Unexpected Flying Objects

So, I’m standing in my front yard just now when I hear a really loud aircraft drone. I look up and it’s a freaking B-17! It was just flying along majestically at 300-500 feet. Gape jawed, I just stood there watching it drone out of sight, wondering where the hell it came from.

Turned out it was this B-17 that was in town for an exhibition. *Sigh* I never seem to find out about these things too until to late but I do have a knack for spotting odd aircraft at odd times. A couple of years ago I was just outside the small town of Lampases, Tx, a hundred mile from anywhere, when I looked up and saw a Mig-15 with Soviet markings zipping along at less than 200ft. Back in the early ’90s, I was walking out of a mall when I looked up and saw a V-22 Osprey shoot overhead. At the time, there were only two prototypes in existence. 

The B-17 seems to capture the imagination of a lot of aviation buffs as few other aircraft do. For example, few seem to feel the same way about the B-17’s contemporary, the B-24 Liberator. In addition to the romance of its wartime service, there seems to be something aesthetically appealing about the aircraft itself although I doubt anyone could articulate exactly what that might be.

It sure did look pretty, flying by.  

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Flying Objects”

  1. …but I do have a knack for spotting odd aircraft at odd times.

    It’s all in the sound of the engines. WW2 fighter aircraft, WW2 bombers, modern jet fighters, a C-5 Galaxy, they all have their own distinct sound.

  2. If you’re ever in Seattle, drop me a line and I’ll take you through the aerospace museum where I work. (Offer extends to all Chicago Boyz members and commenters.)

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