you either, it’s just too fantastic but it’s true.

    Vaccines? Best case it is not a vaccine in the normal sense of the word, it doesn’t prevent infection or transmission but rather mitigates the effect of the disease itself. A better word for it would be a therapeutic. Nothing wrong with that if you feel it is safe to take, but why the effort to compel, to bully people into taking a therapeutic? Costing people their jobs, their ability to enter a restaurant, forcing them to carry papers, making them social outcasts… given all the crazy things we now know about the falsehoods we have been told why wouldn’t you smell a rat about the “vaccines”?

    In short in any rational actor calculation, you now need to take into account (even if in a small way) the possibility of disinformation and conspiracy.

    Thanks Fauci, thanks Schiff, thanks…. well the list goes on and on

  6. I like Neo and agree with her 99% of the time. I have my doubts here. First, I disagree with mandatory vaccination of healthy low risk adults and especially children. My wife and I took the first two doses on the Moderna “vaccine.” People were still being told it would prevent infection and transmission. I read Scott Atlas’ book, “A Plague Upon our House. He was invited by Trump as an alternate source of information. He found that the entire Covid response was political. Fauci and Birx refused to read any of the epidemiological literature he provided at meetings. The administration seemed very risk-averse, especially Trump’s son in law who was running the re-election campaign. Fauci and Birx were untouchable. DeSantis listened to Atlas and Trump wanted to but the people around him were unwilling to risk a change of course. And, as Atlas comments at the end of his book, “They lost anyway.”

    As for the player, I don’t know if it was the vaccine or just the impact, which seemed moderate for the circumstance. My grandson is a 17 year old athlete and I have advised his parents to not let him be vaccinated. They needed no encouragement.

  7. Anonymous, before you start throwing stones, it might help to note that while the quote was from Wikipedia, it’s properly sourced to a paper, “Sudden Cardiac Death in the Athlete,” by Link and Estell, 22 May 2012 in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association.

    By itself, it’s proof of little. But what it does show is that you need far more than five or six anecdotes of ‘healthy, young, athletic person dies of sudden heart failure’ to demonstrate something novel is going on when ‘normal’ years have a hundred plus incidents in just the US.

  8. in two years there should be enough data for a baseline judgement re vaccine benefit vs, injuries, of course with the de jure proscriptions of bhattichariya and other members of the barrington declaration who can say

    I wondered that story by tucker, of course I went to school with the son of the fellow, who allegedly saw oswald with the mysterious ‘maurice bishop’ of course I didn’t know anything about that at the time, I just thought he was a jerk, the fact his father had been in prison on a narcotics beef, well that might have explained some things, there’s another dissident from the plame days, a source for ron susskind fwiw, mowatt-larsen, who seems to be on that track, it’s unlikely he would have contacted tucker, he was as of a few years ago still chasing the russian hoax

  9. Just noting a couple of things. I and my wife are senior citizens. We have a handicapped grown daughter who lives with us. All three of us got the Moderna vaccine as soon as it was offered, because we actually believed that the public health authorities would not lie to us. That assumption has been corrected. In about a month, all three of us, in series, got COVID. None of us are touching any boosters, and especially now that it seems that boosting increases side effects that can be fatal. I’ve had a couple of mini-strokes and a heart attack, and thank you I don’t need any extra clots forming in my circulatory system. The assumption has to be that unless proved otherwise to my satisfaction, any statement by a government health care official is more political than medical.

    Mike mentioned the Kennedy assassination. I happened to be home and not at school, watching TV when it broke and it made a great impression on me. While I did not read the entire multi-volume Warren Report, I did read the summary volume as soon as it came out. And knew that I was being lied to.

    Short form, the weapon supposedly used was a POS old, surplus Italian WW-II Mannlicher-Carcano scoped bolt action carbine, itself one of the most inaccurate things posing as a military firearm. Note that I was a history, military and naval history, and weaponry nut. The weapon had not be refurbished or maintained to any great degree.

    As part of the investigation according to the Warren Commission summary, it was given to an FBI marksman and fired on a range at Quantico. He was firing for both accuracy at the distances involved from the crime scene, and cycle time. Cycle time involved being in a firing position with a round in the chamber, firing, working the action to chamber another round, reacquiring the target aiming and firing, and doing it again for the three total rounds known to have been fired.

    They had a defined number of seconds to do this to meet the forensics of the crime. Due to the cranky bolt action, the FBI marksman could not meet the time parameters. I knew something was not right. Granting that Oswald was a Marine, and at least once qualified as a marksman, he did it years before, using an M-1 Garand that is both inherently more accurate AND is semi-automatic meaning there is no working a bolt between shots. We were lied to, and I was able to figure it out in my early teens. I take no stand on any specific conspiracies due to lack of data. YMMV. But it was one of the early things to make me skeptical of what the government says.

    Subotai Bahadur

  10. On the Kennedy assassination, the most plausible theory I have seen was the one put forward by Bona Menninger in the book “Mortal Error: the shot that killed JFK” (1992).

    Short version — Oswald fired the “magic” bullet that went through JFK’s neck (probably killing him), then hit Governor Connally, and was recovered intact at the hospital on the gurney. When one of the Secret Servicemen in the car following JFK heard the sound of Oswald’s shot from behind him, he picked up the AR-15 rifle on the floor of the car and turned round to face the direction from which the shot came. Unfortunately, in the stress of the moment, he had pressed the trigger while lifting the rifle. That bullet hit JFK in the back of the head and completely disintegrated. Very different bullet from the ones fired by Oswald.

