New! – Your Random Haikus for an Age of Weakening Public Trust

Trust but verify!
What does this mean in business?
Full payment up front!


For some legal tasks
You should motivate lawyers
By contingency.


You sold your old car,
Forgot to cancel toll fob.
Damn, that cost a bunch.


iHop, two people:
Breakfast now costs forty bucks.
What the hell happened?


Overfeeding dog
Led to vasovagal shock.
It was a close call.


Your bank logs you out
If you’re briefly inactive.
But weak passwords??? Great!


Warranty repair-
Had to bring car to dealer.
Ouch, never again.


Recycling and trash-
Is there a difference? Yes!
One’s sacred, one’s trash.


(Feel free to record your own contributions in the comments.)

13 thoughts on “New! – Your Random Haikus for an Age of Weakening Public Trust”

  1. Silent cars glide by
    Electric dreams turn to ash
    Toxic waste remains

    Thermostat setting,
    Climate controlled harmony,
    Nature’s harshness tamed.

    Heat pumps pump away,
    Yet the source of power stays,
    Fossil fuel still reigns.

  2. Trust but verify!
    What does this mean in business?
    Full payment up front!

    Reminds me of an old sign I used to see at auto parts counters: “In God We Trust; All Others Pay Cash!

  3. James the Lesser, interesting distillation of some of the ideas of the Psalms. It causes me to wonder what the Psalter would have been like had it been written in haiku form.

  4. Ah- Well, if that is based on a real incident, I hope the dog has recovered. How rarely I wish anything but the best to a dog. Even if it were to threaten me, I’d probably take a neutral stance on its motives. Humans deserve no such tolerance.

    Apropos of that, last Friday I had a rare 2 dog day. A neighbour has an old sort of black lab mix named Bear. She craves attention. I step off the elevator to hear aggressive barking. All she wanted was a few strokes. Always a pleasure. Later that day in the elevator bay at work, colleague has a corgi puppy on his arm. So young it is clearly tired and passive. Still took a sniff of my hand and a few pets because, well, because.

  5. The dog keeled over and appeared to be dead. We rushed her to the vet, gave her mouth-to-mouth on the way. They x-rayed her and found her stomach grossly overfull and compressing the other organs. She recovered on her own and is fine. We are much more careful about feeding her now.

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