ChicagoBoyz Miami Meetup – Tentative Agenda

Selected from various alternatives provided by, and after discussion with, Jonathan. I mention South Beach as a starting point because I expect to lodge in that area. I do not, however, plan to rent a car, so I will be either ridesharing or riding along with fellow attendees and contributing for fuel expenses.

Your next step, if interested, is to indicate in comments that you expect to attend, and provide an e-mail address in, shall we say, non-scrapable format, like “jane/john dot doe at provider dot com.”

Friday 21 April, afternoon/evening

would prefer to start by 3 PM EDT if attendees can be available

45-minute drive from South Beach to Matheson Hammock Park

  • walking trail through unspoiled South Florida hardwood hammock
  • scenic beach and lagoon with nice view of downtown Miami
  • NOMA Beach at Redfish Grill restaurant; may want to make reservation

Saturday 22 April, day

depart around 0800 EDT; 1h15m drive to Homestead Entrance (Ernest F Coe Visitor Center), Everglades NP

late lunch at Rosita’s Mexican Restaurant, Florida City (red oval on map), 1330 EDT

return to South Beach et al ~1530 EDT; possible siesta

Saturday 22 April, late afternoon/evening

half-hour drive to Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street in Little Havana neighborhood)

  • coffee shop window shopping tour
  • dinner at Mi Ranchito Salvadoreño, 1947 W Flagler, ~0.6 mi N

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