    The Secret Service very quickly realized what had happened. LBJ decided it would be unwise to tell the American people that the President had been shot by his own Secret Service, and so the cover-up began. Just not the cover-up that the many conspiracy theories suggest.

    Menninger names names and provides much supporting information in his book. Well worth reading. Is his theory correct? Who can say?

  11. that would be a fatal keystone cops error, more likely oswald had defected to Russia, hung around minsk, where the the nkvd and future members of cuban intelligence were, made it back to the county, they downgraded his threat capacity, and of course there was the operation against fidel, which was on the downlow, so incompetence over malice, this has carried forward for at least the next 50 years

  12. Subotai,

    I did not know of the problems of working the bolt on Oswald’s rifle.

    Back in the day I did know of people, idiot savants really, who could put several rounds on target in rapid succession at 200 meters with what was once a standard-issue bolt-action. Of course being where we were said rifle was in immaculate condition.

    I always held those guys in a bit a of awe because I could never bring the rifle back on target that quickly after working the bolt. Some guys can throw a football into the back-corner of the end zone at 50 yards, some guys can work a rifle the way I described, but there aren’t many who can do it

  13. Here in a small town in NW Wyoming my wife and I were apparently “early adopters” of C-19, since we both came down with a mysterious high fever that fatigued us but did little else. This was in January of 2020. We both recovered completely within a few days, and thought nothing more of it.

    When the real Covidiocy fired up later that year we simply couldn’t believe our eyes and ears with regard to the massively overblown governmental response to what was, essentially, a modest cold for most people, and a very, very bad cold (potentially fatal) for the elderly with other co-morbidities. Children shrugged it off with almost zero symptoms. When I read about the mRNA “vaccines” we immediately dubbed it “the jab” and became adamant about refusing it, since it was obvious it did NOTHING to stop either the spread or the possibility of catching it, much less “reduce the severity” when you did get it.

    With regard to masking, I spent 27 years as a design engineer in the air filtration industry and know a little bit about it. When you look at the size range of human respirable aerosols (2 to 5 microns,) and compare that to the mesh opening size of a typical single-layer cloth or paper mask (usually about 1/500th of an inch) it’s instantly obvious it will do nothing. A micron is 1/25,400th of an inch, and so the aerosols on which the virus travels is between 1/25th to 1/10th (approximately) the size of the mesh opening. Goes right through.

    We both caught the new C-19 variant in January of 2022…minor fever, fatigue, but this time we both lost our senses of smell and taste for a couple of days. Again, we’re both senior citizen in our mid-60’s with various health problems but this virus caused essentially no problems.

    On t’other hand, we caught the influenza-A that was going around our town in July, and that whacked us out completely. High fever (I hit 105°F once before Advil kicked in) and joints that were so painful I couldn’t sleep without the “vitamin A”. That flu was orders of magnitude worse than the Covid.

    Once the Chinese and their wholly-owned subsidiaries of Dem-wing/GOPe/RINO allies realized that Trump was a germophobe the game was on, and they’re still trying to play it. Just like with the “global warming” and every other crisis, they keep trying to run the scam after it’s been blown…and because they’ve got the collusion of the media (lame-stream and social) along with all of the deep state three-letter agencies, it’s still kinda-sorta working.

    The jab and boosters that they’re still trying to sell us on work by turning the cells of your own body into protein factories, that (supposedly) provide your immune system with a template for the antibodies to match. Once the virus mutates and the binding proteins that stick out of its surface change, those biding sites no longer match…which is why we came down with it twice, even with a slight natural immunity. This virus is going to be with us just as another variant of the common cold, like every other corona virus or rhino virus out there. Since the jabs and boosters do nothing to stop spread, or prevent you from catching it, there is absolutely NO point in getting them, and with all of the side effects that are now being reported, a significant potential downside to being jabbed.

    Note how quickly the collectivist/statist/authoritarians went from “my body, my choice” to “get the jab or else”? Unfortunately if it weren’t for double-standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all, and it is impossible to shame them or even point out their hypocrisy.

  14. But what it does show is that you need far more than five or six anecdotes of ‘healthy, young, athletic person dies of sudden heart failure’ to demonstrate something novel is going on when ‘normal’ years have a hundred plus incidents in just the US.


    Why would you believe your own lyin’ eyes when you can refer to a study from 2012 to refute them?

    Or not:

    So much so that the monthly average number of deaths between January 2021 and April 2022 is 1,700% higher than the monthly average between 1966 and 2004, and the current trend for 2022 so far shows this could increase to 4,120%

    I did a search for “athlete sudden death” on the duck duck go search engine and that was the third link. Anyone can replicate this search if they choose, and I’ll presume that there will be other links that claim everything is just peachy.

    In any case I’m not particularly interested in dueling weblinks because my own personal experience has convinced me something ugly is going on with these so-called vaccines.

    Early on, back when getting the shot was still a personal choice, I almost immediately began hearing in person of people suffering severe side effects because of it. I also heard that they were told of course it wasn’t the vaccine, even though the side effects had already been reported to VAERS as likely connected. That convinced me to avoid the shot. Subsequently, I worked with multiple people who suffered serious side effects from it, including two people who developed notable heart issues.

    I think I’m going to stick with what my lyin’ eyes tell me and not belief shrieking assertions that everything is fine from people who very often have financial, legal, or political reasons to never ever notice anything has gone wrong here.


  15. I know of two young couples who have both gotten the Covid Vax and all the boosters who between them have had 5 miscarriages since then. Several other young couples, including two of my sons who were high school classmates of the first two couples, have all had healthy babies in this period. I have talked to other and it seems that ALL of the miscarriages they know of were to couples who were vaxxed.

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