7 thoughts on “Random Pic”

  1. Passing on some stuff I saw this morning that I think is pretty good.

    — Brian Wesbury suggests that McCarthy should give a prime time address on what he thinks the GOP stands for and what he intends to do if speaker. If he nails it, he’s in. If not, bye.

    — Matt Beebe tweets that for 3+ decades GOP plays Washington Generals to Harlem Globetrotters. The capitulation caucus. Perfect metaphor.

    — most important issue in country is returning to honest elections.

  2. Golden Sun lights! Rays shining down on plastic bottle of athletic nutrient solution! Inspired by this viewing to be lifting iron discs attached to iron pole to gain many strengths! So much urges to sleep in warm cozy bed with many blankets, so cozy and nice. But no to soft and weak thought! Be strong and instead stand up! Go outside into cold and wet and rain and mist and frost and snow and ice and slippery! Go to gym! Lyft iron, become strong! Thank you Chicago Boyz!!!

  3. Off to the gym see you… Wait….why are you still in bed Jonathan & GTR? Remember what Mom always said, you can sleep when you’re dead

  4. 3:41 a.m. is nothing less than badassery, Mike, of most strenuous level!

    Making muscles work while rest of time zone remains snoozing under warm blankets!

    But don’t fall asleep at desk later!

  5. Its walk up the mountain day for me. I do weights in a 3 day split, and have done so for decades … on and off. ;)

    That looks like poison to me. My drink, I invented, is water from a deep crack in the earth, some 500′ down. Old water, no plastic at all, carbonated with my upgraded SodaStream, a 5lb CO2 tank makes a huge difference in cost. Erythritol an alcohol sugar that interacts with the body hardly at all but is sweet, and organic lemon juice and ice.

    So delicious and actually good for you.

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